Incest theard

Incest theard

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i was probably 15 and incredibly horny. Mom late 40s. On Vacation in florida, dad not down. I sneak into her room she kinda wakes up just say i cant sleep and get in bed. Felt up her ass and tickled her crack with my middle finger while she slept. Never been discussed - doubt she noticed

christy menendez fucked by her dad. rip doug. on motherless 538d0fb1

That link doesn't work new link

it works google it just watched it. christy menendez of tampa

Anyone have the most recent posts from Clementine user?

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that was a big deal in 2017

My brother and I use to watch porn and jerk off together when we were teenagers. We never touched each other, but we would watch each other cum every time

Anyone have the greentext of the guy that had sex with his mom after she fell on the bed with him and it started creaking?

Anyone have more of her?

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All these captions are fucking cringe

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I've only got part 1 and 2, does anyone have the rest?

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404 at motherless

I do. Fulfill my request and I will give it to you

>captions are fucking cringe
Because they're written by kissless virgins

How old is it?

Not recent, not ancient.

user greentexting his cousin Clementine here. Gonna start posting from the morning after everything took place, since otherwise I'd have to post like 20 updates before getting to the new ones. This picks up with me having to take the cousins to church and youth group.

>Would rather die than go to church the following morning
>Only have to go during holidays or in cases like this, when they ask me to take my cousins
>Luckily, they're up before I am and ready to go by the time I wash up and dress
>make it downstairs and find them at the kitchen bar eating cereal
>Clem is wearing a church dress, extremely modest and comes down to just past her knees
>but also hides hickeys very well, she used makeup to mostly cover anything visible
>In fact, the ones she left on me were much more visible, but easier to explain
>She's all smiles of course, not gonna lie my stomach fluttered a bit looking at her
>they ask can we go swimming after church
>picture Clem in bathing suit
>yes we absolutely can
>both of them cheer at this, tell them to get a change of clothes and then we'll head to church
>run up to my room and grab trunks, as well as bowl
>still have so much fucking weed I felt like pablo escobar
>leave through side patio, cousins are in the car, Clem up front.
>the next few hours were going to be fucking torture

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I’ve gone through my older sister’s computer to find the porn urls she’s recently watched. Such an incredible rush to find she loves videos of girls taking multiple loads in their mouths. I love cumming to the same videos

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>Patrick sits behind Clem on the way to church
>I'm smoking from bowl on the way to help make the next few hours go faster
>at one point had my hand absentmindedly in the middle of my seat and Clems
>she puts her hand in mine, holding my hand
>Patrick looking out the window
>drive like that while holding hands
>go ahead and call me a bitch idc, I loved it
>at church, first hour of morning worship is some old hag doing poor interpretations of bible passages and applying them to today
>falling asleep, Clem has to keep waking me up
>this honestly isn't new at all
>after that, Patrick and Clem go to the youth group, they haven't been in it long. It's mostly kids their age and a few mine
>I don't have much in common with any of them, especially the ones my age because they're spec'd into Paragon and I'm on a Renegade run
>we head over to community youth center next door to church, basically big open room where activities take place, and of course youth group have their meeting
>when we walk in Clem groans and rolls her eyes, not in a playful way
>tells me a guy she hates is there, let's call this faggot Tommy Tryhard
>Tommy Tryhard is my age, but constantly flirts with Clem, always makes sure he sits next to her and tries to flirt, it's some cringe worthy shit
>also trying to be the cool edgy guy of the group, despite coming to the church since he was a toddler
>and besides that's my role now, bitch
>Patrick sits with some of his friends, me and Clem pick seats as far to one end of the table as possible
>Tommy Tryhard gets out of his seat to come sit next to Clem on the opposite side, she literally tells him to go away
>He just says "Pfft" and keeps sitting there
>I tell him to go away and leave my 13 year old cousin the fuck alone
>"Whatever man, just trying to be nice since she doesn't have any friends."
>"Yeah, sure that's why you text me."
>Why did I think she needed defending, Clem is tougher than this faggot.
>Both laugh at him

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I love Dee Williams!

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>During youth group one of the "leaders" passes out some lesson he typed up and printed out for us to go over
>basically talking about how hard it is to be a christian in todays society
>muh persecution
>muh temptation
>actually I felt them completely on the temptation one after the day we just had
>one of the sections was about don't engage in masturbation, seriously, because seed is children
>I'm not fucking kidding
>Find it so fucking ridiculous I reach over to Clem's paper and circle it in pen then look at her
>gives me a frown
>scratch through everything except the word masturbation, underline it
>she takes pen and draws a heart over it
>end up writing notes and laughing to ourselves while guy talks, finally he just shuts up and everyone can talk and hang out
>me and Clem use this time to slip out and go to my car, parking lot doesn't have anyone in it
>only came out to smoke my bowl, but end up ducking in the backseat with her and making out
>getting too into it, start pulling her dress up and letting my hands wander up her legs
>rub her pussy through her underwear
>but know we can't take it further because church, end up making out for as long as we can before we have to go back
>before we do, I pull her underwear all the way off and pocket them
>second pair I've taken
>she lowers her dress, when we get out of the car she's straightening her clothes and kinda shifting weight from foot to foot, grinning at me
>can tell she likes the feeling walking around without them on in public

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Is this Christy and her dad Doug?

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I've saved a bunch from 2-5 years ago, but not much more recent. That one doesn't sound familiar, but I'll look and see.

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>Youth group has devolved into people sitting at different tables chatting to their own little groups
>even Patrick has a small group of friends
>Clem tugs me by the arm so I'll follow her to a group of girls her age
>most of them are only here because of their parents and don't know any better
>one of Clem's friends always checks me out, gonna grow up to be a real slut odds are
>more on her in a little bit
>nothing else of interest takes place at youth group until afterwards when it's time to leave
>Me Clem and Patrick get our bathing suits out of the car, go back into community center to change
>community center has men and womens restrooms, obviously, each is just a single room and toilet
>Patrick into boys, when nobody is looking I join Clem in women's
>she laughs at me when I come in, says she knew I'd come in to watch her change
>start kissing, position her so her back is against the sink
>start pulling up her dress to her waist, she holds it there while I unbuckle my dress pants and kick them off
>get down on one knee while she's leaned back with her dress up, start eating her pussy,
>she doesn't voice the slightest objection
>don't go all the way with it, just enough to get her going, then stand up and pull my cock out, do the same trick as the night before, rubbing my tip all along her pussy lips while she slides her wet cooch along its length
>then pull it back and slap it against her mound to tease her
>she takes it in both of her hands, starts stroking it for me
>doesn't take long before I'm about to cum, ask her to do what she did last night, she giggles and gets on her knees, takes me into her mouth and licks it until I cum
>takes it all down, keeps licking after I'm spent
>takes it out of her mouth, holds it up by the base and sticks her tongue out, licking from bottom to top
>my soul threatens to leave my body
>she's looking up at me having this profound experience, might as well be holding my soul in her hand
>plants a kiss on the tip

