Hey B? I have over $70,000 saved up and no debts. But i have $800 in cash and im bored...

Hey B? I have over $70,000 saved up and no debts. But i have $800 in cash and im bored? Can any one think of somthing to do with the cash?

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invest ~300$ in crypto and play with it
send 500$ to me

vr has been on my mind constantly recently, get an oculus quest

Well its cash dont want to put it in the bank or ewallet i want to use as is

Hard drugs, prostitute, rent a supercar for a night, ideally, all 3 at the same time. Go play paintball, parachute...

Well i wont do drugs i dont pay for play but ill see if i can rent a super car in my area

Start a new bumfights series

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pay my mortgage

Help me pay my rent and buy some groceries, i need 200 euros im currently looking for work.

Buy a switch so we can play switch games together!

Oh, and buy me a switch too

See how many bills you can shove up your ass , without lubricant.


Find two homeless men and tell them to beat the absolute fuck out of each other and film it.
Winner takes all.

Yeah man send me some. I'm broke and fucking starving.

Well i searched for exotic car rentals in my area wanted to try a ferrari superfast. But theres no exotic rental places in my area. Cant even rent a dodge demon.

Im honestly not in to vidya tho

I have some percocet pill i could make them fight over as well maybe....

Get a box of fireworks, ammo, some whisky and fire off fireworks and shots from your car up in the sticks

Just keep it and use it for gas and food.

use $10000 on max bets in poker machines or roulette see what happens

mhm.. just do whatever you find fun with it, from this thread. Money has no value spiritually, except.. that it does! You can do infinite fun things with it. Find ur thing

I already have that budgetet out and im bored

No casinos are open on sunday around me

Bum fights is looking better and better user, just saying

Bum fights and give us a .webm of it