Anons who have raped someone: I want to hear your stories. how did you decide to? what was it like? do you regret it?

Anons who have raped someone: I want to hear your stories. how did you decide to? what was it like? do you regret it?

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bump cause curious

Solid jimmy vid tho

I raped your mom, only problem is she liked it

Hello police, I didndu nuffin

We were at a party. She was drunk and passed out. I had a crush on her. Decided to get my dick wet in a chick I always wanted to fuck. She never woke up during the act. Thankfully nobody saw because when she did wake up and realized she'd been raped, she was admittedly very pissed.

I want to hear more stories.
I have one bt it wasn't e. A sports guy I ued to soke weed with was absolutely mental. like he;d flip out and piunch windows and snorted lines of heroin.
He went to a party where a girl started voiting in the toilet. She was bent over the bowl. He just came up beind her and put his dick i
n her while she was defensless. He said sorry after and she was fine about it.

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how the hell she was fine about it?!

>Partying with gf and her BFF in a hotel
>Bff passed out
>Gf said i should fuck bff
>Tell gf to help me strip bff and I would
>Gf helps me get bff naked and onto the bed
>Bates while she watches me slam fuck her passed out friend

She came back late to the community style dorms from a weekend party. She left her door cracked open a bit to let her roommate come in later. I worked late back then and saw the whole set up as I was walking back to my room. I went in her room since it was open, She passed out in her bed from drinking too much, at least I assume that was it. I had to climb up to her bunk bed to get at her, and the noise/ruckus didn't wake her up, so I fucked her with really no resistance at all. She was pretty out of it. Filled her pussy and left before her roommate ever returned. Heart was pumping a mile a minute. Next morning cops were all over the dorm, but I guess she did not decide to pursue any investigation. She moved out not too long after and I never saw her around again.

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Gf was raped. She’s mostly over it I think

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kys fag

Dude...that’s messed up

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Weren't you posting her a while back cause you wanted to find someone to get her pregnant?

How'd you find a girlfriend like that?

She definitely wasn’t. She probably was hella scared of him

>be me 19 work with 18 yr old high >school qt. 9/10 she’s hot and likes to >party. Ask her out, she says yes. >Take her to beach rave hour and a >half from our town. Get her totally >fucked up lots of mdma. Try to get >physical she blocks. Checked. >Continue with party time. End of >party time to go home. Hang out at >beach until most everyone has left. >She says she ready to go home, I >say if you want to ride with me you >have to fuck and suck me. She goes >ballistic walks away down beach. I >wait 30 minutes or so , she returns. >Ok user I will give you a bj. I say we >fuck and I get road head on the way >home. She’s pissed, fuming but >realizes that I’m her only way home >with out calling mommy and daddy >who have no idea she likes to get >plastered. She says no sex just >head, I tell her to get in my >•truck, >she does I lock the doors and start >making out with her but she is >resistant, I pull off her top and pull >down her leggings and pull out my >dick. Diamond hard. She says she >will suck me but I get on top of her >and she tries to push me off but >she’s too weak. I grab her throat and >say stop fighting and it will be over >soon. Put the head on my painfully >swollen cock on her lips and thrust >in to her wet cunt. She shudders as >this happens and I tighten my grip >on her throat and begin to pound as >furiously as I could in a single cab >ranger. Her eyes roll in her head I >loosen my grip so she can breathe. >She says let me turn over, so I let >her up and pounded her doggie until >she told me to cum inside her. I took >her home and she sucked me the >whole way drinking 2 more loads of >cum with the first dripping from her >cunt. I dated that slut for 3 years >after that. Who knew date rape >could lead to hot sex for 3 years.

