Where were YOU on the morning of September 11th 2001?

Where were YOU on the morning of September 11th 2001?

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Eating baby food and watchin the Flintstones

I was senior history class and my faggot teacher started crying.

Third grade

My apartment on 5th Avenue. I went down to Greenwich. Horrifying. I didn't sleep and had a period of alcoholism afterwards.

On a plane heading for NYC.

I was living at home with my parents
Had a great job
Did whatever I wanted to do
Wish I could go back in time

Living at home working at a video store. At the exact date and time I got a phone call and was in my room like wtf

My life did not really change at all.

lost my father. he sure was a great pilot

middle school, was in a woodworking class when it happened

Philosophy Class grade 10.

Right after the news the bell rang, so I went into Biology and my teacher tried to give us the "today the world has changed" speach.

Then I worked out over lunch and took the bus home.

Threw on Snoop Doggy Dogg Doggystle CD and continued to edit my home made Duke Nukem 3D map- all while watching the repeat footage.
True story.

Then years later realized what really happened with the war, fake planes, jews and more.
And my Duke 3D level was sweet.

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I was nine. I live in Ireland, and I have such a vivid memory of my parents freaking out, and me walking into the kitchen when they had the TV turned on to the news. I could just see the smoke and fire. Always stayed with me.

2nd grade classroom

Study hall. It was my freshman year.


You know what I am sick of hearing about it. Also a month after I was sick of it. I did not even care.


doing cartwheels in my dads nutsack

oldfag here.
i was sleeping in the college dorm of a girl who i'd recently broke up with, cheating on the girl i replaced her with, with her.
i got a call from a friend of mine who is an idiot who told me that somebody had flown planes into the Wolrd Trade Center and the Pentagon and i told her her "that didn't happen, that kind of thing can't happen," and i went back to sleep.
because my friend is an idiot and she believes all kinds of idiot shit people tell her, and i just assumed somebody was telling her a story.
TL;DR, i slept through a lot of it.

Not alive.
>Inb4 zoomer

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I was sick from school that day and was living with my dad in Connecticut at the time. Here had to pick up some things for my aunt in New York and took me with him since I had never been. We stopped by a wholesale market and while we were at one of the corner markets my aunt owned I heard the 1st plane crash into the building. We stood on the sidewalk and watched until the 2nd plane struck. My dad wanted to get closer to get a better look but I asked that we went home. We watched on TV as they collapsed.

4th grade.
Upon hearing about it the school did an early release.
Mom turned on news to see people jumping from the tower just to hear me in the background "cartoon whistle noise " " SPLAT" the fury that woman unleashed on me that day. Booooooy listen

On the water with a friend bass fishing. We had no idea anything was wrong, but I do remember him saying why aren't we hearing any more airliners. I hadn't noticed, but he was right.

Just walked into school and everyone was watching it on a TV in the office. I asked what happened and the only fucking Muslim in the whole school explained it to me. Still pretty sure he had something to do with it even though we were in 3rd grade.


Was he quarantined

I had just driven by the pentagon on my way to dulles va. Think I drove by about an hour before it got hit

Watching the big comfy couch and pissing in my toybox

Yes, immediately.

In my living room listen to ppl scream at superboy flashport me THE FUCK OFF THIS PLANE also i planned it aquirius and le atriedes did it i didnt get to hold te ciggerette so i wasnt the cool planner

I went to my morning classes (Ancient Greek, Ancient Greek Tragedy) then went to K-Mart to buy some jeans.

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Setting up the taco Bell at the EMU union. Didn't care then, care less now.

First grade. I still remember everyone losing their shit, kids getting pulled out of school by their parents and stuff.


But...only England would attack Ireland.
You should've been worried when Braveheart came out and got those tea drinking faggots all riled up.

Ausfag here. It was a school night so I was sleeping, lol. Missed Cheese TV for weeks because of this shit, though.

If I could go back in time I would not of even cared .it did not effect my life at all.

Or his bedsheets

Omg get the Fuck out you faggot child

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Yup 1st time visiting New York. Haven't been back and don't plan on it. When I eventually went back to live with my Mom and siblings we drove back.

It was my 2nd birthday

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Right on fuck em, it was all about oil anyhow.

I was in the college library studying when they announced it over the intercom and shut the school down. I remember I planned on dropping out and joining the Marine corps, but got stuck in the cluster fuck traffic for 4 hours and came to my sensibilities.

Lovely cake

Was a sr in hs and skipping school that day. At the time it happened i was ptfo in bed.

Good not worth it

Freshman in college about to take a shower.

I was at Emma E. Booker Elementary School reading books to children waiting for those planes to cra- .... I mean. You ever misunderestimate me?

Can't believe we are still in afgastan don't we have all sorts of hi tech stuff.


fucking kek

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lunch break, grade 10. heard my friends talking about it and i thought they were talking about a movie.

Based. Me too

Really touchy subject for me. I remember kissing my dad goodbye that morning. He said he was going to floor 93 of the world trade center north tower for work because of some important meeting his boss had about oil with George Bush. I remember thinking that was very odd, since there were no airports there that he and his copilot Kassim Al-Shalabi would be able to land at on the 93rd floor.

>>ba dum tis

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working night shift in a care home, didn't know shit until 9/12 somtime in the afternoon.

>I was a normal American kid
>then I went bonkers

at school in english or some shit. got sent home early.

sad shit

On my way to 3rd grade class. No idea why everyone was losing it.

