Be me

>Be me
>Newly single
>GF of 8yrs cheated on me
>New to online dating apps
>Just home from date that turned into long night
>Girl was decent
>We got drunk at dinner and decide to keep the night going
>She is wild
>Definitely not bring home to mum type
>But ideal for some fun
>Head to club
>We make out
>Both drunk
>She decides she wants to go back to hers
>Get back to her place
>She disappears to toilet
>Shouts me in
>She’s mid piss
>Tells me to get her Coke from her purse
>Bring it into her
>She still on toilet half past out
>’Gimme a line’
>Duno what I’m doing and sprinkled tiny amount onto back of my hand
>She tried snorted it
>Spilling most of it
>She wasn’t happy
>She drunkenly started to take my cock out
>She was wasted
>Felt bad so wasn’t hard
>She started pouring coke on my cock
>Holyshit I had to get video of this
Pic related
>She snorted it and started sucking
>Looked up and took phone off me
Sad face
>She proceeded to blow me as she sat on the toilet
>Nasty but kinda hot
>Low effort blowie
>Eventually we moved to bedroom
>Fucked doggy until I blew a load across her ass and back
>She fell asleep soon after
>Left and went home
>All and all I would rate dating apps 5stars
>Highly recommend

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Kinda weird. Itd be hard to stay up enough to finish with a chick that out of it

Your thumbs is bigger than your dick and she still did a line off of it. Lucky man. I did coke off my ex girl's ass a few times, but that's not as awesome.

I didn’t partake in any narcotics, so staying hard was ok. Plus it was hot and disgusting in equal measures, top with first new woman I been with in 8yrs helped

An index finger and a thumb? That's all it takes for you?

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I wasn’t expecting it so wasn’t hard yet

>>She was wasted
>>Felt bad so wasn’t hard

A penis with a conscious, well...
>ok then

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Glad u understand

cool story bro

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So where’s the video OP?

Virgin or sociopath

Or horny and just out of long term relationship that ended badly

There are countless common psychological triggers that can prevent you from getting hard.
Maybe you are the virgin, only thinking about fucking everything, and it's making you unable to realise that there are reasons not to have sex

Thats why when i watch porn i search chinky

Stories like this

Duno if I should be uploading that, screenshot will do. Plus she cut me off like 5secs in

My man

Do it

If that was trips maybe

How about these dubs >>>>>>>

Sorry I meant these ones

Damn it where did I put them
Let me check over here

How about here

Shit I give up

You dropped these faggot

A for effort
Here you go

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I'm kinda pissed that I had to put some serious work into getting laid and nowadays all you gotta do is install an app. Would've saved me a ton of headache in my college years.

The wonders of modern technology

So trashy, any more?

what dating app

Nope sorry that all I got