It was a few years back so she doesn’t talk about it much anymore

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if this happened for real, it's pure gold

Anyone who answers in this thread congrats you ruined a person’s whole life just for a nut

yeah, you're likely right

that's not true, people recover from rape


>40yo, work for a big company
>When someone call in sick, they send me take the place around the country
>21yo nice girl has a crush on me
>Ask for my number, send stupid sms all month
>I never reply
>Someone call in sick at her work place
>Go back there, have dinner with her at my hotel restaurant
>Goes to my room
>She have a second thought
>Push her on the bed, lift her dress, pinned her down
>She starting fighting, crying
>I slap her, choke her, tell her to shut up or I'll hurt her really bad
>She stop moving, went limp, start sobbing like the kid she still is
>Penetrate her, I'm rock hard, she don't say anything
>Fuck her hard, call her a tease, slap her, no reply, no word, just sob
>Fill her pussy, go take a shower, she still here, don't really moved much
>"How was it ?" no reply, she's sulking
>She strangely stayed all night and slept beside me in the bed
>No sms after that

now that's a good gf

A sexy, sexy nut.

God, raped a close friend once after we both got drunk and I decided to follow her home and cuddle with her in bed.

I will never forget how hot it was to make someone unwillingly wet by fingering and wake them up with a makeout session when they don't remember it's you.

Almost made her cum. If I hadn't accidentally said anything she wouldn't have realized it was me in time and freak out. God, she's troubled, but has a beautiful rack with perfect nips.

So? Does that make it not an ass thing to do? I hate sounding like a faggot sjw but ffs you wanna coom go to the toilet wank one off, get out, and you’re fine. Raping someone is just... Well, pointless. Can you really not live one more day without cooming? If it’s the thrill of doing something wrong then go vandalize schools or government buildings or just trespass in a public building. If it’s the experience then you’re really that much of a dick

so you haven't "ruined a person’s whole life just for a nut", so you were wrong in

Aight Cred Forumsro you might be taking sex as something much bigger than it is

Got me there, I didn’t nut in someone who didn’t want it. But for sure man whatever gives you your sense of right

so probably pretty similar to most recounts you will see in here. was 19 in college. luckily i'm an old fag and this was waaaaay before metoo. there was some slut drunk and humming off ectasy. we did jello shots and were kissing with the jello in our mouths. had barely even introduced myself to this girl. took her hand and pulled her to a back bedroom. Was pretty forcefull.

So get naked and start. At some point during the sex, she's obviously crashing from her high/drunkeness. Asks me to stop so she can puke (ib4 bad sex). Tell her nope. Not getting blue balled tonight. She starts kind of whimpering, but I keep pumping for another five minutes or so. Cum in her hair. Tell her I will go and get her a paper towel/napkins to clean up. Don't. Fill up my beer. Brag to other chads. Get out of there asap. No consequences.


Larping incel's ITT

Nice larp faggot

again, the only thing I'm trying to put into your brain is that YOU DON'T RUIN A PERSON'S WHOLE LIFE BECAUSE OF A RAPE. Apart from that, we agree in that rape is awful and all other things you said.

never raped anybody, but used to pay a working girl to pretend like she didn't want it.

It was the literal best thing. Highly recommend. Nobodt gets hurt, you get to act out all your fantasies within reason, you spend a little extremely worth-it money.

How did she realize?

>be at house party
>girl is wasted as fuck
>ask the host if I can take a girl into his room
>walk up to sally the roastie
>6/10, but the only girl I can fuck in under 5 minutes
>she's incoherant
>just lead her to the room
>push her on the bed
>she's about to pass out so I make it quick
>pull her pants down, spit on my dick and hit her face down
>she tries to drunkenly resist but is so unchordinated shes just waving her arms around like an octopus
>can't cum, zip up and leave
>later she stumbles out and her friend takes her home
>a week later she asked me about what happened
>tell her she was drunk and asked me to fuck her
>claim to have been drunk also
>she apologises for being such a whore

Larp about a different kink everyday

Female friend sleeping in my tent, known her for years, always wanted to fuck her, I got her high and drunk until she was fucking stupid. Started sliding my hand down her shorts while she was laying down, told me to stop, I didnt. Ripped off her shorts and flipped her over on her stomach, took my dick out and got on top of her pushing her head into the pillow to muffle the sound coming from her mouth, fucked her till I nut. Told her if she told anyone I would leak the nudes I had of her. She acted like it never happened

ITT: a bunch of incels larping

I've been raping homeless dudes for twenty years. A few homeless chicks in there if the opportunity comes but mostly just ass fucking burned out drunks, crips and bums. Ill throw em a few bucks or a bottle a lot of times so it ain't really rape. And they're throwaways anyways.
Come at me, haters.

