What do you think about Germany?

What do you think about Germany?

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Gay copy pasta.
Low effort

I think it's really weird that i've been thinking about visiting Nürnberg again and suddenly there's an abundance of Germany threads kek

Third world piece of shit country overrun by immigrants and ruled by Turks. Former shadow of it past greatness. German people are in denial.

Fun place lot's of friendly people

Uber Alles

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its the worse version of austria in every single aspect
just to name a few things

Delicious culinary offerings
Awesome bier
Even better porn
Hot-ass women (the ones who are willing to date white guys, that is)
Great music
Smart motherfuckers
Wish I were more fluent in their langauge. I never would have left when I got out of the army

Oh, forgot the biggest thing:


Shit, what's not to like?

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most of that can be fixed by getting rid of the jews

Used to be good, I guess.

I think it's in Europe

hot girls

almost every girl i met online that was from germany was 10/10, only downside is theyre german and germans tend to be a little retarded when it comes to social skills

I dont

They were the good guys in WW2

Way nicer than the Swiss and Austrians
Bavaria is well good
Schweiger beer best I ever tasted

yeah maybe, but since hitler saying something against jews in germany/austria is as bad as saying bush did 9/11

>They came last in WW2

I’ve been where that picture was taken..... so many chink tourists .... so many

Worlds best cars, beer, and food.
All of which I can safely consume in America, thank god.

It's Rothemburg, been a few times. They filmed 'the brothers grimm' there. It was saved during the war by an American general (think his grandparents were from there). There's a great restaurant/steakhouse called 'hell' so when someone shouts 'go to hell' it's a recommendation!

good architecture. even germany have most decent income jobs in europe still you live like shit there.become islamic as fuck. overally i like the old germany before islamization

Liked it the three years I was there in the late 70s.

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>I’ve been where that picture was taken..... so many chink tourists .... so many

I was there just a week ago. No more Chinese tourists. Munich was always overrun with them, especially Marienplatz.