Loli thread continued

Loli thread continued

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captcha is for plebs

coem trade with me, i got more of pic related.

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>catfaggot is a pedophile
Who'd have guessed?

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lol, yes, cause saying i have mroe of pic related means i have actual cp. maybe, and hear me out here, maybe just maaaaaybe, i came to a realization that having to do captcha sucks ass, and this platform allows me to not deal with captcha...


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All lolicons are pedophiles.

Is that Jeb Bush?

>coem trade with me
>doesn't post contact
Okay user...

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Jokes on you I like granny porn

Except this one the face is fucked

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mother fucker, i am so sorry about that. take another pic for my insolence.


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Wickr is shazam1991 for any Loki friends looking to chat

loli is legal - children molested 1 in 100,000
loli is illegal - children molested 264 in 100,000

UN crime statistics, google it if you want

Post more grannies with saggies, there are all too flat!

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>inb4 "Hurr, Japan just doesn't report it!"

Doubt thats catbro

at no point did i ever have a nickname. all i do is collect thigh highs and tights fetish pics.

You don’t understand, I’m a pedo too and it’s OK to be a pedo

Hello Satan

Anyone know why some threads do not get archived on the archive?

example thread?

The last thread, died while I was shitting

Or am I just retarded and just need to clear my cache...

thread got archived, but the full images don't seem to have. i've noticed thebarchive experiencing lots of downtime over the last couple weeks. could be that they didn't get scraped?

i ripped the thread and can upload a zip/rar if you need them

Thank you user, but I got it covered. Thank you for your help

Stop chatting and post images you fags

>calls people fags for not posting images
>doesn't post image
Do you really think you deserve more images?

practice what you preach bitch

Happy now nigger? And you didn’t post any images either. Kill yourself.

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What’s your biggest loli fantasy?

adopted loli-daughter like pic related that I can raise and love who chooses to remain with me.

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i would love to find a homeless loli with a chip on her shoulder because of how the world has cast her aside, take her in and show her a life of love and happiness to fill the black hole in her heart.

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w lalithirst

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wow cute, who's the artist?


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If only Cred Forums had a function for that...

bumping for topless lolis wearing panties

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Any anorexic loli?

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Ask a guy who just ate pizza anything.

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I like this

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You guys know any loli x shota hentai out there? Having a hard time finding any

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How would my sister be likely to react if I told her I like little girls?

based taste

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small world i also had pizza for dinner. it was pepperoni. my mom had some cheese pizza though

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Pedos will be executed in the streets once we establish power.

Any discord servers?

go home schlomo

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Who is (((we)))?

not well.

how old is your sister?

5 years older than me

how old are you?

is she pretty open minded? if not, probably would advise against it.


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Lol you guys talk tough but don't have the balls to tell the world your pedos. At least that one armed robot fag had the balls to announce it. Keep this shit up, lifers in jail are waiting for you. Look up John Chamberlain orange county. You'll all be dead in county jail before your trial even starts lol. I know theres gonna be some tough guy replies but face it, your all pussies who are attracted to kids. Its not an orientation, or fetish, it's a disease. Kill it with fire. Even faggots and trannies get more respect than you pussies.

old enough to be a loli


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Holy fuck lmao

Early 20s

Diapered loli is best loli

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Any discord servers? Any??

>don't have the balls to tell the world your pedos.
>lifers in jail are waiting for you.
Where is the incentive for any of them to come out of the closet exactly? You're a fucking retard.


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Oh yeah liking cute kids is sick but wanting to chop your cock off is perfectly healthy

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Not just the number of the beast but a full house too! This thread is blessed.


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I had a supreme with bbq and siracha on it

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Bullshit link

> does that mean you really like me after all user ^_^

C-change me user...

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> holds up wand
You are now a toad.

And proud.

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She still keep the diaper on as a toad?

I love anorexic girls.

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Yes. Any drawfags on tonight?

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Nah, she'll cry about anything

Drawfags, I have a request

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but lolis love trump.

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that one of these threads is made and not bothered by self-righteous faggots.

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wwyd to her user?

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You need to leave. Just leave.

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Ya know, on second thought... I've got some more.

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did some some one say diapers and toddlers??

it's good so long as the diapers are clean.

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How can you sick fucks find this attractive. It's a literal baby. A fetus. How is this sexual in any way. It can't even recognize itself in the mirror.

Anyone/anything can be diapered

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>it's a literal baby

No it's a cartoon.
It's not a fetus, it's series of lines and colors that represent innocence and cute.
The diaper also sells the innocence aspect.

then you just add dicks and cum and it's sexualized. easy as pie

Pedophilia is one thing but baby shit is just fucked

>did some some one say diapers and toddlers

Why diapers? Im all up to see some flat anime girls with nice bodies but diapers man? FUCKING DIAPERS?

question for toddlercons: were you always into toddlers or did you go down a slippery slope, getting younger and younger? i told my friends i'm a pedophile and i'm on thin ice as it is. if i got into toddlercon some of them would kill me. i want to know how scared i should be.

