Hey Cred Forumsros, what does one do about a wrongful rape accusation...

Hey Cred Forumsros, what does one do about a wrongful rape accusation? This stupid bitch at my University has very publicly accused me even though she has no evidence and nobody saw me do it. How fucked am I?
I was under the influence of CBD oil.
>Inb4 get a lawyer there's no need the cop or detective or whatever was really chill about it and is on my side. In fact I'm going to meet with him again later this week to get my side of the story.

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Greentext your story user, hard to tell your situation without any detail

>no evidence
>nobody saw me do it
doesn’t sound like an accusation to me rapist, also being “under influence” of cbd oil is horseshit, it has no psychoactive effects, might as well say you were fucked up on advil too

No idiot thr accusuation is not based on any tangible evidence besides i was high under the influence of narcotic cbd so shut the fuck up

what the fuck are you talking about you fucking monkey there’s no way you can get high on cbd there’s literally no chemical compound in there, and what the fuck is “narcotic cbd” you’re making shit up

you were sober and you raped her didn’t you user

The cops are never on your side. They might make you think they are, but they're not. Be very careful. Never talk to a cop "informally" or without a lawyer. Anything you say can and WILL be used against you. If nothing happened, there is no need to say anything.

What's the real story? Did you have sex with her and afterwards she changed her mind? Or did you not even stick your dick in her to begin with?

I lasted like a minute
She stopped crying and started laughing

Dude you are a pussy rapist if you think that your "cbd oil" intoxicated you to the point you fucked her. You are already a serious felon so you might as well take her out so there is no more "bitch" to deal with. Understand?

I second this. Considering in the UK CBD is more or less legal whereas weed in itself isn't. Like another user said, you need to green text the story bruh.

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Just tell him you are a rapper not a raper. He will believe.

>He's chill. On my side.
>Gonna meet with him next week to get my side of the story.

Ambush my dude. Classic pig strategy. Makes you think they're on your side and it's a misunderstanding. Gets you in the room voluntarily without a lawyer then does everything he can to destroy you. Cops don't care about you, they care about numbers. Closing cases is what matters and the easiest way to do that is to pin it on you. Be very careful about that meeting, friend. BRING A LAWYER. Trust me.


CBD oil is not going to work at all for rape. Stanford rich boy with good lawyers and was black out drunk is still a felon. I was sleep walking/ driving within 24 hours of taking a new medication. Even though I asked the doctor if I can drive and they said "yes", even though it was within 24 hours of starting it and even though I had a perfect record leading up to that I still had to plead to reckless driving (I got a public defender though.)

No shit the cop is "on your side" that's how they trick you into talking more. You know in the Miranda how they say "anything you say can be used against you in a court of law?" What they don't tell you is NOTHING you say can be used to HELP you in a court of law, that would be excluded as hearsay. If you aren't a troll you are royally fucked: you talk to some detective without a lawyer and now you are posting online about how "nobody saw me do it." If you're not a troll you need a lawyer and are probably still quite fucked.

Oh woops, should probably clarify that I had a perfect CRIMINAL record, I had a speeding ticket (which could have mattered when negotiating my plea.)

>no chemical compound
Uh excuse me fucktard you may want to reconsider that statement. Cbd bass the formula of C21H30O2 and is an actual chemical you fucking fag

Only guilty people get lawyers dumbass.. nice try fucker

>Be me
>At frat party off campus
>[Have to skip some details for privacy concern]
>Bitch tells her RA who calls the police
>Also tells everyone on our floor
Fucking bitch

So...you raped someone.

Have fun in jail.

Just tell them your a muslim and they're being racist. It's works in the UK.

Man, this reminds me of that time I took too much ibuprofen and it forced me to rob a liquor store. Somebody gotta do sumtin aobut dees drugs.

Correct course of action is to teach yourself coding but otherwise forget about it because if there's no evidence, you're getting expelled but not getting in legal trouble.


criminal defense attorney here.
shut the fuck up, tell them you want a lawyer.
they will give you one during questioning for free.
then, if and when you are charge with a crime, apply for the public defender's office.
do this, and don't do anything else, you fucking dummy.
i get worse guys like you off every day of the week.
and not in a sex way, you homos.

>false rape accusation
>nobody saw me do It
Get a lawyer retards cops aren’t your friends don’t speak to them but honestly I hope you get fucked

CBD only makes you tired, nothing else

> (OP)
Rape the detective too, that'll show 'em who's boss. YOU HAVE TO ESTABLISH DOMINANCE. While your fucking, bite the ear, and pull the left nibblet off.

>find an Armenian
>get fake I.D
>Murder her
>fake death
>run away start new life
>rinse repeat with every "false rape accusation"

ITT: stupid cuck getting baited by the pigs to hang himself to a deceive on record.
ProTip, if a cop EVER tells you that you dont need a lawyer, you NEED a lawyer.

For your sake, I hope this is bait.
If not, have fun incriminating yourself you fucking idiot.