Cute chubby/slampig thread

Cute chubby/slampig thread.

Full frontal preferred

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What's her name op?

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Wow more. Front?

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I am so repulsed by fat girls.

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Why come in this thread then?

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Someone posted this in a slam piggy thread 2 nights ago. Need more or sauce pls.

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more of this hairy cunt

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More of whatever this is pls

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Fat punching bag tits on a walking punching bag fat pig

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Sumo wrestlers

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Need more of her

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She's real good.

She's a cute apartment manager at university villa, goes "the extra mile" on tours to get people to sign leases and renew

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Ask her for a tour, she'll do anything for cock, especially if it boosts her numbers

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She's nice. Wish she was reposted more tbh

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Yo my girl is skinny AF, whats it like to fuck a soft girl like this?

I sure as fuck can do that

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Love her!

i love this slut. whats her info?

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I actually fucked this slut 2bdays ago, she was very deep, and do pretty good head, she really likes to play hard with my balls.

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it's all in the file name brutha, Hailey in Tucson

she sucks a mean dick man, easy to hook up at the gym too

Where all do you post? So I can look for her in the future. It'd be awesome if she was the opening for a degrading thread. Something like this even

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The other night I stuck it in her butt, and her ass cheeks smooshed against my waist when I put it all the way in, soft and warm

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mmmhh Mariah Mallad. Top tier chubber.

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found her very easily. what a slut

Finally convinced my chubby friend to do an implied low light nude shoot with me. I snapped this one while we were setting up.

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Gonna need some more.

keep going. should i message her on fb?

Her brother actually jerks off to her lol

do you have her kik/snap?

Even beastiality it seems

That's all I got actually showing anything, she had the cutest little bald pussy I'd ever seen. I couldn't believe my luck when she finally agreed to a photoshoot.

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How old is she?

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Any ass shots?


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Can't post any of the finished ones in case of reverse image searches.

Damn that's a tiny slit

distort them... you're a photog right?


It's like coal turning into diamonds with all that pressure.

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That look, she knows how to please and tease at the same time.

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More of that ass :)

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Its fun

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Any interest in Chrissy?

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My type of woman. I would ride her in this position for hours.

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She looks like she’d be fun to fuck

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my gf, wwyd?

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My wife

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She's a cutie

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My wife

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Love that tummy

Her body is great.

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It is....nipples are just like my girl’s

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Big ol titties

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She sure is

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Would breed

Any nudes?

More than you can count.

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Any full frontal?

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Milk delivery

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Mm. I want to suck those dry.

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Me too, she’s a dirty slut.

Great pic but dude had quints. Full frontal yo.


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I'd love to do some stuff to her. Any more?

When did the nudes finally start?

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Dont stop.

Any ass pics?

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Fuck that is sexy. I'd lick her ass hole and pussy

Most of these aren't chubby, they are fat as fuck. Get your terms right friend.

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Dont stop. I'm definitely gonna cum to your wife

Need moar of her

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What does she like and does she know you share her

Right in this tight pussy?

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I would love to come in her pussy for you. You would love to watch huh?

She likes being throatfucked, eating pussy, being tag-teamed, doggystyle. And yes, she knows.

Fat girls need love too

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my pig

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Fuck yes, I love sharing her pussy while choking her with my cock.

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I love all of that of course. I can help out. Where about are you

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South of Portland

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I'm all the way in florida.....damn

Dont stop posting

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I'm heading to bed. Last one.

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Have more

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Hey thats pretty good

I want to see a video of some guy sicking the piss straight from her cunt while she plugs his nose and tells him this is his only food for the day