Slippery slope is a meme, you either like it or you don't unless you're a coomer who can only get off to increasingly more extreme things due to dopamine burnout. But in that case you aren't actually into it, you're into the rush of the taboo.

Ye I started with loli then tots.
pic unrelated

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Wickr anyone?

> i told my friends i'm a pedophile and i'm on thin ice as it is.

come quick

fuck off with this cancer

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dangerously puffy...

Y'all need Jesus.

That's a fucking fox dumbass


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i need jesus and a can of ginger ale HuHuH

I'm not sure if you guys are actual pedophiles or FBI agents, but loli / toddcon fags aren't interested.

If you want to catch REAL pedophiles, i'll give you a hint as to where you can arrest / recruit them: FB fap threads

Also go investigate anybody in the UK parliament or any businessman with a billion dollars, they are no doubt raping actual children.

Lolicons ARE real pedophiles

I hate all of you.

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Gee wow what a great fucking argument, you really showed me. You said it so i guess it must be true then.

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for context, we all met in a comically unrelated discord server.
a lot of my friends are deep in the alt-right (think antisemitism, fascism and national socialism) and the others are borderline normalfags. the normalfag friends are pretty accepting even if it feels reluctant. the owner tolerates it because i'm a really close friend of his. he seems to be more disappointed than mad or hateful. one new guy keeps prodding me about it then either calls me a degenerate, or talks about how i make him feel better about his own deviancy. one of my friends seems to be just a jewish conspiracy theorist and less alt-right. he doesn't have a problem with it at all, because he's a little into lolis himself, not to mention pokemon and a lot else.

the reason i say i'm on thin ice is because the new guy says often that toddlercons and people that look at cp "deserve the rope" and the owner said that he'd instantly ban any toddlercons.

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dude you dumb fuck get away from those people as fast as possible
that is a ticking timebomb waiting you take them with it

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sounds like a bunch of cancerous reddit fucks

What's up everybooty? Having a gouda night?

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are you in high school or an incel? what kind of friends are these? sounds like discord faggotry

what do you mean by "ticking timebomb" what do you think is going to happen? everyone there likes me, some of them just don't like that part of me.

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"Fap to me, user, fap to me!"

It means someone's either trading pizza on the side or they're gonna get your dox and fuck with you if you ever piss one of them off

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Why the fuck would you tell them
Hopefully they don't have your personal details they're definitely planning to either dox or go after you.

newfags get dumber and dumber holy shit

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>toddlercons "deserve the rope"
He’s not wrong

Sauce? Is pretty cute.

the amount of poltards and the like that pretend to have strong traditionalist views on the surface, but have the very degernerate kinks they like to bastardize is astounding
it's why nobody takes you fags seriously

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i appreciate the concern user, really i do, but i think i might have accidentally made them sound worse than they actually are. trust me, they're my friends they wouldn't do that. hell, the owner even lets you post loli porn in one of the porn channels. also a lot of the members aren't alt-right if that's what's worrying you.

to be honest i felt guilty keeping it hidden, like i was lying by omission to them.

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Any wickrs

More of this artist?

kill yourself

U first

But then who would start the thread?

Read the thread

cry more



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You should play Teaching Feeling, it's pretty much that. Sylvie is a good girl.

This picture is super cute

ah, isn't it though? super cute.

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touch puffy get dizzy

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and you're in a Loli thread on 4 Chan. congratulations

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Attached: fe5e60611ee4169e8948bd0a76b4f3fd.jpg (2598x3543, 1.18M)

Attached: 74246719_p0.jpg (1412x2000, 1.44M)

Attached: 75563599_p0.png (847x1200, 1.56M)

Imagine the smell

strawberries and peach

Little girl urine

goddamn puffyposter slayed it tonight

amen, prais be to puffyposter

god dammit these threads are turnimg me into a pedo

Where do you think you are?

Anybody by chance know what artist this is?
OP abandoned the thread

no, they don't turn you pedo, but they expose the fact that you've been one all along.


Link? Sounds like my kind of server

Need it up an alive for just a little more.


Wickr wowwowee for fantasies and se d me lolis

Please dont do this. You will not get much out of it (if at all) and you have so much to lose.

I had a chance to "engage" with another suspected pedophile who takes all kind of shit from his discord friends but shrugs it off seemingly easily.

At most, all I would get out of that would be some pic exchanges which would unavoidably mutually reveal personal deviant kinks, some or which we might not fully agree on.

I'd rather have close people think I'm weird than have unknown people KNOW I have "special preferences".

This is awesome!

New loli thread?