>laying in bed ay gf's house
>it's dark in her room
>she just got out of the shower so she comes back in
>seen her naked but never had sex or anything she's a huge tease
>finally have enough and decide to make her mine
>come up from behind her, clasp her mouth shut
>rip her towel off and start prodding her ass with the head of my dick
>go to put it in her asshole with my hand, still wet from shower
>feel a lot of hair
>release my hand from her mouth and back up
>hear "what the fuck, dude" and the light flips on
>it was her dad
true story. We broke up that night and we never spoke again.

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Fuckin' epic, I wish I was chad enough to do shit like this.

second time
>find out my friends gf is cheating on him
>she was a bitch anyway
>tell my friend and he breaks up with her
>pretty much throws her out on the front lawn crying
>she comes to his flat to pick up her stuff a week later
>he decides to have me there instead of him because it's easier/ bitch wont steal his stuff
>she turns up with a friend in the car
>she takes her box of things and rummages through it briefly
>"where is my book"
>how the fuck should I know
>she gets angry and demands her book
>tell her to chill and call friend
>he doesn't give a fuck about said book either way and thinks she's trying to talk to him or steal other things
>I go up the stairs to get the book
>she follows me in
>get book from his room, she walks right in- I should have figured she acts like she owns the place because she was living there a week ago
>give her the book, suddenly realize she has a pussy and it's like a meter away from me
>dont let got of the book when she tries to take it
>give her that challenging look
>she instinctively recognises that if she doesn't walk away without the book something bad might happen
>curiosity and indignation led her to tug at the book
>women are like that
>I put my hand between her shoulder and neck, her skin is soft
>she is deciding if she wants it or not
>I step between her and the door
>she's concerned but still doing the math
>if I let go of the book I know she will run
>holding her shoulder I push her backwards smiling at her in that challenging way
>she steps backwards as I push her, which is both getting away and cooperating
>a little physical cooperation early on makes things a lot easier
>she bumps into a low table and I put my knee against it between her legs
>at this point she knows it's going to happen, but not if she wants it.
>the front door is open and her friend is literally outside in a car
>she could yell- but about what?
>I take my hand off her shoulder and put my thumb on her lower lip

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It’s still always gonna be in the back of their mind, following them wherever they go, they’re gonna have to be seriously strong not to kill themselves

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i know how you feel, at least yours didn't got pregnant

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Do not continue your shitty dumb mommy written fanfic 50 shades of bullshit you faggot retard kike cunt nigger

Not exactly a rape but i had an interesting experience once, i was traveling for business when i felt the urge to fuck, being for the first time in this small city in the countryside i didn't know my way around so i decided to ask at a gas station where the brothels were located, i was directed to a yellow House, when i asked if it was any good they replied,"it gets the job done", i headed there and saw the girl that worked the day shift (contrary to popular belief only one girl works at a brothel per shift), the Tsatsa(the older woman who presents the girls) presented her to me as "Meleva" or something like that, She was a standard 8/10 blond petite girl, i decided to head in and i was happy to find out that the price was only 20 euros(half of what i usually pay in my city), i head into the room and it was small with one sink, and a one and a half size bed with Spiderman sheets. A few minutes later the girl comes in, we hug each other and lay together and as i go to kiss her she suddenly bites my face with full force, i manage to free my face from her jaws and i give her my hardest slap, before i have time to say anything she tries to put me in a headlock with her legs MMA style, me being 10cm taller and around 20 kilos heavier plus using the little training i have from when i was conscripted manager to put her down, after a few seconds she understood she doesn't stand a chance and calmed down, she asked me what i wanted to do, i skipped the blowjob for obvious reasons and did missionary sex while holding her down for around 10 mins before i finished, after that i waited for her to leave the room before i dress up, when i return to the lounge neither she nor the tsatsa are anywhere to be found so i just left, to this day i still cannot understand why any of this happened

