Anyone else want to hook her up to a milk machine?

Anyone else want to hook her up to a milk machine?

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I want to be her tbh

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Wwyd as her

Not really she's pretty average if you stop paying attention to her titties. Not to mention gravity is already working it's magic on those fun bags. She's got like 5-10 years tops before she's not even fun to look at.

proof that she's lactating plz

dont try and downplay her attractiveness because u r lonely and could never achieve a woman of her status . her face is 8/10, ass 7/10, and tits 20/10. shes perfect lil slut. do u know how long 5 years is ??? enjoy her while she last

She has a cute face but her tiddys look like they're prob saggy. I mean I'd still fuck her obviously but not really my ideal.

What's her name? Her lips make me melt

Her tits are fat and saggy. That's what makes it so hot that they're that big and droppy at 20

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Don't try to downplay my personal status from an anonymous website when you can't speak from experience. Have you seen anything recent besides the same shit you post? Have you seen her insta or YouTube vid she made those titties are sagging and she's just another pointless thot on the internet about to be ruined by delusions of Fame and popularity. There is nothing to enjoy because I won't remember someone this useless in 5 months. All you sad fags do on Cred Forums is post the same shit day in and day out. Fantasize about a static image without realizing that people age and personalities are shallow as fuck. Your imaginary ratings and numbers mean shit when you can't see things objectively.


To each their own. I like firm tiddys. I would rather tits be smaller and firmer/shapely than big but saggy. It is incredibly rare to find big tits that aren't saggy (though they do exist as anomalies)

I agree with you, but nothing wrong with a good fap.

If you want people that make sense why are you on here? I come here because you get to see what kind of people exist when you scrape the sludge off the bottom of the barrel.

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Well u agree because I like them the same. I see the value is tiny, medium, firm or saggy. Just depends on the chick

Disagree. Don't like saggy tiddys. Big turn off for me.

I second this

any new pics of her?

pedophile low tester detected

I want to milk her

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Firm tiddies are the most boring shit ever. You can't slap them and they don't flap around all about. The only thing you can do is lick and pinch then. But then you can't even pull them because they're too firm.

Firm tiddies = worse tiddies


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Hot take but no. I'm in my 20s so it's not like my peers wouldn't have firm tits. Though I'll have to contend with my dislike of saggy tiddys when I get older. Haven't really come to terms with that.

Interesting. Im really averse to fat chicks and don't like floppy or saggy anything. I prefer girls who's are fit, tight, and firm. If she's floppy it's a no go.