Any repulsive sex havers here? Share your secrets, I'm tired of being a 27 year old virgin...

Any repulsive sex havers here? Share your secrets, I'm tired of being a 27 year old virgin, I just want to fuck once ahhhhhhh.

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pic related is literally the solution you fucking retard. just dont be sad. had depression for 3 years and it worked for me.

1 stop beating your meat
2 exercise
3 make something valuable and not in a video game
4 try to go out have fun

If all fails see a therapist.

BUT, you knew all of that you're just way too entitled and self absorbed to do any of that. Why is there no actual how to about having sex in my comment? Because you not having sex is not the disease it's the symptom. Grow up.

but i'm on nofap and been going to the gym for the past 6 months

Just talk to ppl, leave your house before you become a wizard. Leave your comfort zone. Simple shit auti

you talk to many girls?

You are 27 do you think you can undo the damage in 6 months? Fucking hell stop being this miserable.

YT: Universal Man (he has really great videos about this), charisma on command (general stuff).

get a job, better one

It takes years to get into good shape
I've been exercising for 5 years and finally decided to give up
I am now a 29 year old Virgin
I'm just gonna rape a bitch, fuck it
It's women's fault not ours
Feminism is to blame for declining birth rates in the West not video games

You do not need to look good, have a good job, or have social skills to get laid
You have just been unlucky and repeatedly asking the wrong women

why womens fault?

>Don't need social skills.

Yeah right...

Make a woman laugh and own her forever

Chain her to a bed and you’ll figer the rest out later

>declining birth rates in the West
Found the fascist


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i have fucked like an absolute rabbit since i worked out what fuckin was. i'm gay though

Because he's an insecure incel faggot who wouldn't know what to do with a vagina if he ever got the chance. He thinks he's entitled to pleasure & doesn't have to work for it.

Also he's delusional for thinking his worldview is based on actual science & not Alex Jones bunk.

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incel, 100% match
hatred of women. check
loser mentality. check
old virgin. check

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>just want to fuck once
You won’t be satisfied with once after it happens

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buy a hooker

at least i can kill myself in peace afterwards


fuck off, soyboy

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You are not entitled to a woman’s pussy if you’re too gross to woo them or straight up pay for it

Oh my god this triggers me. You think 6 months is enough? I have been going for 10 years and my figure really only looks like "yea, he lifts." That's literally it. Let that sink in. Now, think about your priorities: 27 and you want to get laid? Well, we are thinking over a LIFETIME. Do everything you can now, like, right now. Maybe after a few more years of hardcore pushing, going harder than the last time you went, practicing in the mirror your dumb conversational skills... maybe, just maybe, you'll be able to get laid just once in this pathetic, miserable existence that we all experience. Or not, and you'll suffer and die like a total fucking loser lmao

>Hurr durr work your ass off just for the miniscule chance of getting some wretched, overweight 35 year old cooch.
Killing yourself is the better option.


Triggered, based and GFYPLZKTHXBAI

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Doesn’t sting all that much being called a loser by some miserable fag who spent 10 years in the gym only to look decent. What a fag

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Type all you want to faggot, I know I look good in the mirror, and I know you look like shit. Probably massively overweight lmaooo

This is so fucking pitiful, who cares? Like, at all. You fucking care about Facebook likes? Is this 2009? Jesus fucking Christ this is pathetic. Make a move before you die, you faggot... I bet you fucking had this image in a folder on your desktop LOL OH MY GOD THIS IS SO FUCKING SAD

>Be me
>Married twice
>Probably about 200 sexual partners in that time, all told
>Never once have had a social media account (email doesn't count)

Save your rage, faggot. You're aiming it at the wrong Cred Forumstard. I saved the image because I thought it was funny. That's it; mystery solved.

And so ya know, you're showing your lack of reading comprehension skills. In the image, the female is implied to be shallow & vapid, caring about her "likes". So my advice to you is to direct all that pent-up angst at a femanon who clearly deserves it & leave those whom are better than you dafuq alone.

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Being depressed? Easily cured by therapy.
Existential Depression? Not much can help.

sure buddy, spend all of that time building yourself up on an image board and actually clicking to upload a photo, fucking roflmao... i read the first 4 words and stopped, you are literally wasting your time, cuck

Fucking relax bro you’re on the internet acting like a spastic retard right now. No one actually cares about you or your rants so take it easy

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Pearls before swine, user

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Being this cucked

Great read here

>What does 'cuck' mean and why are you being called one?

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