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>After I've cum I help her back to her feet
>she holds her hands up in the air, I look at her confused so she tells me she wants me to help her undress
>Never gonna say no to that
>pull her dress off over her head
>she's got a modest sports bra on and that's it
>oh yeah her panties are in the pocket of my pants on the floor
>God that pussy is amazing, even having just cum I was aching to bury my cock inside of her
>sees me looking at it, sits back against the sink again, easing her legs open
>slides finger across her pussy, then puts it in her mouth and licks it clean
>God damn she wants it as much as I do
>But somehow, we manage to get swimsuits on. She's in a bikini with a shirt on over it.
>either that summer or the one before she had been given permission to wear a two piece instead of having to wear a one piece suit
>Clem leaves bathroom first, then tells me it's clear so I can leave
>drive to the pool, it's technically the neighborhood community pool but it's not in our neighborhood exactly, it's outside of town and in order to get in you have to live in one of the three communities AND pay a fee
>but it was fucking amazing
>practically a waterpark
>community center was wild during this time, the pool was indoor/outdoor, there was a gym, showers, small auditorium where they held events
>snack bar during the summer, drink machines
>but mostly just ass and titties everywhere
>Anyways, we get there and after proving that yes, I do live in the community, they let us in
>Patrick cannonballs, me and Clem find a canopy table and put our stuff down, taking off shirts
>couldn't stop looking at Clem, amd after catching me looking three or four times she bursts out giggling at me
>"You think I'm pretty user?"
>Bitch, what do you think?
>"What do YOU think?" I ask out loud.

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I haven't posted in a while but I'm the guy who find out her sister makes porn

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Aunt and cousin

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damn dude that's awesome. you just stumble on it?

>Be me
>17 years old, junior in high school
>Girls don't seem too interested in me at my school. Horny as all fuck though, falling daily. Only ever kissed, still a virgin.
>Summer approaching, cousin is coming to visit for the summer, since we live in a popular tourist destination. With a beach
>Haven't seen her in 3 years
>Waiting for her at airport. Looking for cousin that looks like 11 year old from the last time I saw her.
>Confusedattraction.exe when I see a 14 year old qt 3.14 walking out of airport terminal waving at us
>Petite, cute hips, thigh gap, small but perfectly shaped and perfect titties, and the prettiest smile and eyes.
>Spend the ride home with cousin, parents, and sister catching up. Try not to think about that feeling of attraction I had.
>Have dinner all together, then settle in at home for the night, she's too tired from the flight to do much else that night.


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I am intrigued

any more of cousin?


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she show off her tits?

Whats this code for?

>"I mean... I know you 'like' me but I thought maybe it was just because I was close by.."
>Look at her, genuinely hurt by the suggestion
>"Clem I have a girlfriend I'm blowing off because I want to be with you."
>She gives me this look I swear she must have practiced because it was so boner inducing I wanted to bend her over the table regardless of who was watching
>she did that thing where girls just slightly bite their lower lip to conceal a smile, but her smile grew so big she had to cover her face from blushing
>"And besides, you're supposed to be my girlfriend, right? You 'claimed' me." and I point to my hickey
>that hickey is gonna fuck me over later btw
>don't know if I foreshadowed that enough
>Doubt you guys want to hear about swimming so I'll keep it to a minimum
>jumping off the high diving board into fucking freezing cold water gets rid of any boner I had growing
>Yes, there was shrinkage
>now this pool was filled with spoiled rich teens and their parents, and word had long since spread that I come from a ghetto druggie background, that my mothers in prison and my dad is.. not around.
>So people are always watching me like I might potentially rob or steal from them, just treating me different than they do others my age
>sometimes this makes their shitty offspring dislike me because their parents do, but sometimes, in some special cases, I think it has the opposite effect
>like Clem's FutureSlut friend, who was always looking for attention, and welcomed herself so sit at our table and lay her stuff all out next to mine
>calls my name fifty times to watch her do various dives and stupid shit like that.
>but one point she says "Watch me user" just loud enough for me to hear, swimming past me and climbing out of the pool
>only her bottoms slip down and her ass is completely exposed just inches from me
>lowers herself about halfway into the water, only I can see her ass now
>"Pull them up for me user"
>absolutely dumbfounded

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It's at motherless. It's the code that goes after the /

motherless dot com link

True story and it just happened a few months ago. I have a half sister who was getting married out of state. A few days before the wedding i break up with my gf and go to the wedding alone.

I have my own room and my half sisters half sister (they have the same dad different moms, while me and my half sister have the same mom but different dads) is also coming. When i get there my half sister asks if her half sister can stay in my room because of some sort of booking issue. So im like sure whatever.
Im not gonna lie, shes gorgeous. Tiny, nice body. Shes also like 8 years younger than me (shes early 20s) but obviously the cultural thing is there where its like super weird to even think that shit. But who doesnt like a little naughty shit? So i kick her out of the room so i can get ready for the evening festivities. Of course i decide to rub one out, and sitting there choosing porn i was seeing all the step sister shit so im thinking damn im in this same scenario. I do something ive never done and grab her underwear and jack off smelling it and stuff, wow that was so fucking hot to do for the first time and it was my step step sister.
So the night is going were at a bar and im kinda drunk and i keep looking over at her because she is legit the only fuckable thing in the whole place and i noticed that she was also looking at me. So im like okay shes into me too but theres no way. So the night ends and we go back to the room, i get into bed and she jumps into bed too (there was only one bed in the room). You can just feel it in the air that some shit is gonna do down. So she slowly comes closer to me i do the same, then she asks me "Were not related right?" 1/2

Anyone screencapping this?

im like "i dont think so we have different moms and dads" and then shes like "I really want to kiss you right now" so i went for it. We make out and feel each other up for a bit and then it starts to get a little more intense. i stop her and say the classic "You cant tell anyone about this" and "This is so wrong" but she insists on me fucking her.
I tell her i need to go get condoms. Keep in mind its like 3am in a major US city that is not the safest. I walk two blocks to a store and get them. To be honest during the walk i got lots of second thoughts thinking maybe shes drunk and that what im doing is wrong and i kinda took my time hoping she would be asleep when i got back. By the time i got back she was asleep so i just passed out.
In the morning im like oh fuck this is gonna be so awkard.. she asks me if i remember last night. Im like, "do you?" and shes said she did and that it was okay. To be honest i cant remember specifically what we said i think she asked if i got the condoms. Anyways, that morning i fucked her. To be honest i did not perform my best because of how hot she is and i was freaking out that my family would come knock on the door to come get us for breakfast. But she was totally chill with the time span (i think young chicks are used to guys their age nutting in 2 minutes haha) Sure enough, my sister comes in and sits on the bed with us not even 5 min after we finished. I was freaking out inside.
So that day goes by and the next night is another party for the wedding. Same shit as before she was staring at me all night. 2/3

