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Attached: 0f0be3994e9c1e05f27200c11833b4a0.jpg (512x800, 69K)

Attached: 4b3c5d36ff5efed7aabfaef3166d2fe4.jpg (914x1280, 141K)

I wish you were a good person snarf,

But you are an awful person

Attached: 1495770573.lockworkorange_sketchakkla.png (573x704, 202K)

Attached: image_1.jpg (362x468, 29K)

Attached: 1526029966205.jpg (1280x931, 134K)

Attached: cec65b4a0991a2d0ce9e1ebbf63bdf64.jpg (783x800, 163K)

Attached: e06d527f6d76f9d8ff8239359c537e34.jpg (666x800, 85K)

Attached: e5c1190c07b6020f82ad4aef333733c4.jpg (618x800, 93K)

Attached: 1497363396114.jpg (1280x886, 142K)

Attached: f9cff3e84b259ab036c8a290a2f20276.jpg (471x800, 75K)

Attached: 1551163343109.jpg (2560x1950, 1.64M)

Hey Dash.

Attached: e4cfc6f4a8280b00cea0d7dfdb5eed63.jpg (800x654, 85K)

Heya Snarf, how are you?

Attached: 1551166099331.jpg (905x1280, 133K)

I need to make some dinner, but not sure what to make.

Attached: e68e4c8c0e2cda09e42467e89d18c7f2.jpg (800x621, 120K)

Pasta is always good

Attached: 1551166984960.jpg (707x1000, 104K)

Attached: 1551174663348.png (1320x1020, 1.63M)

I have a bunch of ground beef to use, I'm going to make nachos.

Attached: 56cf67ab5ad463043a492ab7ef6a17a3.jpg (545x800, 88K)

Sounds pretty good, I haven't had nachos in forever

Attached: 1551207492937.jpg (985x1280, 203K)

Attached: 1551207880627.jpg (1280x896, 199K)

Attached: 8077cea1a492d02f876dd5451890b1c0.jpg (800x618, 80K)

Attached: 1514930739799.jpg (1200x927, 496K)

Attached: 1551208111788.png (1128x1746, 1.06M)

Attached: 1551209448419.png (1300x889, 1.2M)

Attached: 4c5998be43cf235757c6e70dcff441e3.png (1172x818, 1.66M)

Attached: 1551227220275.png (1238x1280, 1.16M)

Attached: 1551246024033.jpg (750x1124, 476K)

Attached: 1551248071322.png (869x1280, 982K)

Attached: 1551250449443.jpg (1024x1280, 135K)

Attached: 1518818907426.png (1831x1311, 1.53M)

Attached: 1551262713518.jpg (1580x2000, 887K)


Attached: 1522525480578.jpg (989x1200, 195K)

Attached: 1551263880382.png (1692x1926, 978K)

Attached: 1551313817392.jpg (1650x2100, 255K)

Attached: 1567505641139.jpg (1067x1280, 278K)

Attached: 1537947214125.jpg (750x1000, 77K)

I'm not sure anymore I like gay furry porn and straight. I'm tired of being a furry idk. It makes me sad

Attached: 1551343957755.jpg (850x1100, 736K)

Snarf the Butt Bandit strikes again

Attached: 1551353412948.jpg (1280x853, 150K)

Try gay sex.

Post your butt.

Attached: 1560472009122.png (1400x802, 387K)

Attached: 1526276617390.jpg (1280x855, 108K)

Attached: 1551388234337.jpg (923x1280, 194K)

Attached: 1537949455798.png (1200x1200, 759K)

Attached: 1510317142500.jpg (1280x907, 215K)

it is sunday the 23rd


Attached: 1551129871423.jpg (860x1280, 108K)

Dicks everywhere

Attached: gf12.jpg (1280x951, 501K)

Attached: 1561701807034.png (500x309, 54K)

Where'd you find that picture of me

Attached: gf22.jpg (990x1280, 231K)

you can find anything on this cool thing called the internet

Attached: 1555737806148.jpg (2350x2450, 314K)

Hey bois, how are you two doing?

Attached: 1551389193122.png (2050x1803, 1.21M)

terrible as usual, but hey thats life

Attached: 1577851136880.jpg (800x480, 80K)

Attached: From Behind (blush).jpg (1200x895, 86K)

Pretty nice, pretty nice. I moved almost everything out of my room and now it's just me, my mattress, and my laptop.

