New Celeb Bread

New Celeb Bread.

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>He only knows two things. The battle against the MMMM posters and the pleasures of jerking to fully clothed woman.
That's literally me lmfao

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Imagine how she looks at you on her lap. She opens her mouth, and it is filled with saliva

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is it whole grain though?

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My writing truly can't be beat.

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It's a garlic country loaf.

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Please user, im imaging that with that photo and it's driving me crazy

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Millie please

sounds yummy

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Not as yummy as you OwO

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Want to feel her tongue stroking your dick head?

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I always found her gross. Made me think JT was a gay

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I want to feel it while her soft lips close around and cushion me

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Are you going to help simulate that?

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Someone please shoop those legs thicker

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I'd do anything to sniff Katy's ass

You have to eat an user's ass while you jerk him off.

What about spreading yours?

She will stick your cock so deep that periodically it will not be enough air, You will feel how her tongue penetrates into your hole in the head of a dick

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maybe this one helps

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I bet she loves having her thick ass worshipped

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FUCK that set is so fucking hot.

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one of my faves, fuck i love shooting loads for this goddess

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Needs to be thicker, but thank you, it's amazing still


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I'd do either of those for Katy

I'd do anything she wanted to worship her

I want her to sit on my face

Man I think I'll be joining you on this fine afternoon.

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Let me fill your mouth to her user, no one has to know


Hi, sweety :3

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I would abuse your body for Katy. You'd be a a mess. Quivering from how hard you just came, laying in your sweat and cum.

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pits > feet

>that pussy bulge on the animu dua
my dick just exploded

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Yes please

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All these horny bois for mommy katy my my

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Mommy Katy owns me, I can't help it

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why do you need my mouth?
Do you have Camila

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mommy loves having every inch of her being lick and kissed

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Swallow my loads for Katy

my dicc will never recover from this

Mmmm yes please!

How are you ?

Hi Sweety , how are you ?


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that is all, sorry

Be my Camilla, dress like her and lick my tip until I cant stop cumming

We've got 20 minutes, milk me dry.

Post your discord for katy, I need a warm hole to dump my seed in

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my dick is in a coma thanks user

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What is yours?

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pump hard and fast for mommy !

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Dem digits of evil.

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I stretched the muscle on my arm, and now it hurts, but in general, everything was fine, and how are you ?:3

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I'm sorry I'm not gay

Her leaks when user?!

If I pump hard and fast I will certainly squirt for Mommy

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Going hard for Mommy. I intend to use every minute I have to make sure I milk out as much as possible. Please, give me your best pics.

I am ok, how are you?

It isn't gay if you pretend to be a girl

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Hnng!! I don’t deserve to look!

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So good already leaking

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I'll stroke for mommy Katy on kik, let me be your drone

So much mommy

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Oh no , get better soon. :(
Im okay. Prank on my friends went well :p

Im okay :) Any plans for tomorrow ?

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dont forget to moan mommy's name, imagine licking that hot sweaty body of hers. She loves it when her favorite boys spoil her

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Well shit, dax#2012

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I'm whimpering Mommy's name while I leak

work! and you?

i actually wish i had some garlic bread to go with my fish

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Unghh yes of course Mommy I'll lick every single inch

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I wish I had some you to go with mine :D I'm gonna run for a bit I'll see you later alligator

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Who is that blonde cum dumpster?

mmm such horny little boys, pumping away like its a Katy Kat Kock party

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Does Katy kat have kik?

I'd love to attend one of those, I'd get so weak for Mommy Katy

Oh yes Goddess Mommy! I'm almost out of time I'm going to cum to the next pic! Make me a Katy Kat slut..

Gillian Jacobs

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Baking cakes :p

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Who's stroking?

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for any reason? it sounds fun

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Go ahead shoot a nice thick load for Katy get it al out !

It would be amazing, nothing but horny cocks getting pumped with mommy katy encouraging us to stroke and moan

no sorry

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Mostly to keep myself busy but having the possibility of eating your own cake while watching stuff is a plus

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I'd love to be the suck slut to the Katy Kat party

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well which do you plan to watch?

My cock is out.

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Sabrina and some downhill racing :p

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Mmmm, may I suck it for Mommy Katy?