So this time when we got back to the room at the end of the night it was ON. This wasnt just regular sex, i treated her like such a slut; i was choking her, making her tell me how much she liked her step brother fucking her, slapping her. It was amazing. This chick is so small and has a perfect little body it was unreal sex. I fucked her for a solid two hours, burned through every condom i bought. Fucked her in the ass, everything. She loved every second of being degraded. We spent the entire weekend fucking every chance we got.
Its now been 2-3 months since. We legit have not talked about it since. I still think about it cuz it was so damn hot but i know it prob will never happen again. She goes to college two hours away from where i live and sometimes i want to message her and see if she ever still thinks about it

I’m going to hell



I'm gonna post everything in a google doc, is there a way I can make it open to the public and just post a link whenever I'm in threads?

This story isn't that extreme, as it never esculates and the person in question doesn't know I did this.
Pic related as I am complicating why I was so fucked up as a kid.
>be me
>age 13
>beach trip with aunt, uncle, and cousins in South Carolina
>5 days in
>im having fun but heard the thing
>im so
>you see, i havent masturbated in 5 days
>come up a plan
>a dirty plan

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When we are at the beach together

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is she a tease?

My sister

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Girls here are mostly conservative, we don't dont do much more than hug

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does it count if im fuckin my second cousin?

German goo girl. Pics r probably 20 years old now.
Look for German bukake

this isnt incest but yes i hve more

that's a man

That's a pretty sexy bikini top!

>i share a room with 2 of my cousins, one female, one male
>connects to bathroom, deck with pool, kitchen, basically everything
>staring at cousin's boobs (obviously female)
>"We were thinking of going to the pool. Wanna come?"
>says no
>sensitive leg bullshit
>"Hey, wha- what are you staring at user?"
>says nothing and turns head away
>she changes into bathing suit
>"If you want to come, let me know, okay?"
>says okay
>she leaves
>nows my time
>runs to bathroom
>nows my time
pic related, im an incel

Not incest, but an actual mother-daughter porn duo.

Watch till the end; the way she cradles her baby girl while two men take turns cumming on them both is pretty hot.


PH, obviously

I assure you she’s a woman

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Since I am unironically retarded I forgot the pic. Here is a different picture that is related to the actual story.
>starts masturbating
>sees cousins panties
>idea sparks again
>picks up panties, then hesitates
>do i really wanna do this?
>says fuck it
>it's the South
>long sniff
>smell is so erotic
>oh god it's on the panties
>wipes it off but it stains
>runs to bedroom
>just in time

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Sorry I took so long anons, captcha server was giving me shit

>Few days later
>Going snorkeling
>Favorite spot, most people go to the public artificially created spot. I have a secret spot, frequented by turtles and other magestic creatures. Have to traverse some sharp rock to get there.
>Cousin wearing super cute, small two piece bikini, turquoise, contrasts with her skin and hair nicely.
>As we reach some of the harder rock to traverse, she is scared, and I am worried she will slip.
>Offer my had for support. TFW she takes it. Hold hands for a bit. Get that teenage attraction endorphin rush, I feel like I'm buzzing.
>It gets better though, as soon as we get to the spot there is a beautiful sea turtle resting on the rock. She is thrilled.
>After we take some time for her to enjoy seeing the turtle and taking some pictures, I show her how to climb into the water from the rock safely.
>Underwater now. She's focused on the reef and fish, I have a clear view of her tight perfectly shaped butt through her bikini, hoping the erection in my swim trunks is not noticable underwater.
>We surface and she says she wants a picture (had a waterproof camera case) we go back under, and as she poses I have a clear view of her perfect perky titties through her bikini.
>We climb out of the water as the tide is changing. She needs help climbing back up the rock safely, so I grab her by her slim waist and help her up
>We make our way back to the sand to lay out and dry in the sun. She sets her towel really close to mine, and we lay down next to each other.

I think you mean brother.

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I always like to hug her when she years bikini and i swimwear, the amount of skin contact we have plus her tits pushing up on my chest always give me instant elections, still don't know if she is able to notice, i don't dare do anything more with her thought

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I am
Protip: she does

I remember this.
This one's hot but I doubt she's user's sister.

Does the texture of her bikini do it for you too?

>cousin walks in
>"Why are you so red user?"
>says nothing and covers face
>she giggles
>so cutely
>she walks in restroom and says "What is this?"
>oh shit im dead
>she shrugs it off
>thinking about her using those cum stained panties turns me on
>does it for the next two days
>no one knows
>beach trip is over
I am now 25 and haven't told anyone, nor anyone knows, except now. Legit want to die right now.

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Wouldn't she say something if she did?Yep, although i would also want to hug her without her wearing one

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You're fine man, that's pretty tame stop beating yourself up over it. Kids do stupid things.

You can set a google doc to public read-only

I bet it would be fun being in a hot tub with her.

>be me
>have wife
>have sex with wife
>had sex with hot milf that is part of my family

Whats the story here??

Closest thing i did was share a hotel bed with her(pic related), got to hug her from behind while sleeping

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Since clemposter hasn't posted any further I'm uploading all posts made today. Pls someone keep a copy.

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Pls do tell Anons



Do u have the one before today's post?

sounds hot! also do you have kik?

Nope. I ran out of battery before I wanted to screencap the posts.
You'll need to check the Cred Forums archivers.
Protip: disable javascript or use adblocker.

