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I really preferred Yang. Unfortunate he couldn't gain more traction. Guess I'll have to vote Bernie but I'll be doing it reluctantly. The candidates this election cycle are really just different flavors of the same shit. But I guess that's pretty common.

Bern 2020

Hey, maybe next election
you never know

I guess you live in Cuckistan. Do you think he'll ever get the balls enough to keep the vegans and SJWs from stealing his podium?

Keep living in Trump fantasy land, the adults are talking.

Yeah that's what I'm hoping for. I've never really been into politics until Yang. 2024 I'll be there to throw everything I have into his campaign.

Socialism is cuckland. Enjoy you restricted freedoms and free speech, for the illusion of a safe hugbox.

Free healthcare BAD
Free college BAD
Billionaire tax breaks GOOD

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God bless America, land that I love
Stand beside her and guide her
Through the night with the light from above

From the mountains to the prairies
To the oceans white with foam
God bless America, my home sweet home

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It's true one of us is living in fantasy land. One of us believes Bernie is president.
Let me know when the acid wears off and your back to reality.

Of what?

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The United States of Ameirca

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Bernie Sanders.
Won't back down in the face of adversity.

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Trump, real American Hero.

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We're talking about "your president"

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kys keep sucking jew cocks!

Yeah, he was actually a draft dodger.
What about that? Well he is a fucking coward
These are facts.

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>These are facts.

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Dude, a lot can happen in seven months. Give it a rest.

Sweden isn't real! The New Deal is a lie. Only Russia and Putin and Fracking is Real. Don't think about having a real economy like them baby boomers had in the 50s. Think about fascism and controlled oligarch flavored capitalism. Don't read about capitalism unless its from the Austrian school. You don't need to think, just sit there and imagine how cool it would be to be a billionaire. Visualize being Elon Musk's girlfriend. Visualize racewar. Make America Great, you fucking retards.

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And has 3 arms?

>And has 3 arms?

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>legitimately thinks democratic socialism has anything to do with socialism as a form of governance
Good goym, support your billionaire masters.

lmao such fucking salt from trumpfaggots

y'all scared af, fuckin' love it

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>Good goym, support your billionaire masters.
Good Ivan, support your communist masters

>y'all scared af
Of what? Bernie Sanders?

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its a wild tard ass

Lemme guess, you're some poor ass fast food worker who thinks rich people shouldn't have money. Typical Bernie butt buddy. I look forward to seeing your reaction vid to Trumps reelection

Commie in chief

You might actually be retarded. Communism has nothing to do with anything Bernie stands for and "Ivan" would be backing Trump.

>"Ivan" would be backing Trump.
Sure thing dumbass

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>Communism has nothing to do with anything Bernie stands for
Maximum kek

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If Bernie scared me, do you know what I'd be scared of? Him dropping dead before the election. He's 78 and just had a heart attack. You better find out who is running mate is before you vote for him cuz that geezer is gonna be 79 before the election.
You're not voting for Bernie for 4 years, you'll be lucky to get 2 years out of that old fuck and probably won't even get 1.

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Nope, I'm a well-paid systems engineer.

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>Reagan should have pissed away my money
You republicans are fucking delusional. You paid to fuck around in a country that inevitably failed.

He's going to be 79 in a September. Folks, I'm sorry but the age thing doesn't go away because you ignore it. He's entering the fall apart years.

I see you completely glossed over the whole "People's Republic of Burlington, VT" and the "Vermont Reds." How unexpected.

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There's no way Sanders can beat Trump. The sooner Dems start to admit it the sooner they can start expecting a Democratic president.
American public hav ebeen taught to hate and fear socialism for over a century. There's no way to undo that in the time left. How can you convince a country that embraces a healthcare system that kills people? A salary system that robs them? A taxation system that rewards high earners at the expense of low wage earners? A political system that excludes people who vote the wrong way?
You are the architects of your own destiny. No number of aircraft-carriers or nuclear submarines or stealth bombers will save you from yourselves.


I don't believe Bernie understands that most people can't differentiate between socialism and democratic socialism.

>There's no way Sanders can beat Trump.
Famous last words. It'll be funny to watch you faggots complain.


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the only difference is semantics. Chavez sold democratic socialism. Where is Venezuela?

democratic socialism is still socialism

The two have nothing in common. One wants to implement government programs, the other ran his country into the ground going for full-blown socialism.

>not panties

Ok, dumbass.
Police are socialism.
The military is socialism.
Every fucking handout to the oil and gas industry is socialism.
Social security is socialism.
Public roads are socialism.

We can ditch all of these things so idiots like you can die off.

Seems legit

So Chavez got elected and Bernie wont? Thats the difference?

