What would you do if this was your daughter

what would you do if this was your daughter

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I'd keep cashing those checks

I'd be very sad if Dan were my daughter. But I'd get over it if 'she' took pictures of 'herself' smashing it with Jennette McCurdy.

god your an idiot,i bet you live in america.the same country who thinks up a new gender every other weekend

>what would you do if this was your daughter
I ask her who was better in bed; me or dan?

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Hold her tighter Dan, she is a fighter!!!

I would tell just to use her mouth. Dan doesn't get the pussy until she gets he big money like C.

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Be happy that at least she was rich
Oh wait ...Janette is poor. sorry

fuck you miranda

The truth hurts doesn't it

Jen, write this down. chaturbate, you can make bank girl

yes. That way you can finally pay off your
T mobile bill

Cred Forums would help her out, for a show.

imagine jennette and miranda together

I don't want to see that dirty coalburner touching sweet Miranda.

lol,so miranda isnt a coal burner? every white women likes black men.time to go back to your trailer park cleetus


Who can blame Dan

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who's toes do you think dan sucked first

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Jennette is a better actress and much more talented I guess Miranda is just better at giving it up than Jennette.

Dan is fucking disgusting

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Not even his best work. Pic related

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thats clearly a video

look at that commie fag with the bracelets and the china shirt

he probably grew up to be some soyboy antifa member

ITT: Pedophiles low-key supporting a fat pederast


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i wonder how wet her pussy is

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How dare I be physically attracted to someone who is physically mature. Shame.