Attached: gf30.png (998x1125, 403K)

Attached: gf042.jpg (1251x1280, 196K)

I'm sorry, I hope you feel better *hugs*

Hi Luc, how's it going?

Nice, hopefully the move will be easy

Attached: 1551390936594.png (912x1234, 564K)

I'm not gay though. I am probably going to bed now. I joined this fandom to get rid of the depression and it worked. And now I realize what I am doing sexualizing it and feel wrong. Idk I just can't wait till it's over anons all I can do it hug my pillow at night and think that it is someone I could hold onto or love, but it will never be. I realize that I will regret making this post in the morning thinking how dumb it was trying to reach out to a bunch of anonymous people on the internet. Then I will realize oh I'm happy now at this moment and then I'll just get sad again and do it all over again. I just want to go to a con then I want to gas myself tbh I'm thinking helium. I just want to be loved but realize it will never happen and relationships piss me off for whatever reason. Maybe wherever I go will be nice and peaceful, I can dream right? And if not I don't want to be trapped in hell or anything bad, but realize I'm probably already far past this point. Idk why I made this who knows. Good night anons I'll try and have nice dreams maybe.

Going okay

Fixed a PSP 2000s memory slot. Had to order 2 from Germany. Good thing I ordered 2. Messed up the first and it didn't like coming off in one go.

Then my memory stick adapter fell apart for my PSP. Wondering if I will have to reformat my micro SD cards now loosing all my save data. Looked for a way to combine both cards into one file system but that seems to be forensic level stuff.

Attached: Birthday Frotting.jpg (2500x3000, 1006K)

You might like this

Attached: 2t0gfu1i9e131-1.jpg (800x1000, 448K)

You must love yourself if you wish for others to love you. Everyone wants love, but it's never that easy. Sleep well, user.

Sorry about the memory stick adapter, that sucks

Attached: 1551399961211.jpg (1280x1239, 236K)

Ordered a new just waiting for it to come.

Attached: Against the wall (colored).png (1280x1400, 519K)

Yeah got a surgery in 2 weeks so ill finally end this almost 7 month sickness I've had which is nice but until that agh but much appreciated *hugs back*

Attached: 1562146784220.jpg (1280x922, 113K)

Thank you I will try. You too

Oh damn, why have you been sick?

Attached: 1551422564665.jpg (1024x933, 91K)

got a low immune system due to a different illness, but ongoing sinus issues that require surgery to fix, sucks b/c haven't been able to hold a job this entire time so im broke as fuck, lonely as fuck and on top of that sick, so not a very fun place to be in, but glad its being sorted, then I can get a job, finish school, and hopefully find someone

Attached: 1555879075724.png (700x967, 507K)

I'm sorry dude, that really sucks. 2 weeks will pass by quickly then you'll feel a bit better. Just stay positive, furend.

Attached: 1551422634042.jpg (786x1100, 373K)

thanks furend, how you doing tho?

Attached: 1566902678656.png (1000x1025, 1.01M)

batanon reporting for duty

Attached: 3c5d850ad1de18ec4239b9091a5a8f3d.jpg (682x800, 61K)


hello new person

Attached: Capture.png (220x160, 39K)


Attached: Beach time blast.png (1800x1531, 1.76M)


Attached: 1569351528387.jpg (1024x934, 90K)

I'm good, stoned and just started watching Inception, I haven't seen it before

Heya wem, how are you?

Attached: 1551429463329.png (2390x2782, 1.7M)


Attached: 4aef60be188a70b75b20e7f2bcb6c572.jpg (522x755, 66K)

evening friends

ooh inception is a good one, plus watching it stoned... have fun xD

Attached: 1555611078347.jpg (586x900, 317K)

whats poppin sauce dads?

I'm alright. had a weird day but got home had a drink and chilled out nicely~
howre you?

Attached: heh.png (193x269, 47K)

afternoon, what u up to

Attached: 8cbee04c332f83072972e1be59e228f4.jpg (685x800, 121K)

Fixed a PSP 2000s memory slot.

Attached: Fingers.png (2000x2000, 619K)

nothing much just watching youtube and thread waiting for the meds to kick in

Attached: 1572208602773.png (1788x2210, 1.7M)

Nice, sounds like a good time

I'm good, stoned and watching Inception. I probably could have taken more of this tincture though.