Pic related: it is the brothel

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also 5

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At least say that you retrieved your money or kill her to spice it up

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>she doesnt suck my finger and starts looking away from me sideways
>move my hang gently over her mouth and she starts hyperventilating
>push her backwards and after momentarily loosing her balance she's forced to half sit on the table/drawer thing
>she's a foot further from me now and is more comfortable, but I've still got my knee between her legs
>I pull her head towards my crotch
>she resists but not fully
>let go of the book and unzip my pants as she tries to struggle away
>she closes her eyes and tries to push my legs when I hit her in the face with my cock
>she's still hyperventilating and almost crying
>I pull her hair as I hold her head, and she gets that if she doesn't suck my dick I'll hurt her
>she starts sucking half heartedly
>feels good, I guess she decided that's a compromise
>with one hand free I take a photograph of the top of her head as she's going down on me
>she breaks the silence and starts begging in horror
> give me the's not....
>push her head down again, she understands the implicit threat
>she sucks my dick or I send the photo
>suddenly unbeknown to her the dynamic has changed, it's now her job to keep this a secret- I never have to worry she will tell anyone because she's known to be unfaithful and I've got a photo of me in her BF's room on my dick, I could even say it happened before they broke up.
>she's sucking more seriously now, trying to get it over with as she becomes more rational
>this is just for lubrication because it's hard to get into a girl when she's not wet
>push her head sideways off my dick, indicating she should get up
>she's relieved but also knows it's not over
>as she gets up I hook my leg behind hers and roll her onto the ground, she falls about a foot onto her back and I land over her on my knee and elbow (like ip man but upsidown, I learned in china)


But i did nothing of those, and technically speaking i did choose to fuck her instead of immediately heading out and asking for explanations

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I have had similar experiences
it's better not to ask what whores do any why

once a girl though I was taking too long and told me to leave, but I kept fucking her because she wasn't done and the called the maddam- who walked in and started abusing her while we fucked because it wasn't like this bitch had a clock

it was strange to fuck a whore while an old bitch stood next to us abusing her in a language I couldn't understand, but I had to nut what could I do?

Gotta be honest, sounds pretty hot.

i fucked my 14yo cousin when i was19, i used to show her my dick since she was 10yo, she ask me if she can touch it, i teach her how to jerk me off untill i cum, first time i came in her hands she giggled like crazy, i remember that giggles and make me diamond hard untill today (im 29) at 12 i make her give me blowjobs, she hate when i cum in her mouth but eventualy i make her eat all my load, i fucked her from 14 untill she was 16, she moved cause my uncles got divorced, she never said anything to anyone, today se is married no kids same as me, we see each other a couple of times a year on holidays and shit like that, one time she was drunk and she told me she remember everything i do to her and that time was the best of her life, she is unhapy with her actual husband cause the guy is a dick, imagine how fucked her life should be to remember been abused as the best time of her life, i dont regret what i did but i do feel sorry for her actual life, wish i could do something about it but i fear if i say something to her she wanna be with me, i think she is in love with me, really fucked up situation right?

just fuck her again??

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>she was wearing jeans and a belt, which sucks so goddamn much, we've all been there.
>struggle to undo them with one hand over her mouth while she struggles to get out from under me
>I can't pin her hips and undo the belt so she had a chance, maybe if she scratched me I'd have to choke her, and then I might leave marks
>if she had scratched me I would have let her go- note to all the all the femanons reading, facial scratches are impossible to cover up and pretty solid evidence of "non-consentual".
there doesn't have to be much evidence if the girls story is compelling- but there must be at least something tangible
>if you're a rapist you have a personal interest in knowing these things
>finally undo her pants after like three minutes
>grope her breasts and kick her jeans down to her knees with my foot
>tell her "roll over and I'll be quick"
>one of the only two things said by either of us in the entire exchange
>she struggles hard as I try to roll her onto her face, but she can't kick because her jeans tangle her legs, so she tries to curl up in a ball
>age old maneuvur
>she's fully decided at this point she doesn't want it, but is upset, confused, in shock
>she could have stomped on the floor loudly, it's a goddamn apartment- or like yelled, you can't really stop someone with your hand like in movies
>grab her throat and push her head up by the bottom of her jaw like I'm going to pull her head off- unlike choking this doesn't leave marks and has the desired effect
>she tries to roll sideways to protect her neck
>bingo, roll her onto her face
>forcefully pull her shirt up. bunch it and jam it in her mouth while she's wearing it, she tried to resist but I just rubbed against her gums so it hurt her and she opened her mouth
>holding the shirt behind her head and pinning her down I grab my dick and jam it straight into her
>usually it takes some fucking around but it's still wet and she's got kinda open hips