>My pee pee is really hard as we are laying there, but that's okay, it's easy to hide while laying on my stomach. When we get up though, I have to hike my really hard pee pee as we walk all the way back to the car, hoping it's not obvious. Try to adjust when she is not looking.
>Get home, and we take turns in the showers. Let her go first, because ladies first.
>See her bikini hanging to dry outside. At this point sexual tension had built up so much. I had to go "take care of this" before it got noticed.
>Head to restroom with iPad. Time to jack off.
>Try jacking off to pictures of girls that are they type I'm normally attracted to. Not working. Try searching for girls that look like my cousin. Better, but still not working. Starting to get frustrated, my pee pee is really hard, it won't go away. Do I dare?
> Look up my cousin. Come on, come on, bikini pics
>Jackpot! All those tight curves, the soft skin, the hips, the smile, the titties.
>Start jacking off. It's working, feels really good.
>Door swings open
>There is my cousin, standing frozen in the doorway as I freeze from embarassment, naked, with her bikini Facebook pic in front of me, and my pee pee really hard.
>She looks at the picture, and down at my pee pee
>I struggle to come up with the words to explain and start to choke them out, but as I stutter she starts to blush more and more and just turns around and leaves.
>I'm still frozen from embarassment when, a second or two later she comes back through the door into the bathroom with me, and closes the door behind her.
>She stands in front of me and glances down at my pee pee before putting her hand on it. It felt really good. Like really good.
>Then she kissed me.
>I did not know how to kiss good. I just tried my best as she kept touching my pee pee. I touched her hips and she pushed her boobies into my chest.

the beach is a great place for creeping on your sis :P

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Do you have the other ones in better quality like this one?

christy menendez of tampa fl sucked and fucked her dad doug on cam google motherless 538d0fb1 also @cy_el_dez 8135050605 say hi also her ded now

No :(

can someone webem the good parts of christy and her dad. post screenshots

My fantasy is to jerk off in front of my sister. I want us to get stoned, watch porn together, and I want her to watch me cum

more mless

>I want to touch her boobies, but I don't know what to do with my hands so I keep them on her waist
>She takes one of my hands and puts it on her girl parts over her shorts
>Im too nervous to move my fingers, but it doesn't matter because as soon as she lets go of my hand she grabs my pee pee again and starts rubbing it against her girl parts through her shorts.
>I think I'm going to coom
>Precoom smears on her shorts.
>Her girl parts must be really wet because I can feel a wet spot in her shorts where she is running my pee pee against. It feels really good. Like really good. I hump her a little bit.
>I turn on the shower like when I jack off sometimes so noone will hear
>I don't know what to do now. She gets on her knees and puts my pee pee in her mouth a little bit. It feels really good. Like really good. Not as good as I thought from watching porn. But it felt really good.
>I was trying to keep my abs flexed as much as I could to impress her. I thought I was going to coom.
>Farded instead. MFW. She looked like she was grossed out but wanted to laugh. I said sorry.
>I fingered her girl parts a little more through her shorts. Her shorts were really wet. I started to rub my pee pee against her shorts again. I used my pee pee to push her shorts to the side. She breathed really hard. I rubbed the tip of me pee pee against her girl parts. They were really wet. I pre coomed some more.
>She started to moan
>I pushed like half the tip of my pee pee into her girl parts.
>She made a noise like an anime girl.


What’s her FB, also continueeee

did this guy ever update?

Attached: 1579636402781.png (2951x7523, 1.65M)

Roughly around my sophmore year of highschool, my mother sister and I lived with some family
my cousin and I (a grade behind me but a year older than me) were horny and discussed experiencing our first time and really wanted to try it
So ended up agreeing on doing it together
So when everyone was gone, she came to my room and although it was awkward at first we ended up fucking in my bed for a good 20 minutes or so
And it ended with her begging me to finish inside her so i did, but i had came in her at the start as well but never mentioned it (stupidly)
She didnt get pregnant (thankfully) but we both kept it secret since and moved on passed that point and are able to talk and interact together like it never happened
She ended up pregnant in her last year of highschool by an ex and just this past year got pregnant again by him, thinking it would keep him around even though they already had broken up (stupidly)
Her tits and ass are damn huge now and could probably fuck her again
But i currently have this secret on and off thing with her younger sister (21) that we have had since we were very young oddly enough
She currently cheats on her bf for me, but only when she is in a bad mood with him really
Sick isnt it?
Rereading this sounds either pretty bad and or made up honestly

>I took it out and I said I was sorry
>She breathed really hard, and grabbed my pee pee, and put the tip back against her girl parts
>I pushed in and I got the whole tip inside this time. This time she gasped
>I moved it in and out a little bit, then I thought I was going to coom, so I pulled it out
>I didn't coom, so I put it back in, and moved it in and out some more. She started moving her hips all funny, then breathing really fast.
>Then she said "ahhh" and her knees bent and we're all shaky and my pee pee fell out of her girl parts.
>She sits down on the bathroom floor. I sit down with her. I touch her thigh, then I kiss her neck once. She looks really tired.
>Now that I am more confident and know how to do sex on a girl, I push her legs apart, and start kissing her face again, and get between her legs, because I didn't coom yet. But she said she was really sore, and that I did a good job.
>I say okay.
>She puts her shorts back on, and I check outside to make sure it's clear before she leaves.
>After she leaves I lock the door and jack off.

hippo in her natural habitat

Attached: 1566556544864.jpg (1000x750, 135K)

You mean that gay fucking word.. your pee pee.. stupid story

Attached: 1566556582666.jpg (1000x750, 128K)


trips don’t lie...that’s some hot sisters

bump for more greentexts

Attached: 1507272909922.jpg (2756x1988, 1.3M)

>I whisper her name when I coom
>I coomed a lot
>My pee pee was still really hard when I got out of the shower and dressed. I hoped noone would notice when I left the bathroom.
>We all say in the living room and my pee pee was still really hard.
>She changed her shorts, probably so no one thought she peed them
>Her upper leg looked really good. I thought about when I touched it.
>I jacked off again that night thinking about her girl parts on my pee pee
>I coomed again.

It's not up and not googlable. Stop lying faggot.

bump for some stolen sister nudes

Drop your kik if you wanna fap to my sister

v6throw if she's really good

did u had a photo whit she?

Search for An Interesting Family

what’s that?


Attached: haley1.png (1064x3773, 410K)

>instant elections
Fuckin kek'd

Attached: haley2.png (928x3601, 417K)

Only two hours? Shit, I would drive four hours just for a chance to get laid, and I'm not even desperate.

Nice trips

This is /b. user calls a random door in the hall a "trap" and drunkenly believes himself to be hilarious. It's been going on for ten years.

They are a (probably British) family that had a father/step father who used to fuck his daughters while his fat wife watched.
Old fags on b know

Attached: C47DD48E-AB81-40C8-BFE0-ADDC6096CEDA.jpg (296x371, 28K)

Kik is not anonymous. Use Wickr instead. Maybe Snapchat or Telegram.

bump for stolen nudes

okay I need to know more now

Why do anons keep posting fuzzy screencaps that they know nobody can read?

You're a God. Bumping for more greentext

You are getting the mobile version. The trick is to open in a new tab, and delete the m from the end of the file name in the URL. If it's not a png, you might get the desktop version to load, you can read that one.

me n my big sis. it’s not incest bc she doesn’t touch my pp, right?

