Girls you would completely drench with cum thread

girls you would completely drench with cum thread

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ugly girl

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Painfully average. And yet..

Would plaster Aly in gallons of cum

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Very cute.


She's gonna start breaking hearts when she's 30.

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4’10” 34 year old milf from the US

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Ew. Ugly malformed little jewess. No thanks, bro. She's probably "hot" to you because you don't get a lot of girls talking to you, or spend a lot of time around them. But to the rest of the world that girls is ugly. And I don't find many people actually ugly. There's nothing appealing about her, and I'm a complete sucker for short girls too. It's just a whole lot of nope from me, dawg
This is the only hot girl in this thread. I too would love to plaster her pretty little face with my man sauce


Is the girl behind the horse?

Have pics of her spitting out cum, if you’re interested

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Hell yeah

My calculus teacher.

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Daaaamn. Got more?

Why would you say that?
Do you have any particular info,
or did you just learn that being edgy brings you attention?
How often does your Dad beat you?

Wow. Still looks young.

Oddly appealing. Would be even better with a facial

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Oh boy....
Her face screams JEWISH while I'm sure she claims to be "caytholiyic".

I am old, boy. And I have been around the block more than a few times. My dad never beat me. Are you going to cast more projection on me or are we done now?

That girl is jewish through and throughish. You can literally tell just by looking at her. But you're stupid, so when she tells you she's "catholic" you believe her because #believeallwomen, amirite? Because girls never lie. Especially never jewish girls.

My. Fucking. Goodness. Boy.

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I dated a jewish girl for a few years. She was very obviously jewish, and so was her whole family. They all pretended to be Catholic as well. In fact, from what I've seen, most "Catholic" people are actually jews pretending to not be jews. The whole Catholic religion is pure blasphemy and judaism disguised as a sect of Christianity. Catholic means Universal, and Christianity is NOT a universal religion by any means.

>You can literally tell just by looking at her.
You must be old. Sound like oldschool Nazi Germany idiotic phrenology. You're probably senile by now. "Can tell". Ha. That's what flat Earthers say to justify their 'proofs.' You're just as idiotic. Good thing this is an user board - you'd be known as the town fool.
Go have some bratwurst and choke, tard.

I would like to suck dem crushed velvet covered tiddies

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You are literally too stupid to know how stupid you are. How jewish are you, exactly? I know that jews are generally a pretty low IQ people despite their screeching about how they're the smartest people in the world. But damn, boy.... you take that shit to another level. I almost feel bad for how dumb and insecure you are

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Not OP but damn bro you seem like you're literally mentally retarded. That girl is very obviously jewish. If you don't know that jewish people look a certain way then you're hopeless and probably a huge cuck with a really small and thin penis

To recap here: You've demonstrated that you're not very smart, wise, or knowledgeable. Yet are trying to paint someone who merely pointed out that this obviously jewish girl is jewish as some old creaking bones Nazi because feelings. You've lost here, bud. Nothing you could possibly say, no meme you could possibly post will allow you to come back from something like that. You're an idiot and probably a jew yourself who hates the fact that people can tell you're jewish just by looking at you. You know, despite the fact that the rabbis say that "jews" are their own special and magical race with their own physical characteristics and behavioral patters which you have exhibited.... It's sad reading shit from "people" like you.

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This girl fucking LOVES sucking dicks off more than anything in the world

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the jew cannot help but expose itself

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is that arden cho?

Jade and Kristina

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In 37 years I have never met a girl who was so obsessed with sucking dick and eating cum. She likes to have her face plastered too. But would much rather swallow everything

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Cock suckers

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bro you literally got BTFO like holy fucking SHIT! Nobody buys your dumb jew bullshit and frankly the entire world is sick to death of it. There will come a time very soon where all of humanity will rise up and destroy the greatest threat to civilized society; that thread is the jews. You are an unabashedly and proudly evil people; there is no good in any of you. You take pride in hurting people, lying, cheating, stealing, robbing, raping, torturing, and murdering human beings. The whole world is fucking sick of your shit and you all need to fucking GO

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Ohh, she would look good with it

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Not sure what it is about her, but fuck yes

lmao what a fucking sperg

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Double yes with those glasses.

And she knows it, sweater like that. The tease ;)

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Cute tight little scene girl. Nice

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i really love her cute little face i would cum buckets on her if she let me

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Newscasters are fun. Generally the sort of girl who is willing to work hard to get ahead. Good looking and they know it

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Tiny, too. Makes things doubly fun. Wouldn't be her first facial, that's for sure

Faggot detected

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Incredible face for it


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Nudes now

>Ew. Ugly malformed little jewess.

Wow, like now that I know what you think
I’m even less impressed by you

These sisters

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fuck...especially if the oral before is a bit rough. Lipstick smeared, crying a bit...

I would love that

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mmm her face there, looks like she just heard the plan and is having some second thoughts ;)

Or that she wants it bad

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Haven’t found any

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either way, she's gettng it

Oh yea

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might be more fun if she goes with the first option, even ;)


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>Haven’t found any

I won’t be able to come tonight
And it’s all your fault

Find it find it find it find it

Tiny milf being a slut

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Keep going

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She looks like a chick I went to hs with fucking hnnng

It’s not her

Keep going

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more of her please

Would anyone? Who has more

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>hoe slutty whore bitch
Indian 100 over here.

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It’s nice when people remember your birthday

She looks like a hobbit there

You’re going backwards

who wants to be one of the 23 cocks she took for her 23rd birthday?

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I would drench my mom’s booty

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left is so tiny, it would be easy

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literally shot ropes all over her slut face

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her tits look awesome

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Theyre fucking nice

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Nice in that skirt

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Which one would /b blast in the face?

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she beautiful

keep going?

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Keep going

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she act like a slut?

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not really

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Wow keep going please

her body is perfect

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can't stop jerking my cock to her face, feels too good

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Face tits or mouth?

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Newslady from Portland OR. Got more?