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I want to go to red robin, and feast upon a blue cheese burger with extra cheese and crispy onion straws, 4 servings of bottomless steak fries with a side of campfire sauce and a double tall milkshake. I will refrain from any bowel movements for 3 days before I take my rightful throne upon Katy's face. as I fuck Katy's tits with my magnum dong, she will lick my asshole clean knowing full well the fate that is about to befall her. with a mighty roar I will cum, relaxing my sphincter and allowing a glorious turd to expel from my rectum and lovingly find a home on Katy's face. she will thank me for this opportunity, and relish the moment she smears my red robin turd between her breasts. the mingling of the contents of my ballbag and intestines will be reminiscent of a melted klondike bar, just brown and white in perfect harmony. exactly as Katy dreams of.

Would you dress up like her?

You can do anything you want at a Katy Kat Kock party as long as it is in honor of Katy's luscious curves and warm wet holes

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If she wanted me to

Sabrina O.O

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what is the downhill racing?

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is dat JJ, she looks sooo kissable

She wants you to wear this while you suck for her. Wig. Makeup. Whole thing.

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I need to come down a katy kat's throat

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ohh fuck what an asswhore

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>Prank on my friends went well :p
tell me this

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Anything for Mommy

looks dangerous

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Maybe you deserve some seed in your slutty ass for Katy too

Yes please!

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imagine what it would feel like to have katy's throat reject you but her willpower keeps your cockhead lodged firmly past her tonsils. the death grip squeeze as her throat tries to push you out and the rush of saliva as her body prepares for the last ditch effort of regurgitation. but katy wants to show her gratitude to her biggest fan.

too soon

yes user, she is very kissable :)

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I'm close just thinking about it.

man i wanna sloppy kiss her for hours, those plumps lips looks so divine

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Attached: Alison-Brie-Leaked-31-thefappeningblog.com_-768x1024.jpg (768x1024, 82K)

I hope you're tight

Where did all the katykats go?

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Still here

hopefully pumping their needy cocks and working up that second load for mommy Katy

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like that

I pretended that I was foaming from my mouth and they believed it

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I'm getting close. I want to cover her face and watch it drip down onto her tits for another user to use as lube.

We need a katy kat group

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any love for princess angela and her pretty bras?

Attached: 1579575542888.jpg (600x413, 75K)

get lost in Katy's haze of lust


Attached: HUQ7nQBH_o.jpg (1766x1179, 1002K)

I want to fap with other katy kats

forgot my pic im sooo hard for her

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Lol and how did they react?

Attached: 657_1000.jpg (666x1000, 112K)

Man, it's like nobody wants to stroke for Alison

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Yes please. Stroking to her videos. Pumping each other's cocks in a daze.

Thinking about working a first load

I'll stroke for her in that shiny stuff, if someone helps

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lood user
You watchan only one or two episodes?

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how about a lick?

Attached: 1575933783845.jpg (2782x2100, 576K)

I could pump both your cocks for you so you can focus on Mommy Katy

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ohh, you're making me c. again

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A lick sounds good, lick me good for Allison

Fuck. I'd love for you to stroke me while I gazed into her eyes and tits. I'm almost there.

mmm a nice katy kat circle jerk

lots of pumping and shooting loads

all over that shaft

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Those trips, stroke us nice and hard for katy, no stopping no matter how hard we moan and cum


I'd love to be the center of that circle

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very lewd

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my name is bruce wayne

Attached: 1548121864134.jpg (2880x1800, 731K)

I'll stroke you good so you can look into Mommy's eyes

Attached: 1471856632490.jpg (1397x1920, 724K)

Attached: biel50.jpg (2336x3504, 351K)

Get it all warm and wet, make me throb

Yes! Pumping you good for Katy

Attached: 1484222249706.jpg (1997x3000, 899K)

She's been gone for so long. But it's still too soon man...


Attached: swopdance.gif (250x250, 921K)

i wanna get milked for katy too !

Attached: 805_1000.jpg (564x670, 58K)

shot hard

Attached: anya alien lizard.webm (640x798, 866K)

That's the crime scene photo

You must really like Allison, and I must say, your help is really getting me into her

They were scared at first but kinda angry after they realised it was a prank :(

One Episode ;p

Someone post a new thread, I'll help more

Katy circle jerk is needed

NEED Katys tits nao

ahah, then you are a good actor (and a wonderful producer) :3

Post a kik or discord, help me start my collection there and help me enjoy her more