Attached: B7BCFDBF-4613-47AE-A031-9DE6F3DE1662.jpg (1124x1490, 351K)

More? Haven't read this one before


I'll admit it's better when I tried that but still unacceptably terrible.

Attached: pic_20200224_010339.jpg (875x875, 210K)

Used to be on /r all the time 10 years ago
Might try imagefap
Image Google interesting family + porn and you get all sorts of returns

Daughters did brother / boyfriend
Fat mom got in on action
Shit was cash
When /b was good

sorry got distracted. postin the last two

Attached: haley3.png (823x2532, 305K)

Thank you, you absolute legend

sorry man I know there is a solution for mobile anons but I don't remember

np brother

Attached: haley4.png (978x1364, 186K)

Ok. Genie Mormon and family is how it shows on imagefap

user can thank me later

what a G

The solution for mobile anons is mimi or one of the other Cred Forums apps

my mom blowed my friends cock when I was young. She doesn't know I saw it.
Propably even did more stuff with him but I only saw the blowjobs

post mommy

Just delete the m at the end of the link

If this guy is trying to read threads on his phone then ain't nothing better than Mimi trust fam

That’s not even half of it
Used to be hundreds of pics of them

Would posting stuff about this family be illegal here?

I enjoy masturbating to my aunt

Attached: 1F4A497C-ECA0-4A8B-9163-FC8E41A445E1.jpg (783x1137, 701K)

its the1st link when u google motherless 538d0fb1.

Stolen wins of my sis Kik rfreiz

He did that and postednthe results. It was shit.

As for apps, I don't know. I don't trust em. Moving from an user website to one of these apps seems to me to defeat the purpose of it being an anonymous website.

Attached: pic_20200213_195910.jpg (1040x1040, 962K)

Attached: 1.jpg (524x524, 26K)


only body pic I have right now

Attached: 2.jpg (738x1241, 129K)

whats crazy is when u do it its a bunch of Cred Forums archives as well. u might be retarted

That's a blowjobable face, alright.

No clue
Stuff is over ten years old
Used to be linked to on /r and posted on /b all the time
Not underage

I think so too.
She kinda also looks like the type that would do such things

Attached: 3.jpg (660x660, 39K)

Clemposter here. I can repost the greentexts from the night before if you want.

Attached: 0003AA2.jpg (690x920, 99K)

Found it

is she someone of note? was this in the media? any proof they're related?

Why's your uncle wearing a bikini?

Deleting the m.jpg is only half of it. You then replace it with whatever the original picture was. So try .jpg,.png, or.gif.

At least your not the user who found out his mom did porn.

got a guy arrested for filming her and extorting and harrassing her. only in florida christy menendez vs colin speer

I had a fap buddy with a hot sis but he doesn't go on kik anymore...

>christy menendez vs colin speer
google shows nothing :/

Yes please, I've been waiting to read this story like I've been waiting for the next GoT book

I want more, any source?

Attached: twins.png (1354x1465, 105K)

Anyone have the green where the guy's girlfriend's brothers catch her giving him a blowjob and they make her their slave for a week?

been looking for that one too user. wish i saved it

She looks like a whore

Picking up where I think I left off. This is the first night still.

>that night when I ask what they want for dinner, they both choose different fast food on opposite sides of town, but I'm in a good mood so I agree to go pick it up,
>tell them to watch the house and don't open the door for anyone.
>get in my car (technically my moms but she was still in prison at this point, more on that much later) and start it up, then spark the bowl I packed earlier
>then I see Clem coming out of the side door exit we built into my attic room, coming down the patio steps and getting in my car
>What about Patrick? She says he's probably gonna go through her bedroom while she's out with me, but that he'd be fine
>under normal circumstances wouldn't leave that simpleton home alone, but he's done good today
>turns out sis isn't even hungry she just wanted us to get out of the house and ride around together
>asks me to stop somewhere we can play
>yes her word for it was play
>Sun is just starting to go down, drive to the movie theater and park in the back,
>this was a pretty common location of hookups, only like one other car there at that moment so parked far from them
>lay my seat back all the way practically, Clem lays on top of me and bites my neck hard enough to draw blood and leave an extremely noticeable hickey
>So what did I do? What did your brave and calculating cousinfucker do?
>gave her one right back
>what the FUCK is wrong with teenage me? could have ruined everything if aunt didn't alternate neglect and smothering her kids
>make out with Clem in the dark, hands pawing every inch of her flesh they could get ahold of, eventually get her straddling my waist like back at home, sweatpants and underwear down enough for me to properly tune her pussy
>still no penetration, but riding my hand gets her there just fine

Attached: F8BF483.jpg (900x900, 333K)

I have to put my screencap together

>that first day was a flurry of emotions, and while still magical, the best was yet to come
>or should I say
>Why do I do this?
>the whole drive home she's sitting holding one of my hands with both of hers, fingers interlinked
>within cells interlinked within cells interlinked within cells interlinked
>but yeah she's holding my hand in her lap, I've got the windows partially down, it's a warm summer night and I feel so sexually fulfilled but also spent
>out of the blue she starts giggling, I ask what's up
>"You really like kissing don't you user?"
>Maybe a little.
"A little!?" She asks still giggling, but then she says "It's okay I like it a lot too."
>Good, because I'm gonna kiss you all over.
>"What do you mean by all over?"
>Everywhere, you dummy.
>"Ohhhh.." She says, doesn't scrunch her nose or make a face, instead she's smiling in a really devilish way
>when we get back home she's swinging my arm back and forth and practically skipping
>take food inside, make sure Patrick didn't spontaneously combust or choke on oxygen
>everyone eats dinner, afterwards I send Patrick to go take a shower, then Clem usually takes her bath, she always goes last because she's in there for fucking ever
>I was playing episodes of Entourage in my room because loved that show at the time
>Patrick gets his shower, after that he's supposed to be in his room for an hour or so then go to sleep.
>Church tomorrow.
>Clem goes to take a bath, I'm alone in my room at last
>Smoke a bowl and browse Cred Forums
>just kinda reflecting on the entire day.

