Love doesn't exist

Love doesn't exist.
Prove me wrong.

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even if no one loves your stupid ass it still exists

That's now how a claim works.
You go:
"Love doesn't exist because..." and then you provide evidence.
It'll then be up to others to argue your conclusion.
But demanding others do the hard work for you is just lazy. Try again.

It's not real.

Love doesnt exist because people are superficial, lustful and selfish. It's not that complicated.

nigger you literally screenshot an image from a subleddit making fun of retards like you

Now we're getting somewhere.
Me and my GF have been a couple for the last 7 years, only getting more attached to another, have forgiven eachother's countless mistakes and flaws because we value the other one more than anything else in the world.
I'd consider this true love.

Ok and

Or perhaps you're just young, immature, bitter and frustrated?
Love is what we make of it, like any other emotion - we choose which one shall dominate our lives. Currently you've chosen "Immature misanthropy" which is typical for unhappy teenagers who lack social skills. It brings one such difficult world views and a permanent anger and childish arrogance. It also instills a certain urge to vent and dismiss arguments that counter one's new found, delicious bitterness.

It'll pass.
You'll be fine.

it exists but its probably not what you think it is. true love isnt the big hormone rush you get when you have a crush, its a more subtle mix of things like caring for someone, want to be around somebody, having a bond etc.

love is so fucking meta on so many stages that i dont have the urge to prove someone wrong who probably cant love himself atm and tries to fuck around with his depressed manner

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If she was suddenly 100 pounds heavier or a burn victim would you still love her?

That is true love, user - congrats, enjoy!

Pretty good answer

It's fun that you think you're asking a pointed question - to someone in love, that's a no-brainer.
But you clearly think "no" - as such you expose yourself quite a lot.

You really believe humans these days are Capable of those things?
If only you knew

It exists. I honestly hope you get lucky like I did and have a great life.

Answer the question.

You think u had a great life?

Define "these days" because we've existed for thousands of years so if you wanna say all culture is failing now, you're retarded.

Of course.
As I said, it's a no-brainer.
Not to you though. Your thinking is obvious.

1) I'd work out with her, motivate her to exercise and eat properly (am already doing that, we're both working on losing a bit of weight / building a few muscles)
2) She's still the soul i fell in love with, shared so much pain and emotions with. and now she needs me more than ever

Thanks, user.
Also, from reading the further posts of our angry OP, I'd say I was pretty spot on.

Okkk Cred Forums pls delete this thread I'm done with it these creepy Cred Forums guys think love is real and their capable of it

OP’s boyfriend broke up with him thats why he is acting like this

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rofl yes it's been great lmao lol lol
how about u? lol lmao?


I really have. But I wasn't trying to snipe at you, I was being sincere.

LMAO I'M dyingg sorry my auto correct
I meant "these guys"
Um all I said was love is not real so chill

Lol no If I would no longer love her than I wouldn't have actually been in love to begin with

i think humans are capable of everything. thats our biggest trait, endurance in adapting to our enviroment. maybe you have the wrong people around you but i knew people which are still holding up a relationship after all the ups and downs.

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Love isn’t always romantic.

You gotta love something a whole lot to go die for it.

>humbly, I submit, pic related

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I cheated on my girlfriend of 2 years. That girl then went and fucked 2 guys new years eve after i left the party. There isn't a day that goes by that i don't regret everything. But it took all of that and me and my ex reconnecting and talking about everything including our relationship to realize that i was always selfish and manipulative. I'm changing myself as a person and I do not want to perpetuate that kind of behavior or heartbreak. No one deserves it

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Lol I am op I said that cuz I like ur answrr

So how exactly was ur life so great

So what you said was: "You really believe humans these guys are Capable of those things?"
That makes even less sense - your grammar is attrocioius and your punctuation makes baby Jesus cry.

Take a break grammar police I really don't care

Lol I'm dead sorry I'm fried right now just ignore that lmao anyways

You care enough to react.

AW I'm sorry user


Jolly good.
Hope you find a better point of view, it'll make your life lighter, easier, warmer.
Best of luck, OP.

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Umm make me ;)))

You're growing, user. Cut yourself some slack.
You'll be okay.

Well, I was referring to the love side of it, to match your thread. I'm engaged to a women I've been going out with for 8 years now, started off long distance, then she moved over to be with me. In those years things just went from good to better with us, it's been amazing. This sounds like bragging, I don't mean it to come across like that at all, but love does exist. I think it's rarer these days with young people though from what I've seen, a lot of my friends were unlucky and got scorned through the years.

Irrefutable proof in pic related.

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didn't expect to find positivity here but thank you

I try to

You don’t exist. Prove me right.

Good call. OP doesn't love himself, goes on a board where I'd guess 90% of people don't love themselves, seeking not to be proven wrong but proven right.

Just so you know OP, and anyone else lurking, when you don't love yourself, when you spend your days steeping in anger, fear and regret, you send certain chemical messages to your body.

By the time you reach 30-35 years old, if you haven't broken this cycle, your body comes to need these negative feelings to feel ok. As in, if you decide to change your mind and love yourself, your body will literally fight your brain about it, causing all sorts of turmoil.

OP and a lot of others on this website are on a slippery slope. Those of us who know love also know you want it more than anything else.

I adore you for trying to explain your experiences.
I love you for taking the time - but OP doesn't care.
He's not here to learn, or discuss, or change his point of view, he hasn't got one - he's just here to cause strife and discomfort and frustration. He's what's known as a "troll".
I however, appreciate you and thank you for sharing.

Wow this is cute, thank you for restoring my faith. It's more rare, I guess that's what I'm trying to get at, and people get screwed over a lot these days.

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Sucking underage feet isn't love

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Who said op was male?

This was a great post about self love if only the toxic people on this place would see

Im op and I'm being open minded and listening so idk why u saying dat

Silly user, no girls on the internet.

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Ah, there he is, an honest arsehole.

Some people do get screwed over a lot unfortunately. It can be very tough finding the right person, but it definitely isn't impossible. Good luck user.

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No girls on the internet, user.
As you well know.

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No one loves you

Love is out there. I had your mindset when I was younger. I'm currently married with someone who I've been with for 15 years. Before then I had a bunch of little dates which were basically just booty calls. My 2nd longest relationship was 2 years (I left her because I couldn't take her crap anymore). The reason why my current relationship is working is because the person I'm with is actually my bestfriend. Our love is so strong that people think were a new couple, but then we tell them how long we've been together and they're always surprised. What I've learned from my past relationships is that you will have an easier time finding love if you can stop thinking with your dick (took me awhile) and look for someone that you genuinely have a connection with. Stop looking for love at bars, clubs, or parties because I've learned that 80% of the time it's not gonna work. Do those activities if you're just looking for sex. If you want a relationship to work you gotta be willing to compromise and work as a team, try their hobbies no matter how dumb it might seem to you (who knows maybe you'll like it or be really good at it), and always try new things, and experiment. We both have the same interests so we never have a hard time doing things together.