Why do we tolerate black people? They contribute literally nothing to society...

Why do we tolerate black people? They contribute literally nothing to society, and idolize a shitty hip hop culture that promotes drug use, violence, and crime. We should have never brought them here.

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Because society and the government tell you to. Do what they say and live up to their standards or get the fuck out of the country.

>Why do we tolerate a nazi regime? They contribute literally nothing to society, and idolize a shitty fascist culture that promotes antisemitism. We should have never elected them.
do not question the status quo, just be an obedient citizen and do what you're told. this is basically what you're saying.

>We should have never brought them here.
Ya think !!!!

We have communism in america.
U cant prove me wrong my noone getsa vote here. Down right can't use the freezer to the house im livin in

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I've never met a white person that wasn't a drooling retard

97% of the slave ships were owned by jews

Guess you haven't been exposed to hip hop culture since the 90's.

You don't get it, OP.
Humanity as a whole, whether white, black, yellow or red, need to unite against the threat that are the (((Jews))).

So how do we keep them from breeding? This won't end until we destroy their bloodlines.

Is this Cred Forums ?

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The whole goddamn site is now and most of the other remaining imageboards as well. It's too late to do anything, and if you're waiting for them to grow up and move on, we're clearly past the point when that should have happened.

That's because you're a drooling retard yourself. You're not properly equipped to judge others, you think you're the smartest because you have the Dunning–Kruger effect.

I'd be okay with killing them if there was a vote to do such a thing but I guess it's illegal or something and I'm sure there would be some asshole complaining about it

If we had known then what we know now, we would have picked our own damn cotton.

Whaaaaa! They are bumping my faggot and trap threads off the boards!

They vote democrat without question.

lets pretend slavery never happened and they were never brought over, how would the world be now?

I've been on 4chin since 2006, before Cred Forums existed.
Cred Forums has always been shitting on niggers.
You're no authority, and I refuse to let you be a revisionist.

Beyond words. Countries have collectively wasted 6-7 trillion dollars keeping that dogshit continent afloat. Could you imagine how much infrastructure or social programs could have been funded instead of pissing it away? Mind blowing

Go back to Africa you double digit IQ monkey