go on

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problem is im happy with my wife, i don't wanna have any problem with her, she knows me and my cousin have a "relationship" when we were younger, i never said to her i abuse jusmy cousin and that we were "in love" but that ended cause we know was wrong and was just "puppy love"

I guess I technically raped my ex when we were together because I would fuck her brains out and use her holes every time she would get pass out drunk

> I than wake up and realise it was all a dream
> post to Cred Forums as if it really happened
> get called fag
> kill myself and rightfully so
> people find me dead after a couple of months because no one cares about me
> I don't have funeral because I have no peers
> fade away into nothingness not to be remembered by anyone because i'm a sad loser

the end

Post pics

I see, that really sucks bro. I think your only option is to just swallow the feeling of petty for you cousin's shitty life, goodluck homie..

top kek

same fag

I tried to unsnap my older sister’s bra one time unsuccessfully

Hey fbi, how are you?

>Girlfriend caught me watching porn
>Really angry with me, totally against it
>starts screaming at me while kissing me saying "I bet you think of other girls"
>me: turned on
>Girlfriend takes her top off asking me to compare her.
>I have enough, I'm bigger than her, so i grab her and pull her legging down, bend her over a fuck her while she's crying.
>The whole experience for me was a turn on


Stay in your shithole spic.

fake and gay

Fags are weird.

>fuck it felt so good going into her raw
>initially she was dry but after about ten seconds she suddenly got wet and I went in deep
>she's softly crying out in ....well IDK, not pain but kind of pleasure and emotional distress, animals make the same kind of noise when they fuck each other
>start fucking her much harder, she's going to cum or I'm not stopping
> im maybe three inches into her pounding her wet pussy
>there's no need to hold her down at this point, she doesn't try to get me out when I pull my hips back to thrust
>pin her hands one by one above her head, I don't need to hold the shirt hard either
>I don't know how long I was drilling her for, maybe a fe minutes when she started suddenly to struggle really hard
>she knew she was going to cum and couldn't handle it
>that would be total defeat, not just being raped but her own body betraying her
>that's why I'm here
>with her hands pinned and pulling the shirt back hard I pin her down, spearing her as deeply as I could but unable to thrust as much as wiggle
>rubbing up and down against her small ass to get some more penetration
>she starts spasming which felt incredible and only made it worse for her, I could hear her wet pussy making faint suction noises because I was stretching her out
>realize my dick is probably wider than my friends
>while I'm lost in thought her vagina phisically contracted around my dick and she came
>immediately she starts crying in a truly pittiful way
>I was still inside her but I pulled my knees forward and sat up, not holding her
>she knew it was over
>while she was crying I took a photo of me inside her and she cried even more hopelessly, it was like someone she knew died.
>I consider doing anal, but decide against it
>finish fucking her after a few minutes and she lies face down stiff like a plant with a rapidly drying pussy,crying in her ex boyfriends room
>knowing where to cum is hard, tempted to cum into her; but child support
>just cum onto the carpet

This is my fetish now.

sorry mate but i dont wanna expose my cousin or my wife here, just wanna told anyone the shit i did like a catarsis

>brutalx dot com

Is that real? If yeah do they use blacks for the penises?

