Only interested in black guys but you white boys can rate me as well

Only interested in black guys but you white boys can rate me as well

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Can we see your cock?

I'm a women

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No I'm fucking not.


>Only interested in black guys

Because most are on the down-low and could care less that you're a deluded faggot who thinks he's a girl.

Thank you

that's a tranny

at least change the image name if you are going to larp, faggot

I'm more women than any girl you've been with white boy


Singularis Pluralis

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Proud female pleb

Would not bang

Why so many gross looking tattoos? You want to scare any halfway successful and intelligent guy off? Make the guys wretch? No wonder only black guys show interest. They'll fuck anything!

If if you like knew youd be gay someday would you be gay right now

With me

They are symbolic of what I have had to grow through

Would rather stick my cock in a blender

You didn't have to take it that far

>They are symbolic of what I have had to grow through

Yeah, and the rest of us don't want to know or could give a fuck less. Are you truly that depraved and desperate for attention? Makes you look like an insecure, materialistic, selfish, attention whore half-witt.

Yes he did!

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Thanks for wrecking my buzz with this awful picture, Jesus H Christ. You look like Frankenstein's Monsters daughter he never paid attention to. I'd shoot my dick off with your gun of choice before I'd let you near it.

You think they look like shit now, just wait another decade or so for them to fade and turn all blurry. The best news is all the carcinogens that will be released as the body brakes the ink down.

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Lol. If you're real post tits or pussy

If I woke up after a night of hard drinking and you were in my bed, I'd have to murder/suicide because I'd want to protect humanity but wouldn't be able to live with what I've done.

In a scale of 1 to 10, you're the USAs national debt.

As a black man, I don't like.

If I had to fuck you or a jar of razor blades and broken glass, I'd fuck the jar to completion.

Not real
>tits or gtfo
>time stamp won’t happen either

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A lot of copy and pasta on this weak thread.

I'd rather listen to every one of my exs talk about how much better their new partner is than me, every moment of every day, forever, until I die, than look at this picture again.

I literally just made that up fucktard. Don't whiteknight for that thing, it degrades us as men and humans.


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Holy fuck, I can't get over the monstrosity. I bet Satan looks at you and laughs.

You look like a caveman Teenage Mutant Voldemort Turtle. Holy shit, what kind of Chernobyl tier disaster spawns a creature like that?

>I bet Satan looks at you and laughs.

I'll bet he vomits and weeps cause he knows he's eventually gonna be stuck with it.

Thank God!!! Thanks for taking one for the team (black dudes)!!!

You have such big manly paws.

Jesus fuck, you look like a 50 year old man cosplaying as a rebellious 8 year old girl. I'd rather set up shop in an outhouse tank than be in the same room as you.

I'm gonna have fucking nightmares about this one boys.