Attached: 8AA7DE2.jpg (1280x1024, 291K)

>Probably make myself sound like a stoner but really wasn't. Weed was the one gift my friends knew to get me because I had this distinct bowl that I loved
>Plus smoking a bowl would keep me calm and happy without paranoia or stupidity
>Uncle texts me again to ask what time Aunt got in, tell him she still hasn't come in, that she had to work late
>Thanks me, end of convo. No suicidal guilt after, pretty good overall
>When I hear the pipes stop running it means Clem has filled her bath with water, so I go take a quick shower to freshen up, put on boxers but that's it
>checking my phone again, girlfriend has been messaging me about the nudes she sent, did they work in making me cum? Which was my favorite, and my sporadic texting has made her think I don't like them
>easier than explaining the truth, but can't do that to her, tell her I've had a lot on my mind
>she says it's okay, wants to help me clear my mind of anything bad
>sends more photos in her underwear, slowly revealing a shaved pussy and perky tits
>wants to see my cock, send photos back and forth but heart isn't in it, actually feel guilty because of Clem
>so when she comes into my room wrapped in a towel I tell girlfriend Aunt is home and has to talk to me
>Clem actually has two towels, one around her body and the other under her arm,
>"Excuse me Clem wtf r u doin"
>"You said you were gonna kiss me all over, right user?"
>the user you are trying to reach is unavailable
>the user you're trying to reach has disconnected from planet earth
>user is speechless at the moment, dick somewhere in orbit
>Before I can answer she's laid one towel out on my bed, then pulls the towel covering her off, stands there completely naked, then sits down on the edge of my bed and waits for me to give in and join her
>doesn't take me long at all

Attached: GwenGwiz-Leaked-Nudes-11.jpg (960x720, 49K)

passed out sis

Attached: IMG_4884.jpg (1125x1378, 279K)

Attached: yesssssssssss.png (429x495, 400K)

>Clem has her index finger in her mouth, she wouldn't bite the nail but just like, nibble on the end of her finger
>Her body is so pink and rosy from her bath, and her face is beat red
>Prop myself up over top of her, we kiss on the lips and I can feel her shaking
>she's hot to the touch
>"Clem are you okay?"
>"Mhm," she says, taking a deep breath, "I feel like I'm on fire."
>Start kissing her cheek, down her neck
>definitely don't leave any new marks on her
>on her back her chest is almost completely flat except for her nipples, which get puffy when she's horny
>take one into my mouth, she lets out a sigh of release then her body starts shaking harder
>gradually moving down her body, she's extremely ticklish around her navel but not that night
>instead she's holding on to my head and squirming the lower I go
>her legs are held tightly together, but when I place my hands on her knees she opens right up
>her pussy lips are rosy and puffy as well, glistening with her juices, brain starts to put two and two together
>"What were you doing in the bath?"
>my thumb is rubbing her clit, she covers her face with her hands
>"I couldn't help it. I kept thinking about what you said about kissing me."
>"You mean like this?" I ask, then go down and plant a kiss on her pussy lips, sliding my tongue in between them
>begins to whimper, her hips lock around my head, almost immediately begins flooding my mouth with her juices
>she must have worked herself right to the edge while in the bath, just a little bit from me sent her right over the edge

Attached: D0dQt9a.jpg (2208x1242, 991K)

colin speer tampa

>Keep licking, penetrating her for the first time with my tongue
>panting her with my tongue, making circles inside of her, my thumb still rubbing her clit
>pussy is pulsing in my mouth, Clem is moaning my name
>feel like a fucking god in that moment
>when I finally stop she lets out another enormous sigh of satisfaction, hands cupping my face as I move from kissing back up her body to kissing her lips
>her legs wrap around me, crossing behind my back, my dick is pointed down at the bed, her pussy right on top of the poor bastard
>my time to take a heavy breath, almost giving in to every instinct and sliding into her
>because holy fuck we're right there
>all it would take is the slightest movement and I'd be inside of her
>and the way she's grinding her mound against me, I'm pretty sure that's exactly what she wants
>but she has no idea what she's getting into
>she's just horny, and even though I am too, tell myself we absolutely cannot do this
>I know it's stupid to draw a line there when she just came in my mouth but it's an impossible situation to comprehend until you're in it and your hormones are making your body behave one way, your rational brain the other
>finally tell her "We can't do that."
>"But you haven't let it out yet."
>tell her we still can't do THAT
>end up grabbing my dick, allowing myself to rub my tip across her lips, when I do I swear she lifts her bottom and tries to mount it, but I don't give her the chance
>slide my dick up and between our bodies, settle for humping her instead
>lol settle,as if it wasn't the best thing in the world

Attached: A768729.jpg (1224x1632, 260K)

Thanks user. Any actual proof that guy is her dad?

>So I'm thrusting my cock against her soft warm body, my balls tapping against her little puff of pubic hair
>her legs are wrapped around me, her hands cupping my face and our mouths locked together
>the closest we've come to being one connected mass
>Nothing in the world up until that point ever felt as good, christ himself could have walked into my room and I wouldn't have stopped
>couldn't have stopped or the blue balls might have stopped my fucking heart
>when I know I'm close to cumming I break the kiss and whisper to her "You're going to need another bath."
>she asks "Can we try something?"
>except that one thing, but that goes without repeat
>"Put it in my mouth."
>Immediately stop, she sits up with her back against the head of the bed, looking up at me with big blue eyes
>same blue eyes as mine
>funny thing, that
>opens her mouth while I'm jacking myself off, then I carefully insert the tip, then the first few inches until her mouth closes
>all it takes is a few caresses of her tongue against my cock and then I'm cumming
>"Oh my fucking god Clementine."
>yes I used her full name
>felt like I came for an hour, but in reality I couldn't have had that much left
>she never gags, seems to hold most of it in her mouth until I pull out, then she swallows it with only a bit of difficulty
>cum on the edge of her lip slides down her chin from where I slid my cock out
>she wipes it up and licks it off her hand again, smiles at me
>"I love you, Clem."
>Her eyes get wide for a second with an almost crazy excitement
>"I love you, user."
I wound up laying next to her after that, lying face to face, knowing I absolutely was falling in love with her
>knowing in my mind this was a really bad idea
>maybe an hour or two later hear car pulling over the gravel, heart skips a beat and I have to wake her up, give her a shirt to wear and tell her to rush to her room while I pull on my clothes to meet Aunt downstairs

Attached: B3E503D.jpg (640x480, 39K)

The mother on the left looks so familiar, anyone have a guess on her name?

Please more.