Lol never had an experience like that because i haven't visited a brothel in another country yet, but here is another story from a lot of year ago, it was like the 5 time i visited a brothel and as i was looking at the different girls that worked there i ender one and come across a girl two years older than me that used to go at the same school as me(i was still 17 at the time), she was a 8/10 too but the fact that i knew her made her instantly a 10/10, i decided to head in but as i was ready to give the money to the Tsatsa the girl intervined and told that she knew me and i was underage, i claimed to be 18 but they continued to tell me to leave, i said "will you let me if i show you id?", they replied sure, then i demanded that if i am to show id they will charge me only 20000 drachmas(2/3 of the normal price), the tsatsa hesitated but the girl replied sure (knowing i was underage) then i took out my older brothers id to whom i bear i great resemblance and after the 5 longer seconds of my life the tsatsa said "it seems alright" the girl just stood there and looked at the tsatsa who in turn told her "you played and you lost, after that i headed in and have one of the best times which i had in brothers, unfortunately i didn't have much money to visit her again soon and when i returned there 2 monhs later i couldn't find her anymore

Pic related: from her social media now

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Do you all consider what I did rape?

>assessing the fallout, I've got a half naked girl crying in my friends flat, maybe neighbours who heard, and her friend outside in the car
>her friend, fuck
>the front door is literally open
>it's been like 25 minutes
>finally get off her and check the window
>her friend is gone
>lock front door
>shes still there on the floor with her pants pulled up texting someone
>put my hand on her throat, look into her eyes compassionately and take the phone from her hand gently
>I learned in knife fighting school the trick to take something from someone's hand is to separate the thumb from their fist, put the knife edge of your hand between their thumb and the object and rotate it out- I must have done it ten thousand times
>her friend is gone and I don't want her just walking out in her condition
>oh the box was gone also, her friend took it
>some friend
>I pick her up and carry her to the bed and lie down next to her
>it's her ex's bed, Itry to act like she's my girlfriend as I touch her hair and kiss her head
>she's crying more about how she fucked up her life than the rape as this point|
>it's strange how victims always seek reassurance from the purpetrator, they usually want to make sure you didn't think they deserved it of that they were bad people
>this is my way of telling her this rape wasn't revenge for cheating on my friend, it was just a random one
>realize that her friend probably texted her to say she left
>decide I want to fuck her again
>unsure if consentually or not this time
>stretch her out next to me and put my hand on her breasts, maybe c cup, she lets me
>brush her hair aside and kiss her neck
>she relaxes noticeably
>grab her ass and bite her earlobe
>she's not turned on, but she's OK with where this is going
>I know she will struggle later, it's always that way- let it happen then suddenly try to stop it
>put my fingers in her mouth, she knows what will happen if she doesn't suck them

that's super hot
In small towns you always knew the local whore growing up.
Ironically they were never the most fucked up, the drugs usually get those ones.
usually it's bad family, bad relationship and gradually becoming withdrawn from society

once I fucked a girl I knew in a nightclub but she did not recognise me and I didn't tell her

nah it's a scene. kimmy granger

do this to me please

Oh my god user, wtf is wrong with you?

>she sucks my finger while I rub her breasts
>I keep her top on so she feels more secure
>I unbutton her pants and she struggles so I stop
>after ten seconds I try again and she lets me
>she's decided that it's better not to be raped a second time
>this is the best situation, and almost guaranteed the second time you rape the same girl
>if she takes it the second time without a struggle you can fuck her literally for years and she will never tell anyone
>there was a girl at a corner store I worked with who I was fucking daily for 8 months
>after a week she would go into the storeroom by herself when we closed and take off her pants, she even brought spare underwear to work
>anyway I pulled her pants down and penetrated her while she was sucking my fingers
>she still wasn't wet initially
>I fucked her casually for another 20 minutes while she just kind of lay there in neutral
>I asked her if I could cum inside here and momentarily she was scared and sad no, I squeezed her shoulder in agreement and kept going
>pulled out and came on my shirt
>lay there pretty tired, after 10 minutes she was relatively composed, got up and picked up her phone and walked out
>had a shower, cleaned up, took the book and told my friend she got her stuff
>he was pretty upset, having just dumped her
>never saw her again, maybe she moved town, maybe she killed herself
>no fucks given
>still have the book
>turns out it was a present from someone
>so yea, if you gave a book to a girl who cheated on her bf and got thrown out, I'm her ex's best friend.

