Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-CHECK 'EM

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No u

no me

Nice try op

Sorry boys, dubs are for the men

here i go again, saving the thread

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Dial Eight

Appears this is a singles thread

It was a singles thread.

The lone dubman

88 check 'm

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Nice trips faggot

Fucking checked

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fuck this nigga check these quads

If you can’t get dubs you are officially retarded

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Sorry to do this to ya m8.

Whats here to see?! LoL

I've been retarded since I first found this site.

sorry i left my quads in my other pants, here they are


Ill show you once more how its done, check

i lent my quads to my buddy ross, he's just given them back

Check this quad

Those are dubs ... not quads. Your buddy gave the wrong shit.

Fuck you faggot, now check these awesome fucking dubs

Look at these dubs you fucking faggots