So this pic came across my newsfeed on FB...

So this pic came across my newsfeed on FB. A friend of my younger sister from some small hick town in Ohio; she's in South Carolina with her family for winter break.

>posts this photo of them eating out for dinner
>her bitch friends from Ohio jump in and say that it's too much for a girl her age and size
>she gets upset and agrees
>her family jump in and defend her saying its a normal portion for a girl
>she messages my sister saying she is having a shit time and her vacation is ruined

Is this really a child's/girl's portion in the US? I mean she ate it all and was happy with it, so no problem there. I couldn't eat all that in one sitting though. Could you? What exactly do you feed a pre-teen girl to keep her healthy?

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A-user kun?

Who the fuck cares?

more pics of the girl. for research reasons?

>Is this really a child's/girl's portion in the US?
Sure. The glass is obscuring the sammich, that's probably why the haters are having a field day; they can't see how big the sammich is so they assume it's as big as the plate.

Thing is that it's cut on a bias (that means at an angle) & really isn't that big to begin with. Plus it's just basically meat & ciabatta w/ a few other things. Add the obligatory pommes & you've got yerself a meal mah friend.

Tell your sister to tell the girl to tell everyone else STFU. We've got a parenting problem in this country and shit like this is a great example of it.

that looks like a totally reasonable portion meal

can i be that straw?

usually I'd agree american portions are way too much. But thats not even bad.

pastas getting more dogshit every day

need more pics of her to determine true size of portion... more pics

That is way, way to much for a normal meal. If it's a holiday trip, and that's what the little tyke wants thats what she's getting. This Christmas my daughter got like a kg worth of waffles with chocolate, whipped cream and strawberries for dinner. She was very happy.

If she can't eat it all. Give daddy the leftovers. It's not going to waste. That's the point right. She looks happy. The people complaining are dumb. She is learning how petty and rude people can be. That sucks. It seems no one ever let's anyone be happy. Her dad is still the coolest dad in her eyes. That's all they accomplished. They look like haters. You're a good father. She's lucky to have you in her life. The photo is a precious memory.

I'm guessing you're Americans. A girl her size, for a normal meal she should have a couple of handfulls of cars and one of meat or something else rich in proteins. That meal, fries and everything combined is the size of her head.

She's not a snake.

Also, this

They wanted to give her the feeling of luxury. Having unapologetically more than you need. Good reason to stay off social media cancer.

>she should have a couple of handfulls of cars

wut. shes on vacation so its okay

No one cares


>I couldn't eat all that in one sitting

What are you? A fucking manlet?

1. This is what people get for posting pictures of their lives everywhere

2. The family in Ohio are jelly they are not on the trip

3. It’s a perfectly normal kids plate

4. The roastie mom should be able to draw enjoyment from the moment instead of having to post pictures of her daughter eating some burger trying to make others jealous

6. Your on vacation order the kid something different then a burger. Try something new and not post it online. Keep the moment for yourself.

Thank you for the most boring story in history

I've seen this post before

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>I couldn't eat all that in one sitting though. Could you?
You must be really small/not active, anyone who weightlifts/plays sports to any degree and is over 5'6" should have no problem eating that in a sitting.

That being said that's probably more food than that girl could comfortably eat, but she's not my child so I wouldn't really give a shit.