Are bumps like these in your balls normal? I think they are cysts. They're hard and filled with puss

Are bumps like these in your balls normal? I think they are cysts. They're hard and filled with puss.

I've had them for years

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Could be scrotum cancer.

ive got similar shit. as long as they arent growing its probs fine

No, not normal. Doesn't look like any STD I've ever heard of though. but don't pop them. Go to a dermatologist.

I have a couple. I squeeze them really hard until they pop and then they go away.

Why do people post this shit on the rectum of the internet that is Cred Forums?

Go to a doctor, depy.

Its cancer. Cut your balls off so it doesn't spread.

yeah same, never really noticed a problem with them and if they arent sore randomly then you should be fine i hope

I have those too. I think they're perfectly normal.

>They're hard and filled with puss.
>I've had them for years
Ingrown hairs. Don't pop them, they might get infected or turn into boils or some shit.

"benign disorder"

If you squeeze them hard and pus comes out they are just benign pimples, which is likely. If a small amount of waxy substance comes out you may want to look into molluscum contagiosum.

Scrotal calcinosis, semi rare, most often benign.

I know this isn't the best place to post but the other boards are dead and or not the a place you can post a picture of your scrotum. 50/50 you get someone trying to help another 50/50 they actually can. I'm sure the potential gains outweigh the risks.

if you shave then they are probably ingrown hairs, squeeze and stop using razors for a while

>your balls
those aren't my balls

Those are some sort of hardened grease. I actually had quite many of those when i was younger. Some were as big as finger nails. One day i got bored and got pretty drunk with whiskey and got enough courage to cut the biggest one of with alcohol sterilised scissors. I gently shorted the skin from top of them. Just minor pieces one by one. And when the skin was almost gone i just squished the grease like pimple. If you manage to get the ball out in one piece, its like hard boiled egg, but if if you brake it, theres some pretty thickk zit inside.

I hope this gives you enough courage. Even tho im drunk right now.

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Nah, I went to bootcamp and they've remained

They've been here for basically as long as I could remember

Not OP by the way

One time I picked one until I got to the core and a little hard ball came out, I couldn't remember if it was gone forever after

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either that or steatocystomas. Dr Pimple Popper on youtube has treated a few clients with them.

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They're sabaceus spots. Basically a cyst but not because of infection and therefor not dangerous. Just pop em and they'll go away in a few days.

Cut one open and show us what’s inside!

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Testicular wenns. Goop candles smell like vaginas.

can someone help me with mine, lately during intercourse its been painful

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wash your balls better, used to have the same thing