The great debate: Sunday edition

The great debate: Sunday edition

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The winner of the debate as far as bat shit crazy is Jannette

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Pretty accurate user, will she ever be saved.

Dan loved her. End of debate.

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Dan's favorite

She had support before she fucked all those niggers and got aids

Dan “the man with the plan to get children into his van“ Schneider

Mia... pussy
Miranda... mouth
Janette.... ass

all depends on what counts as winning

She is his special little cowgirl.

Nice show Dan

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How the fuck is this thread still up?

I would summon a demon to trade my soul so I can possess the body of Mia, I would then fuck Janette while bathing in the blood of Miranda

mmm...who is more excited for her in that pose? Curdy or Dan?

Miranda mouth
Miranda pussy
Miranda ass

This is the correct answer

Dan was a true artist.

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Five consecutive threads
1850 posts over two days

Kill, rape, Marry

Suppose you are right burn the coal and all that it’s her own choices that lead her here.

I want to lesbian her.

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Stop counting you faggot these threads have been going for years. The ghost pasta is from 2014 ffs

Yes #metoo I would also like to lesbian her.

Would you Dom or Fem?

anons, what is this picture and why do i keep seeing this thread reposted?

Looking for the gif of thanks

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Forced lesbian

Miranda has to be fem

Why would you be anything but a domm user.

Of course she does.

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I like being the girl sometimes.


Please say it looks like this...………..Penis really hard now.

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Some girl on Cred Forums before I saved pics. Girls can be degenerates too.

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mmm and she sure looks it

Why Dan?

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like this one, dirty boy?

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Who wouldn't?


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Can't help it, everyday bare tummies and toes. The smell of their hair, flirting with me, wanting a bigger part or their own show. I had a few moments of weakness.

Rumer has it, she knew how to push Dan's buttons. Played the loli like no other.

that's like I saved them.

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She knew how to play the game, I guess. Everyone wins.

that body, that face...


checked user

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Dan is a good teacher.

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Are the spell Nazis here tonight?

hell yea, you sick freak

Rumer Willis

Id answer but right when i looked an old fart wafted to me and sank my boner im getting kinda teary eyed cause icame at the same time ehh iwanna hold boxxy

Be nice user, I'm a lady. You like fapping to butch girls, hun?

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too old for Dan

What can I say...guilty as charged

I like skinny, short hair girls too. She has the cutest butt.

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and a great willingness to show it off. Adds to the fun

>and a great willingness to show it off
She does. She knows we're looking.

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And she doesn't want us to stop. Why else would she pose like this, right?

gay or straight, pretty girls are like that.

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Even if they'd never want to admit it

Lesbian rape is the best rape

Do you think young, innocent, tight pussy even excites Dan anymore? Does it all taste the same to him now?

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She has the bratty submissive thing down perfect

Say what

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With what Dan taught her, she will never go hungry.

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If you were banged all the way into your pancreas by a 7 foot nigger and drank his cum after, you'd be bat shit crazy as well.

Last pic (I think) dirty boy.

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Dan was bigger, ask her.

mmm, what a shame...would love to chat more about this sort of thing if you have discord.

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Looks like she loved Dan too. Do you think they will ever get back together m8?

I really want to watch Dan do the truffle shuffle

Will it hurt?

Will what hurt? Doing the truffle shuffle?

Dan's a Big Guy.