I'm voting for Mike Bloomberg

I'm voting for Mike Bloomberg.

And theres nothing you can do to stop me

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i can tell you that with the apparent lack of testies in this man will prevent him from even getting a nomination
guy has less energy than jeb fucking bush

Post yfw you first found out Jews control America and Europe since WW2

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*crickets chirping*

And that’s saying something

Why vote bloomberg when you can vote trump?


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Well he is a lying cowardice sack of shit for starters.
Shall I go on?

Because Bloomberg actually has leadership qualities and worked with Obama

Throw some hotdogs on the grill while you're at

You filthy fucking moderate fence-sitter.

Duh, there's no cure for mental retardation.

Bern 2020

cool.. one more wasted vote

Too little, too late. Bloomberg's throwing away his money and making a fool of himself. Did he suddenly decide he has to rescue the country or something?


They are arrogant both out of touch billionaires who have sexually assaulted dozens of women, hate minorities, want the keep taxes on the rich lower than taxes on the poor, love sending people to prison, and yes lie. Trump at least has public speaking skills and doesn't flounder the second someone challenges him.

>want the keep taxes on the rich lower than taxes on the poor
That's not even close to being true

>hate minorities
All he said was the government forcing banks to give loans to low credit people caused the 2008 financial collapse
Was he wrong? How is that "hating minorities"?

trips of truth

> I'm voting for Bloomberg

Being this shilled.

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Bloomberg spent $174/vote when running for mayor of NYC in 2009.

How much did he spend on you?

>I'm voting for Mike Bloomberg
For what?

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Don't you mean being this based?

Everyone hates him. Republicans, Trump, Democrats...

Not true, the Democratic establishment loves him

Me too user

As a write in?

Thats why every democrat nominee is trying their hardest to take him down?
The democrat party wants Bootygedge and secretly even Bernie a little

Just write in "that rich fucker who's trying to steal all Bernie's votes", and they'll know who you mean

They're mostly ignoring him
But the press is in full shill mode

Because a billionaire kyke is really gonna look out for you user

I'm voting for Bernie, so there you go

No, but Bernie wi-

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We'll see if he has anything to offer in Tuesday night's debate. Shake the rust off, whatever. If not, seems like Sanders is on his way- unless he bombs in South Carolina (3 days before "Super Tuesday').

>voting for a shill candidate

The Young Turks shill so hard for Bernie and Google just invested in The Young Turks for millions of dollars...

More sexist than Trump
More racist than Trump
More openly hostile to:
Legal immigrants
Illegal immigrants
Tran people
The poor
The middle class
Factory workers

But Democrat!
Yeah that'll work!

i think the upside with bloomberg is tremendous, obviously no guarantees but i so hope he wins.

>Paid for by Mike Bloomberg

you forgot he hates the homeless and jails YOU for feeding them