the official cover story:
>she was a cheating whore
>I made her a fake dating profile
>she fucked this other guy I don't know, and she had been fucking me for months
>she was angry I would fuck her, then tell her boyfriend- hence the accusation
>why would I tell her boyfriend she cheated if it was rape, that doesn't make sense
>i've still got the photos of me fucking her, burned onto like 10 USB drives
life is good


>she stayed there that night anyway
see what I mean, they always want reassurance that you actually liked them
>deciding they want it then changing their mind when it's too late
every time
>the sobbing

so many women have rape fetishes, I'm not a serial rapist so much as a sex addict and so many women give off that distinct "I want rape forcefully" vibe.
It's never good sex though

Pics or this is all one long larp

I never raped anyone but one time while my ex was passed out on antipsychitics I took off her clothes, fingered her/groped her and put my dick in his mouth and then jacked off on her stomach.

That should be hard for them, being known by the whole town, i grew up in 10.000 inhabitants town too but it was only like 10 mins away from a 80.000 industrial town and 30 mins away from the second largest city in my country which has 1.000.000 people so all the brothels were located there, the police also only gives brothel licences for specific areas so that they can patrol them effectively, so i never came across a girl i knew besides the one girl i posted earlier, also one time i entered a bus and 1 meter across of me was standing a girl Which i had fucked in a brothel a few months before, we looked at each other for about 10 sec(i still don't know if she actually understood who i was), i thought of talking to her but at the end i decided not to because a bus full of people isn't actually the best place to tell i girl about how you remember her working as a whore(especially here where gossip spreads like wildfire)

She looked like a taller version of the girl in the pic

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Is this a tranny or are you a faggot?

where do you go to hire someone for this? can it be done in north America?

I'm just retarded

How about we drop by your place and give you a free, obligation-free demonstration of rape, from the victim's point of view?
Hit me up when you're ready.

it must be hard for whores because so many men recognise them but they can't remember who they have fucked and who they haven't
I bet they are all afraid a former john will become part of their life.

to hire a whore for a rape thing?
like any online site, it's one of the most common requests
provided you don't hurt them or leave marks, if you leave marks they will often charge double or start yelling at you and shit

caught out.
I noticed too

what do the women look like? any decent /10? and how much for 1 hour

more stories
>the coworker at the corner store
>teacher's aide
>other random party girl
>office cleaner
>farm worker

I'm a bad person

Mistaking your boyfriend for a woman is pretty retarded

>what is google
shit whores still advertise in the newspaper classifieds

I've never raped anyone. But my friend was dating a girl that drank too much and he said when she blacks out he ass fucks her like crazy. Pretty wild.

Imagine how drunk you would have to be to not realize you are getting assfucked

Give us more

>An hour
You really expect to last that much?
The 20 minutes here are from 20 to 40 euro,half an hour is usually plus 10 euro, the brothels in the countryside are the cheaper, there are all kinds of girl from 5/10 to 10/10s, but what you will find out is that looks come secondary, what is most important is how the girls behave, and in usually more expensive brothels the girls behaviour and overall environment are better

Pic related: a 40 euro brothel, compare it with the 20 euro ones i posted above

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same my gf was raped when she was 13, still have ptsd nightmares etc...

MDMA isn't date rape you fucking idiot

I guess I kinda raped this chick. We had been talking on and off for about a year. Made out a few times but that's it. She texts me one day and makes and to hang out. I drive about an hour total to pick her up and bring her back to my place. We were hotboxing the car on the way home got pretty stoned. Get her in my apartment and we proceed to get pretty drunk. I'm making advances but she seems to not want to. I keep going and try to convince her, eventually finger her and we pass out in bed together (never got her shirt off and I'm still pissed because she was tiny but with huge it's). Wake up the next morning, smoke another bowl and all the sudden she says her friends here and she has to go. I'm like wtf okay? An hour later she sends me this long ass text about how she kept saying "no" and I kept going and she wasn't comfortable anymore and how I was a terrible person lmao. Best part is like six months later she texts me telling me she misses me and shit