I paid $40 for this. Did i get ripped off?

I paid $40 for this. Did i get ripped off?

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Based coomer

If she not giving u some ass don't ever give a bitch money

yes, now i've got for free

For a person? I think that's good.


yes you did

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good that PH deleted her cahnnel. she is overarted, ugly, dumb bitch

This picture has been posted on Cred Forums 10000 times
If you're saying you paid for that picture you're a moron

go fuck yourself stop sharing my pic

neklam. niesi Natalia

You mean my picture?

Jmenuje se Natalia.

You mean MY picture

fuck off

priezviskom na N. ak sa nemýlim. Praha je malé miesto a Nana je blbá ked si myslela že ju nik nenajde ked sa produciruje na pornhube a v kabínkach na Chodove


no you supported a sex worker, dumbass. she's paying her bills with that $40 so yeah you got exactly what you paid for

Who dis?

Poznáš ju osobne?

Jej priatel o nej rád hovorí. Vlado je fajn týpek, len trocha naivný ked si myslí že raz dospeje a prestane zo seba robiť kurvu na internete. Ked jej teraz zrušili kanál tak sa potešil že možno bude dobre dokonca

Myslel som, že jej meno bolo marketa. Prečo začala robiť porno?

Najprv ukazovala len nudes na tumbleri ale omrzelo ju to, začala ich predávať a potom v den ako mala 18 natočila ako si to orbí a aktivovala si účet na pornhube a už šla to robiť ako zdroj penazí na trávu. strašne hulí a prišlo jej to ako super nápad

Why was it deleted?

thy found out, she uploaded as her first vid, a solo from when she was still 17

How do you know that?

From her boyfrined

Je to hlúpe? a je jej meno marketa?


Je horzne hlupa. to má z tej trávy

is she going to make a new one?

Ako je jej priateľ tak cool, že to robí?

Myslel som si, že sa volá marketa novakova. Raz som to počul vo svojom telegrame

He shais she mesage pornhub if she could get it back. If she will not get iot back, she said she will make another. She needs money that porns give her to her needs (new boobs werent cheap + she is pothead) and she had made them done just for porn so ... she will

okay good :)

You do know they have her ID and if thats what really happened its illegal?

I thought she didnt smoke or drink?

you fags laughed at me and called me a simp for buying her videos LOL
hows laughing now fags kek
got all her videos ;^)

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Still us if it turns out theyre cp and the FBI arrest you, you dumbass

yep. She is thot, so she should be hppy they did not done it before and she got from it enough money fro new boobs

you clearly dont know her. She loves weed more then is healthy

Can you answer

they are still on every other sites. So, you are still dumb faggot and virgin (:

you need to send ID to sell porn on ph
if it is cp then the blame is on ph its not like i solicited her
stay mad user

Does she know if she gets banned for breaking laws on their website

For free too

not in hd tho ksksk
cope fags

vie ju marketa a jej priateľ porušiť zákon? rovnako ako naozaj zlý?

google translator isnt good idea. wrote it next time in english faggot

Nah, I'd say that's about a $40 tit job.

in HD. You just wasted money you fag

Would she ever let one of her fans lick her asshole?

Uhh... for a friend of mine

>google translator isnt good idea.
>wrote it next time in english faggot
>wrote it next time

keep raging user ;^)

>If she will not get iot back, she said she will make another
You do know if pornhub tells the police, shes going to have a lot worse to worry about than her boobs, right?

Show message?

one wrong word in english vs. 10 in slovak. Fair

She is now legal and know what vid not to upload. They dont have why to not accept her back

Fuckin loser I hate people like you

No you didn't.
Her new tits look fantastic.

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Its illegal tho. She created a lot of liability for them. She sold a lot of illegal material through them.
Its like someone asks to borrow your car for drug deal

Her natural were better. She was original. Now she is just another trashy slut there.

It doesnt matter dude. The way laws are written, the stuff she put online is illegal. Its a huge risk for them

only one video was of her age 17
shes legal in the rest

did butthole licker come back?

is this you,you should of paid $40 to lick her butthole instead

Well then she lied to them. They probably dont want someone they cant trust because they cant keep track of whats true or not

She uploaded there 1 vid from when she was still 17. On all others, she uploaded for free, sold or foon pics, she was 18 and 19. If she would come back, she will not done it again.

read this

Do you even have proof that thats what she said?

the thought of her being underage makes me diamonds
shes def legal tho

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wElL tHeN sHe lIeD tO tHeM. tHeY pRoBaBlY .... dot by naive, they loves cash that her LEGAL vids can generate again. They will give her everything back, give her a warning and let her make another public masturbatiion vids. After a year noone would even remember that she was for some time off

This isnt that vid where she was 17. it wasnt in cosplay, it was just casual masturbation at home.

Well then. You obviously know more than me about how the porn industry works

i know it isnt
just flexin my collection uwu

I miss her old tits so much :(

i know the video you mean
she deleted it from her other site too rip
if only i knew she was underage in it...

it is still at motherless, xvideos and save in hundreds of computers. nothing is ever gone

Jo jmenuje se Marketa, jenom rada o sobe rika že je natalie aby jsi ji lide nemohli lehce vyhledavat

>fell into the camshill scheme

We're laughing. We're all laughing at you user.

Do you think shed let me lick her asshole?

mhm whatever you say user ;^)

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that's you, faggot

no u

no u

We all you are are the very same guy each time we see her photo. We all know you are desperately obsessed with her. You are probably going to end up killing her bc she hates you

Paying for any nudes is a rip off.


Can't hate someone you don't know exists

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Just because you’re a desperate loser doesn’t mean you got ripped off. No one owes you anything, faggot

What does this mean? Translate sucks on google

Are you kidding? Shed blow him for a bag of weed

Do you think shed let me lick her asshole?


Proof that she hates me?

Yeah keep scrolling through my post history you.obsessed little faggot

Can you prove it?

Please tell me some dumbass hasnt paid for that

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Znáte toho idiota, který je vlastně koupil?

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no you did not, retard its been posted like 1000 times here as well as being on other sites. and it wasnt even originally a patreon/onlyfans type thing. it was posted to r/ellesclub like a month ago

Prove it then faggot

post the code then

Paying any amount of money for anything that exists digitally is getting ripped off.

anyone got a mega of her?

Depends, does she swallow?

Why are there squares around her nipples?

Maybe she wanted square nipples, user. Is there anything wrong with that?

Of course you did idiot.