>literally pulling shirt over my head as I'm coming down the stairs
>poke head in Clems room to make sure she's good
>already in bed, lamp light on, about to close the door when she says it again
>"I love you user"
>"Love you too Clem"
>gives me that enormous smile then drops back down into bed and covers almost over her head
>check in on Patrick, he's out like a rock
>close her door, rushing down to kitchen
>all that rushing was for absolutely nothing, Aunt is smoking a cigarette outside before coming in
>only smoked when she was super stressed or pissed off, but actually this time she's on the phone
>hanging out in kitchen waiting
>Aunt comes in and looks surprised to see me, asks how the kids are, everyone's good blah blah blah
>tells me she's probably not going to be up for church, asks me to take the kids to morning worship and stay through church
>this bitch
>yeah, sure
>then says she's going to bed, not another word said
>Aunt doesn't seem to like me at all, figure it's because I'm a disrupment in her perfect family order, eventually learn the likely reason why
>but for now go back up to my room, no way am I gonna be able to sleep
>smoke and vidya until finally pass out

Attached: 93DCAD8.jpg (640x467, 35K)

she calls him dad in video and dad killed himself i 2018. doug menendez. ask christy yourself text 8135050605 she is probably home from stripping

Alright, this catches up directly to Gonna continue from Sorry for confusion guys. Please someone screencap and put these in order ;_;

Attached: 5F99BC7.jpg (500x667, 34K)

msalice from MFC i believe

Attached: ronnie ponys is pleased.png (377x309, 124K)

Cousin (pic related, she was 16 then, I was 14) jerked me off and let me touch and suck her tits for a bit once when we were on a family visit. Tomorrow she gave me a tour of the village estate and made me eat her hairy pussy in the barn.

Attached: IMG_S12_02_05.jpg (453x604, 32K)

where are the hot sisters in bikinis?

Thank you for filling in the blanks, will try to screen shot this epic saga but on mobile

looking for an update outside the link provided if y'all have it

Been wanting to fuck my sister's tits forever

Attached: _20200224_075554.png (367x587, 235K)

Attached: wrestle.png (1314x2973, 549K)

Too low res to read

Nice how'd you get her number and all this info lol

No you aren’t. You are the user who posted this exact person the other day saying it was your GF cucking you. Get a grip.


Google shows nothing on Doug's suicide. How'd you find out he killed himself and so you have any links? Did you talk to Christy? How does she feel knowing fucking her dad got him killed lol

it must be some dumb slut he knows otherwise he wouldn't be so obsessed lole

also kik?

Me like 8 years old my attractive girl cousin was probably 15. She took me upstairs to my older sister’s bedroom and hid in her closet. She then took off her clothes and made me go down on her. I had no fucking clue what I was doing but she seemed to like it. I remember her nice boobs and a lot of brown pubes. We did this for about 15 minutes until her mom came to pick her up and go home. When she was getting dressed she told me we could do it again next time but that never happened because she ran away from home and went to live with her bio dad in another state. To this dad I get so fucking hard when I eat pussy.

Never knew my sister was so filthy. Sent these to my friend and when I went on his phone I saw them

Attached: received_780962349077471.jpg (1080x1920, 105K)

To this day***

You must be on mobile. Go to the bottom of the page and switch to desktop, then open it.

No your just on mobile or blind

My aunt was about the same age asher and I was about your when she made me do the same thing to her playing in one of the old cars outback one day

Fuck she's hot

When I grew up I learned that my cousin was being molested by her step dad. So she then turned around and had me do stuff to her that her step dad taught her. It was real weird. I never told anyone about what happened.

Thank you for reading, True Believer.

>quickly move up behind her, pull her bottoms up over her noticeable ass
>as soon as I start pulling them up she begins giggling extremely loud, drawing attention to us
>me, already disliked by everyone for my background, now have my hands on a 13 year old girls bikini bottoms
>this aint no spongebob shit either
>Immediately pull away, swim underwater toward the deep end, sit at the bottom and consider never going back up
>either die or ascend to godhood, with the way my luck has been, either is possible
>but too pussy to drown myself, come back up and swim to the edge of the pool, get out and start toweling off
>once dry, grab my towel and bowl, pull the canopy closed a little bit so I can hit it a few times
>FutureSlut comes bouncing over, toweling off very suggestively "Sorry user, didn't mean to flash you!"
>roll my eyes exactly like Clem
>speaking of Clem, she's practicing her diving until she looks over and sees us
>face just goes kind of blank, can't tell what she's thinking for once
>FutureSlut sees bowl, asks can she try it
>yeah sure let me just introduce you to drugs after grabbing ass in front of everyone
>but I can't really hit it either with all these people around
>end up going to my car to smoke, she's following right behind me

Attached: 00546CA.jpg (768x1024, 93K)

Attached: received_473610966607889.jpg (1080x1920, 95K)

Enjoyable read, thanks for sharing.

I've never been this invested into a wincest story before. Thank you for sharing

Mmm fuck

iknow her. sheis megawhore and short. 4'11.

I kinda owe Cred Forums for this even happening. I browsed Cred Forums when I was way underageb& but all the incest threads made me realize this was a miracle lifetime experience. And then I really fell in love with her.

>Hey guys, guess what CousinFucker is doing?
>did you guess smoking from his bowl?
>blazin erryday?
>anyways, she gets in my car, I hit the bowl several times, pack it some more, then she wants to hit it
>have to teach her how
>remember, I love this bowl, it's almost like Gandalfs pipe except smaller and with a ceramic bowl. ANYWAYS,
>this bitch is looking right at me and sucking on it, moving it back and forth in her mouth, making moaning noises
>passes it back to me full of saliva
>now FutureSlut was not ugly, she had long dark brown hair, perfect tan, a couple of dark freckles sprinkled here and there
>her breasts are a little bit bigger than Clems, but her ass is just way too much for a girl her age
>"What did you think when my bikini fell off?"
>"That there's a 13 year old ass in my face and people everywhere watching."
>"I know! Isn't that kinda hot?"
>FutureSlut living up to her name
>we pass the bowl back and forth two or three times, always have to wipe the fucking thing off after she's done
>suddenly she's acting really loopy, like she's drunk or just took a hit of heroin
>talking about seeing colors, just being stupid
>obviously pretending to be super high
>then she lays down across the seat, head on my shoulder

Attached: E935592.jpg (1055x1393, 1.18M)

Sometimes I bump threads

You're doing god's work.

I feel you there bro, I felt like a freak till I found Cred Forums. I will repay what Cred Forums has given me at some point but its like a small books worth of typing

I assume now that she was molested but it took me forever to even realize that I was as well because of it

Kik: subsissy22

That's what all of this feels like. I honestly feel like I could write a book about everything that happened from that first night until today. But I don't think there's an incest corner of the nonfiction section of your local barnes and noble.

Also next post almost done.

Attached: 00171BD.jpg (960x1280, 190K)


I have a collection with some dozens sets of photos of them. A thousand images or something. Know them from b, too. Back when there was cp here from time to time.

