Inherited pic

Inherited pic.
No clue as to what it is/says.
Would appreciate a translation.

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quite a unique finger box


Me take pee pee in your coke

Do not feed after midnight

Cheap WWII era crate that a Kamikaze pilot would deposit their personal effects into so they could be shipped back to their family. The katana in the background looks like one of those shitty mass produced ones they gave to pilots in order to make them feel like they had the "soul of a Samurai" so they wouldn't chicken out.


Kekd hard


Gonna get one of my slant eyed friends to translate this, I'll be bacc


Will list for sale later today.

I wouldn't mind genuine nip input

Bottom looks like 関原藥房. Probably a pharmaceutical.

The top-right is 越中. This must be old, it uses the old right-to-left style. I can’t figure out the character after 山, must be another place name.

越中 is a region in central Honshū, BTW.

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Appreciate it. Info I did receice was that it was circa 1890s.

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stop, this makes mustard gas

Sorry, the character next to 山 just won’t click. Definitely starts with a 宀 radical, but since it’s a place name, my brain has nothing else to latch onto.

You’d have search place names in 越中 to figure out exactly where it’s referencing. Definitely the property of/addressed to an old pharmacy, though.

Man, I love old stuff like that.

Where’d you get it?

Antique mart in Colorado Springs.

Will list on ebay later today if interested.

Thought it was inherited?

Not to split hairs but the sword and flag was.


Also will list this today on gunbroker

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It says "enjoy the wuflu white boy"

“Double lucky coin finger boxes”

What does it do?

Helps you make friends.

Hey we doing translations here? Can someone translate this for me please?

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Cool, sign me up! Do you have 2??

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Of course m8

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The four characters at the left spell out "timbuk", as in the first two syllables of Timbuktu, the African city.

The two stacked at bottom right are "Toyama", a city in what was called Etchu province. From about 1871 Toyama city is now in Toyama prefecture. (Etchu is written on other photos.)

The two at bottom centre look like Sekihara, the same as written on other sides. Sekihara can be a surname.

Unique, yes, but I'd be wary of putting my finger in there. During WWII (and to a lesser extent the Korean war) Oriental fingerboxes were sometimes used as traps against unsuspecting GIs

The text towards the bottom is a name
Fong Yao Yuen. Had a native speaker translate

>Fong Yao Yuen

Each of those is a one character word. Why is your friend ignoring the fourth character?

Why is your friend ignoring that the fourth character is a variant of a character that in Chinese is a surname? Three of the four characters are a name but the fourth character which is also a name is not a name? Doesn't make sense.

And why is your Chinese friend ignoring that yaofang is "pharmacy" in Chinese, which is the same thing that the characters translate to from Japanese?

Why are you using a Chinese friend to give a Chinese reading which doesn't make sense when the Japanese reading does make sense?

越中 窗山

Need better pics of uniform but I'm going to tell you rn that all repro just by looking at the belt.

Cred Forumsro, apart from the radical that isn't a little close to the character on the box

Im genuinely pissed this is the largest fingerbox ive ever seen, might me a full fledged hand box.

トンプク then 丸会枚(?)
原(old variant of this character) 关 and 當山 on the side

Tonpuku is not Timbuktu, it's actually a headache medicine, or more generally it refers to a dose of medicine.

the fuck is a finger box

a lot of these mroe archaic characters never made it into unicode so you can't actually find the precise character in online dictionaries. But usually they're jsut minor variations of characters that are in unicode. That being said, 窗山 doesn't appear to exist so I think you're right it is a different character.

Your parents didn't get you one when you turned 18? That sucks dude.

here's a similar box with the same place name

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Ok i finally got it, it's 救命丸 "life saving pills," looks like baby medicine