Attached: 1551474900496.jpg (1200x1800, 402K)

what meds?

Attached: 955de9cba330bdc37aea0f0a92e68cbb.jpg (800x625, 78K)


ooo nice! I still got my psp 1000 :3

why not take more now?


Attached: spedumon_huskbunny1.jpg (1890x2634, 1.32M)

just some nyquil and other pills
just chilling

Attached: 1557099201633.jpg (858x1091, 642K)

I got super baked and fell asleep watching Inception last week. As I was drifting in and out of sleep, semi dreaming, I suddenly realized the movie was performing inception on me. Well played, Christopher Nolan.

Attached: gf461.jpg (905x1280, 101K)

Meh, I kinda don't like redosing because it's never as strong, and a bit of a waste imo. I had to do that last night and didn't feel much.

Attached: 1551486205746.jpg (3177x2502, 557K)

Nice I just refurbished one and got it a new screen.

Attached: Birthday boy spread cum.jpg (1200x1096, 336K)


Attached: 2fd2c219c5be0d881b28239ace9127b2.jpg (800x754, 77K)

i am tired and want something salty to eat

drinking that quil i see ;3

ohhh mmkay. that makes sense. next time you can take more~

I mean hey it works xD

Attached: 1552771722012.jpg (1280x1177, 194K)

helping you get some sleep or just taking it easy?

only issue with mine is that the joystick pad is missing but it works okay without it lol. i couldnt get into portable games though. idk why :/

Is it just the pad? They sell replacement ones. And swapping the joystick is piss easy on a 1000. Its on the front face plate. Just take that off and you have access to it

Attached: inspection (colored cum).jpg (2500x3000, 739K)

helps with sleep yeah I dont take stuff I dont need to (i.e I dont smoke, vape, drink, any of that shit, its a boring life but a safe one imo)

Attached: 1551570688726.jpg (1280x960, 166K)

yeah i never bothered to reaplace it lol. it works pretty okay without it lol. and like i said i never really use it anyway.

that's fine I dont do anything other than have a few drinks once a week and i dont get wasted.

Hey man, if you're fine with your lifestyle then you're already ahead of most people. I'm one of those countless people who wakes up every day, says "I should really quit X Y and Z," and then doesn't.

Attached: 1571081399776.png (730x1036, 1.55M)

Hah, that's pretty cool actually. I'll don't think I'll fall asleep but that would be a neat dream.

Attached: 1551495102227.png (900x749, 1.03M)

yeah and no offence to those who do that stuff, my IRL friends do it all the time around me, its just not my boat

hopefully one day you will be free from all the X's, Y's and Z's

Attached: 1563440410077.jpg (1280x1080, 260K)

Haha thanks, it's nothing too serious and I'm fine with it all for now.

Attached: 1570695730041.jpg (820x1280, 336K)

nice, keep on being happy that's all that matters

Attached: 1551130451405.png (1665x1296, 1.87M)

yeah i got a couple friend who chug nyquil to have a good time. they do them and that's cool.
some people take it to go bedbed. speaking of I am gonna hit the hay. I am crazy tired!

See ya, will probably do the same too, goodnight thread

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Attached: gf0224.png (800x600, 847K)

Attached: Bear for sale.png (693x866, 233K)

Attached: 1466762582944.jpg (1500x1007, 943K)

Attached: 1484975597964.png (949x1620, 1.16M)

Attached: 1522909029160.jpg (1280x1280, 156K)

Attached: 1529550231948.png (1275x971, 1.65M)

Attached: 1503387590559.jpg (678x886, 266K)

Attached: 1509519956224.png (923x1920, 643K)

Attached: 1570759215783.jpg (1200x1200, 112K)

Attached: Crotch Sniff.jpg (900x641, 33K)

Attached: 1582528149213.png (1280x842, 1.44M)

Attached: 1564710266312.png (932x1202, 1.6M)

Attached: 1582528453049.png (1280x1156, 993K)

Attached: e50fec36d4d67999c0fa0db9e821296b.jpg (800x600, 81K)

Attached: 1582529375567.jpg (772x800, 102K)

Attached: 1570924309303.jpg (800x494, 96K)


Post your butt.

