Nostalgia thread?

Nostalgia thread?

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Remember when GPUs couldn't handle 3D graphics?

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>door opens

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20 GOTO 10

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100 E=inkey$

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>how to start a fight with your sibling

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This drew a long sigh out of me

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I've still got that game

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Goddamn you, I almost made the giant-mouthed soy face.

Damn, I had fun with that. My stupid mother wouldn’t allow me to have a real console, but for some reason, portables were okay.

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Those things had hard heads. I think I used one like a mace on my younger brother once.

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>be me, 8yo
>get Stomper for birthday
>flip switch underneith
>monster truck wheels spin
>try to drive it on little sister's head
>Mom spends hours untangling sister's hair from Stomper axles
>makes sure my life sucks as much as hers and sister's that day

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>Screwball Scramble
Fuck yeah

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His was better.

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ah shit, didnt see him

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OMG, i can't believe you remember this. I've tried mentioning this programme to mates of mine and not one of the faggots remember it

Who let that nigger into the garden?

Speaking of faggots.

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Had loads of fun on this site as a kid.

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He's probably just coming out of your house after blacking your mom.

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Nicktropolis anyone?

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What else am I meant to call it?

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"Red Dreadnought activated"

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Your family is poor. It’s time you knew.

It's "program".
Programme isn't a spelling a man should use.

Getting chased by my dad, the nigger makes his escape on the slip 'n' slide

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It's programme you fool

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>so old I remember an age where being violent with your electronics actually sometimes made them work better.

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Sorry, my mistake.

I remember going to Chuck E. Cheese and spending half of my tickets buying a bunch of these things, along with the sticky frogs. Prob could of spent it on some better toys, but I was a fucking retarded kid.

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Thousands of lonely dudes used to beat off to this monstrosity.

>3 hours to setup
>10 seconds of mediocre fun

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>could of

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this game is what started my bdsm fetish

Remember when Shannon Daughtry was hot?

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My first LAN experience

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a challenger appears.

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Not really. :(

I remember putting that together with my dad on Christmas. Good times.

not even pepperidge farm remembers.

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Came on after A-Team

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No, we weren’t. She just had some kind of weird prejudice against game consoles. “They’re a waste of time!” says the bitch who’d read literally hundreds of trashy murder mysteries.

I wasn’t allowed even to use the TV to hook up a console, so I finally just got a paper route (oldfag here) and bought one myself. She wasn’t too happy about that either.

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I somehow acquired this old TV with a fucked-up picture sometimes, but it could be fixed by jamming a screwdriver into a small hole on the back and pushing hard.

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My parents weren't poor either but we were only allowed to have computer games in an age where computer games were (mostly) pure un-fun shit compared to consoles (NES).

Eventually I saved up for a Gameboy that I loved to death. Never had a proper console until My Super Nintendo in college.

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my mom thought hooking up the NES to our TV would break it somehow

I always felt the hinged pieces were cheating. Me and my cousins would regularly make elaborate chains with thousands of dominoes by hand all the time.

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>no internet at the time
>family computer HDD breaks
Every. god. damn. kid. knows. this. feel.

This shouldn't be a baww thread. Great book.

i had all of these.

My parents only got me a finger box.
I can’t even find it now, but it’s at their house somewhere.
Pic is similar to mine.

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Lucky bastard.

>never understood retards who couldn't set their VCR clock

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Who had a mom who called it "Intendo"?

For bonus points, whose mom called the games "Intendo tapes"?

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we would play this at my great grandparent's house. it was definitely originally a toy of parent or aunt/uncle when they were children. also this book

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Crystar! Man, I wish those guys had taken off.

why do you keep spamming this shit, fuckhead?

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Some of the old computers did have some good stuff. The MSX computer which dominated he a Japanese market back then had some amazing titles, including the original two Metal Gear games. Just about every major Konami franchise started out on that computer.

Sheeit, and I thought my mother was technophobic.

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>Dwayne 15th
i swear my friend and i picked up a copy of his turtles in time a few years back

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Dubs of Lego awesomeness

>remembers the days when it was physically painful if you acted like a little shit

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But...why? I mean, they're just little tops that spin around.

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B daman

your welcome

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Mine overheated and melted and almost burned the house down

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Make asswhoopins great again

Act like a brat get beat

oh shit i had that
wtf thats a old memory

stupid little bastard always got me before i crossed the finish line.

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God, I loved the shit out of these things when I was very small. I felt so cool having my OWN little box of cookies with a string and everything.

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We wonder why American kids got fat back then. It was ALL about the Happy Meal toys. I got one for my daughter a few years, and the toys were terrible.

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"Studies show" that spankings don't work, but they sure worked on me.

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lost like a motherfucker

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Those things have phthalates to make the plastic permit more light. Exposure fucks with the human endocrine system and reduces male fertility rates.

SD Gundam. Far, far superior.

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Transformers Bruticus
My cousin had a triple changer.

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Oh shit. Completely forgot about this one. I love these threads, but goddamn do they make me feel old.

I miss this even more since they brought it back and rediscontinued it.

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they didn't sell them in norway

I didn't drink it back then and didn't drink it when they brought it back. I was on the Surge and Jolt bandwagon.

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the newer version tasted different from the original version anyway.

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I had the NES Game Genie back in the day. It was cool trying to figure out new codes.

Yeah, those old combiners are nowhere near as cool as we remember.

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Mom's enjoying this way too much.

These were pretty delicious.

How about this one?

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I had one of these. Might still be at my parents house

I was in high school at the time, but I remember there were news stories about parents trying to find this for Christmas because they were all sold out and every kid wanted it.

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Young fella eh? I remember building my zx80

yikes, lost

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You never actually held your lip that close to it though. It’s not like you were playing the harmonica.

Used to love that show

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Still have a couple of Vectrex units, there is a cult following and support group.

Another, gents...

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i want to go back

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we all do, we all do

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I still have this

You still got it? Still got my 16k spectrum somewhere in the loft.

My little cousin got one of the ninja stars that came with my Ninja Turtles stuck up his nose once. His mom/my aunt had to take him to the hospital to get it removed.

It's no surprise. That's back when they gave the "ingest everything" kids nothing but sharp, small pieces of plastic to ingest in our toys. Half the toys didn't even have warnings for that kinda stuff.


Fucking pogs. I had no idea how you were supposed to play with them. But I fucking had to have them.

Ha ha dammit you’re right. Your pic is definitely what I had.
My pic was how I remembered it.
Childhood memories ruined.

Oh my god. Ive got the feels.

>I saw real dinosaurs
h-how old are you?

I created a new one since we hit image limit before I could dump the rest I had.