If there was such a section in waterstones (our UK equivalent of Barnes and noble) I would be buying your book as something about your writing that's very enjoyable and easy to read even for me when I haven't slept and I'm having a bit of a prang

>FutureSlut is pressed against my shoulder, nuzzling against me
>not going to pretend it didn't feel good at first but there was no way I was about to roll the bones with this bitch
>try to gently push her back to the passenger seat
>her hands are all over the place, she's really putting on that she's spaced
>places her hand right on my inner thigh, feels my semi through my trunks
>"Oooops, sorry user.."
>She's pushing back against me, I'm not trying to get rough because she's a toothpick compared to me, when all of a sudden she starts kissing my neck and then bites the top of my shoulder
>"What the FUCK are you doing?" I ask her, pushing her kinda roughly back to her seat
>Looks at me as if genuinely hurt, now I feel like shit despite the fact she instigated this entire thing
>tell her I'm sorry, it's just not appropriate
>Lol, me talking about appropriate
>My little cousin was playing with my dick in church, and here I am telling this girl we can't do this
>But seriously I didn't want to because of Clem
>not even because of my actual girlfriend, I didn't want to upset Clem
>last ditch effort, FutureSlut turns her back to me and pulls her bottoms down her ass
>okay, this is where I'm a weak human being
>I stared at it for a while, she's looking at me over her shoulder
>End up reaching out and grabbing a handful of ass, squeezing it for a little bit, then get hit with this wave of absolute shame and guilt, tell her we can't, and before she can pull any more shit I cut the car off and get out

Attached: 1582266129449.jpg (1242x1600, 458K)

I bet your aunt is a slut. You seen her pussy?


Comes up with nothing

Are you sure you're doing it right?

More please

Putting it in google does nothing

Try writing volafile org in front of it

Still screen caping this gold

Creeping on my SiL in the shower is prob the most incesty creepy thing I have done. except maybe being turned on by seeing my cousin naked

moar tho

got kik? more

It's coming. Internet keeps going in and out and I'm on mobile. Sorry guys.


>walking back in feeling like shit, trying to make my boner simmer down
>which is does pretty quick, probably because of the guilt
>back at the pool I jump straight into the deepest part, just let myself sink
>used to love doing that, so fucking relaxing
>but eventually have to return to reality and face consequences.
>swim back up, get out of the pool and go to our canopy table
>Clem is sitting there, hands in her lap, looking just lifeless and defeated in a way I had never seen before
>towel off, try to say hey, she just mumbles and looks at a random spot on the table in front of her
>like an idiot, I ask her what's wrong.
>I guess hoping it's something else other than the fact I left for a little while with one of her friends
>looks at me with obvious hurt in her eyes "You really don't know?"
>"Clem she was following me around bugging the shit out of me. Nothing happened."
>this whole time trying to keep from people overhearing or making a scene
>"She gave you a hickey!"
>Tell her no, her slutty friend threw herself on me and bit me
>just when I think she's coming around, FutureSlut walks up, gives me my pipe back, and says "That was reallyyyy fun user, we have to do it again," and starts gathering her stuff up.

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defs need more.

also need an up to date collage


The man writing its on mobile
The man screen capping its on mobile
I will make one when I get some time but its gonna take me a while

fuck mless is already down can u post again?

Need more of this fat titted slut


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Wow hot got more?


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keep tugging it to my stuck up aunt and cousin

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Mmmh wow she‘s got an gorgeous ass, any more?

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inb4 dinosaur


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My eldest daughter

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Yes you are. It's okay. I've been there but now I make girls put in the effort

Bumping for clem-chan


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Worthless whigger

Not knowing how you can get your hair done

Nope, Greek

Thank you buddy


You see there are those who are lucky with their mothers, they themselves showed everything and allowed the children to watch less pornography later.

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Where can I find the post before this? Last archive I read was clem going on the bed about to get ate

I am genuinely in love with my big sister

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Nothing major on my end.
Just seen relatives naked. Or made it happen.
Sister, mom, step sisters, step mom.
But my two aunts never happened, even though I wanted to really bad.

Well, user, I just screencaped the whole posting of this thread. Have fun.

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Are her initials J. P.?

Yeah that's after, guess it's gone


My mom always ran around the house naked. I loved sitting down behind her and taking a good look at her juicy cunt while she loaded the dishwasher, so close to her pussy, I could have easily touched it or buried my tongue deep inside her. Or coming home through the garden and finding her sunbathing, legs spread wide, not closing them the slightest as we talked about my day at school.
My brother and I once watched her get fucked from behind by her ex-husband. And when she was alone, I often heard her moan loudly next door as she pleased herself. I should have burst into her room and shoved my dick down her throat to shut her up, but I never dared to.
We once watched porn together because she wanted to "get informed". I pulled out my cock and showed her how I jerk off. She was interested but didn't join in.
But she did make a habit of coming into the bathroom when I showered and always snuck a look at my cock, especially when she had gone without a guy for some time. She always wanted me to go on when she came in while I jerked off under the shower.
Sometimes she made comments like "I don't know where you and your brother got that from, your father's is much smaller." She told me and my sister how much she loves anal, so I guess that slut could take it. I'd love to shove my dick up her ass, share her holes with all my friends or tie her to a fencepost on the street and have strangers drench her in cum.
In the summer, I spent hours watching her sunbath beneath my window, cock in one hand camera in the other, doing a sneaky photoshoot. Sadly I lost all of those pictures. Sometimes I left the window open so all I would have had to do was blow my load out the window to drench her saggy tits in cum.
But I've got some pussy shots she probably sent to the dozens of blokes she has fucked. They were stored on the family computer so maybe she wanted them found. Knowing her, I bet she'd love to have her pussy shared as fap material on the internet.

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I had a daughter with my cousin. She's now 13.

I've got my cousin pregnant when she was 16, had been fucking her since she was 12 (I was 12 too). Our traditional family pressured her into not aborting and forced us to live together as soon as we finished high school.

I love them both so much and regret nothing

Capped posts
and declaring them part 3, now we just have to keep capping the rest and evreything should go in order

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what's a good sleep potion? i actually wanna know. any recipes?

more pls

I fap to my cousin and her DDD tits.

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So the thing is, my sister found out I was fapping to her dirty underwear... and she didnt change anything with hiding her laundry etc.
Now this gets me even harder for her now

I've only got more of her pussy

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Any fellow middle aged married closet-bi guys into incest want to chat on kik? Not looking to trade anything, just chat about shared kinks. My kik is frederickenstein.

I used to listen and beat off to my mom fucking her boyfriends, they would degrade her and be real rough on her. I remember cumming super hard while she begged her boyfriend to stop and the way her whine of pain turned into a grunt as she came and the sounds of his slaps against her ass and face

x u n w

Don't tell me it's Heather! ?

How do you only have pics of her pussy?

Nothing crazy but I catfished my sis to get some nudes

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in terms of nudes. I've got none of her tits and ass.
All pictures of her I have on my computer are of her face and I'm not gonna share them here

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Whoaaaa m8