Attached: 0c9fb0e2dcf02084aa9c12d4741afc4d.jpg (565x800, 84K)

but I like pussy

Attached: 80e4fca29ba7022f5199b65aa1bb5e44.jpg (720x701, 220K)

Attached: f675d1bd03c83ec210e8900cb1e3c8a3.jpg (565x800, 59K)

Attached: furry_sex_epic.webm (480x360, 809K)


Attached: 74d3f28a549add3ba82853ecb457866c.jpg (800x642, 88K)

i need to find me a baby cow now.

Attached: f4m1Q2N.jpg (200x170, 22K)

Attached: 5be67e6ae32ebde3d9f928b8b6765f9c.jpg (800x615, 78K)

Attached: 4b58c89389f3c45219ff6273dae4c83d.jpg (800x565, 118K)

Attached: eeacb852989ba0d0545a404e69eccaa3.jpg (1280x975, 157K)

Attached: ba1589d7407ce3ef56a1169609b3fa12.jpg (800x721, 72K)

Attached: 1551504624788.jpg (1400x1075, 852K)

Attached: ad55666ab6b7b41701d7521cdd3558de.jpg (883x1200, 76K)

Attached: 1551521686079.jpg (2100x2850, 355K)

Attached: 7df95d5d4fba9080c469112bd2907849.jpg (1191x1398, 136K)

Attached: 8a63d632d4b7ec12e2e7f684c6a7d334.jpg (1280x853, 181K)

Attached: 10135195b6f3dd486bb31f85e3d46f05.jpg (800x610, 78K)

Attached: 5f8a25ed1d80e3330bac9091ab0971bb.jpg (800x800, 48K)

Attached: aa42a7ed17ae8481568c5752fef31877.jpg (800x746, 108K)

Attached: 1551556077819.jpg (1240x1754, 665K)

Attached: 8a7afaa61dcee0f7e37cc5edff0857fc.jpg (1280x1280, 220K)

Attached: b4022b3f1900c6f9cf4d9d51b109eeea.jpg (1280x1126, 214K)

Attached: 1551557537687.png (1280x990, 1.19M)

Attached: fb4095517868f019888b0ddf2669facb.jpg (800x760, 88K)

Attached: 2dc7a564e352be004d48169ad7bedb59.jpg (756x800, 61K)

Attached: 1551559654775.jpg (949x1280, 181K)

Attached: dbd4420fb437852b9afe56ee1d53e453.jpg (600x800, 123K)


Attached: 1581044799187.jpg (600x719, 100K)

.....moo ?

Attached: 1581203882005m.jpg (729x1024, 49K)

Attached: 774bda309a064440fadd553870878794.jpg (773x800, 82K)

Post your butt.

Attached: image0_14.png (1200x1600, 1.44M)


Attached: f49ca5447a727f6cabffa3b20a017594.jpg (1098x1280, 221K)

get lost snarf im vibing

Attached: 1579867298276m.jpg (1024x576, 42K)

Post that thicc booty, user.

Attached: LfV0lqJ.jpg (1000x1314, 126K)

batanon back again

Attached: 302d299bdae7f5d45ea1509b4a8d084f.jpg (591x800, 81K)

Attached: 1561053983735.png (1200x1021, 510K)


Attached: 80de3e2f9b30303e84b85bc1186aedac.jpg (1200x1292, 203K)

Bats are gay.

Attached: 60ba3eb0acd0bbc388c081a0e145d17e.jpg (800x618, 99K)

god hazbin hotel was a pile of comedic dogshit

Attached: 7a6ce5762f418919ae12df3e51310a1a.jpg (706x800, 150K)

hi tigtig

yes they are

Attached: 31c448e7ee008f12a956bc1007ef789c.jpg (1920x1080, 113K)

Attached: 1573349048128.jpg (600x522, 65K)

Attached: 28986ff615869bc0f5436a99c6e6f114.jpg (918x1280, 122K)

Hi Batbutt

Attached: cde70af7f70ae7622070485b3c7105b1.png (854x1200, 447K)

Attached: 1568328102868.png (1280x1145, 1.09M)

>furfags get some new cute characters in animated form with some okay writing at best
>”I wish it never existed”

No wonder you guys don’t have your own board


we do but its a secret shhh

Does anyone know this furry comic of like dog anthromorphs that have a regular dog that fucks them? it’s like an ex boyfriend and his ex girl and the dogs fucks both of them?

Will zonkpunch ever make new stuff?