Next Door Nikki

Next Door Nikki

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False. My next door neighbor's name is Andre and he does not wear cute bras like this.

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I'll bump for interest. Show us her sucking cock.

Right in the memberberries

No HC of her, I'm afraid

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Shit this is an improvement, her shit was always nn when I was a teenager

Phil-Flash released her topless stuff a few years back. Right before she retired.

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Is this the bitch with the hoof-foot birth defect?

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There's actually 2 semi videos out there. 1 she blows a guy but hair keeps getting in the way. The other she's blowing a guy through his briefs.

They're nice but not worth the years of anticipation lol, had higher hopes

that's kate's playground. she was a fuckin hottie though.

She's got new stuff, like 2 weeks ago new.

Oh the old light speed girls ... Jordan Capri was the best

Ehh, pretty sure they always used a dildo instead of his cock. The one through the briefs he can't even get hard for her.

She did this one where she maybe gets it from behind.

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Teen Kelly anyone?

Last I saw she retired a year or 2 ago. Haven't seen anything new except extended videos.


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God, it's like I'm jacking off in 2002 again.

Nostalgia fap is best fap

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She's got new stuff as of January!

Member Tiffany Teen?
Member Megan QT?

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Member In Bed With Faith?

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Check her website

I haven't seen any new material. All the stuff released is old, just uncut. You can tell because she doesn't have the leg tattoo.

she has to be pushing 40 now.

boobpedia /boobs/Nikki_Sims

Just turned 36, still looked great when she retired.