Faggots? You're the queer voting for a dottering old fool who can't talk without shaking his finger at you. Get a clue, bottom boy, you won't be part of the elite exempt from the pain of communist rule.

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No one voting for Bernie wants socialism (a central government with control over the means of production).

>I suck billionaire cock for pennies
Yea, real great strategy there fuckwad.

Socialism is the government ownership of the "means of production"

Police aren't "means of production"
Military isn't "means of production"
Social security isn't "means of production"

Socialist are ignorant of thier own ideology.

But I guess you'd have to be pretty ignorant if you're going to advocate for it.

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I would not believe you if you were the last person on earth.
Voice your opinions-end of story.

He's a cool and kind-hearted guy but unfortunately his ideas simply aren't affordable IRL. At least the DNC isn't fucking him over like in 2016. They reserved that for Yang this time.

Read the post I responded to.

If you dont want socialism, you better not vote for Bernie...

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more opinions disguised as reality-

>Bernie is going to take over the means of production
He's not even advocating for state-owned enterprises. I don't know where you retards are getting this...

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He is 78. I don’t want a president who will die in office.

democratic socialism is still socialism

What you're thinking of is "social democracy", Which is capitalism and democracy with strong publicly funded safety nets. The governmnet doesnt control the means of production.

Maybe you should learn a little bit about the things you're advocating.

>social democracy
"a socialist system of government achieved by democratic means."

That's not the correct term either. I won't defend the use of the term "democratic socialism" because it isn't what he's advocating.


Ironic considering the socialists in this thread dont know what socialism is.

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This is literally sad, communism has been tried before, and it doesn’t work....(don’t give the me the crap that “oh it just wasn’t applied the correct way”)

Can't tell if stupid or trolling

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So, you must be like 12 or 13 maybe?

Don't worry, soon enough you'll learn how money actually works.

And? Is it wrong?

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I thought garden variety democrats were stupid, Bernis supporters are way beyond that. Good luck to all those who choose to engage.
I will post my message in these threads, that is all.


This may be by design. Using him as a trojan horse, to install his VP as president.

hey trump cucks, is wind a mystery?

It's off. He is proposing nationalizing healthcare (which would reduce the average cost to consumers). I don't support nationalizing energy but that Green New Deal does seem to push this idea.

you are a fucking idiot

It causes cancer. Trump said so.

>I won't defend the use of the term "democratic socialism" because it isn't what he's advocating.

If he's not advocating for it, why the hell is he calling himself a socialist.

>"When I ran for the Senate the first time, I ran against the wealthiest guy in the state of Vermont. He spent a lot on advertising — very ugly stuff. He kept attacking me as a liberal. He didn’t use the word ‘socialist’ at all, because everybody in the state knows that I am that."

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the land of make believe. where he'll run that into ruin too.

Trump is older, and is probably more likely to die sooner.

We're the nazis, you're the cucks. Get your subversive nonsense right.

>While having socialism as a long-term goal
Yeah, no.

why do you support illiteracy?

>thinking nazis aren't cucks
whats boot taste like?

Let's say he wins. How is he going to sell any type of socialism to the House, the Senate, to Wall Street, to the country? It's an impossible task.

>thinking you're not gas chamber fodder
Ironically it's exactly this sort of thinking that leads to the chambers being built.

>He's not even advocating for state-owned enterprises.

>He is proposing nationalizing healthcare

so which is it?

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He won't. And that's kind of the point. Bernie isn't going to be able to implement whatever the hell he feels like.

Are public roads SoEs? Are police forces?

do you think private practices just stop existing or what?


Here is Your President you Commie

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We're going to clean house, this is only the beginning. Dinosaurs get ready for extinction.

The only honest, consistent, and alpha candidate that is there to win. Everyone else is just there to not lose.

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>Everyone else is just there to not lose.
And, you know, live 30 years longer than that crypt keeper.


he's only five years older than trump

He may call himself a socialist (probably to pick up the fringe people who are actually socialist) , but his policies don't reflect a socialist world view. Kinda like how trump isn't a nazi, but nazis support him.

So alpha that he walks away from a podium every time someone takes the mic from him?

yeah everyone knows the real alpha is the obese guy who can't spell that spends more time doing his hair and putting on makeup than actually working

im in the same boat. Ill probably vote bernie, but i wont really like it

>but his brand of socialism isn't real socialism

i like when words mean whatever we want them to so long as it serves a purpose

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The establishment is afraid

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Almost had me, a true 9/10 b8 m8

I literally cannot believe how much people can be so retarted on economics but then again a millionaire telling everyone I’ll give them free shit sure resonates with a lot of inbreeds

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Maybe. But he'll be dead of a heart attack before his first year in office is over.

The bloomberg guy had a heart attack too, and he did the same procedure bernie did.

25 years ago.