I was on Cred Forums of course

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I'm glad you didn't join, user.

we're still in Iraq too, and they even less of an absolute fuck to do with it.

omg pre-oldfag

They had nothing to do with it.


Eating cheerios watching the Simpsons trying to figure out why all the adults were freaking out

I was at home asleep. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and got laid off from an internship in the same week in 2001. The tech sector has imploded so I was unemployed. When that happened the rest of the economy tanked and I went back to grad school.

Was at FBI Sniper school In Catoosa Georgia. Instructor got a phone call and told everyone. Went back to the dorms and turned on the TV.

Fuck off pedo

I was nine at school and remember looking out the windows with the other kids confused as all hell.
God damn sand niggers

Woke up to go into my fresh out of college shitty office job. Saw the first tower was burning right away and thought it was a weird accident.

Made myself breakfast and had the Today show on and watched the second plane hit live. Dropped my full coffee mug onto a stack of paintings I had on the floor from where I had just moved into my first apartment.

Called my Dad right when they said the Pentagon was hit.

Made my way into work late where the HR director had a TV rolled out. We did zero work. Everyone in the office watched when the towers collapsed.

We were near an AFB in the south. Watched F-16's scream out and fly to Elgin in Florida and come back armed and then fly CAP.


Pentagon city in Arlington, never forget what evil can occur on the calmest of days

I don’t remember what I had for dinner three days ago and I’m supposed to remember some random ass day that long ago?

Woke up next to my smoking hot 14 year old gf. Her mom let me stay there. I was 16. Radio alarm clock. Radio comes on and guy says "this isn't a bit, turn off your radio and turn on your television. The US is under attack."

I was on my way to high school smoking weed

I remember it clearly for some reason, I was 17, I was jacking off to a fake taxi video. As I finished I cleaned myself up, went to the living room and turn on the TV and saw what happened to the towers.


glow glow glow your boat gently down the (live)stream(of the predawn no-knock raid)

In bed before going to school. I was in my second year of 4th grade

In highschool. Jr year. Watched the second plane hit live.

You did not have to drop your coffee mug it was not like your were right their. I mean seriously.

Fuck it. We already have Flag Day. Maybe a new holiday is in order. How about False Flag Day?


9/11 happened almost twenty years ago.

Pretty sure 9/11 happens every year

first week of college sleeping off the biggest of my life ... so far
slept in my tub until 10 pm then went to the gym
didnt talk to anybody all day
didnt even know it happened until the next day

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I believe that

You know what I mean, smart ass.

Maybe not. It was shocking seeing it live so it happened.

It was on the edge of a folding table next to my one easy chair. I had shit stacked under it and I fumbled it right as I watched it on the Today show.

Still have the stains on those pictures.


I was a freshman in high school. I live near dc so they had us all go indoors like that would matter. Then like a year later we had that sniper asshole. Shot a kid a mile from my house.


It's my dads birthday

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I was a baby

Bad joke because the hijackers were shit pilots.

Were you balls deep in the QBs dowell, faggot?

What are you...5?

You mean bukake.

No 45 years old

Even more sad.

Why because you had to act all shocked about something that happend on tv.

If their was a real war you would be fucked with your coffee cup. Pussy

Old fag here. I was asleep after working night shift

Sad because you've been in such a shit stupor that you can name where you were in a milestone event.

Makes no sence. Sorry

Sleeping, woke up annoyed there was all this airplane bullshit on TV. Turned it off, smoked a cigarette and read a book.

Does it make any sense, though?

I'm not from USA but I remember came back from school and all day was about that in TV.
How it feels when your goverment do that for seeling weapons?

Webdesign class

10th grade

I was on a ship (USN) and a friend ran into the compartment where I was and said “we’re under attack” and we went down to the messdeck and watched the news like everyone else.

Was in spanish class. They turned on the tv so we could watch it.

Was this before or after you blew everyone? I mean, you WERE in the Navy.

5th grade art class while living in Dallas. They let us out early that day

The messdeck is the designated orgy room, so during.

Designated, but it's a loose rule.

What wrong with you.

In this day and age? Spellcheck and basic grammar. Also, you didn't tell a story, faggot.

Playing world of warcraft round a friends

So...alone eating steak'ums.
Got it.

I am on a small phone also I told a story earlier. I was living with my parents
Had a good job
It was great back then.
I really did not give a flying fuck about 911.

I am from pennsylvana you coffee cup faggot.

I was 4 years old.
Legit told my parents "They must have been bad pilots."
They still give me shit about that to this day.

Was in eight grade in school when we heard.

Good point.
I'll type with smaller words.

1st grade classroom. Teacher gasped. No one else knew what the fuck the "twin towers" were

How small was this phone?
Smaller than your IQ.
Because who cares how big your phone is, Robert?

Fuck off

Quit being slow, first.
Common core is your biggest hurdle.

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Drew graphic drawings of them on fire and shit for 3 years afterwards. No idea why

Its hard to type sometimes

I was in the first grade when it happened. Amazing how time flies.

Apparently every time.


Common core whatever

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Good luck, faggot.


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Apologize for bad english

>was home
>warching Judge Judy
>phone rings
Moot is kill

Kill yourself

He named 3 things that were the same.

......kek @ the gif you idiot

I have to go to bed anyhow I have a big meeting with 2 vice presidents of a company tomorrow.

That's all you've got?
Shit. At least say you beat me in the market or you're dick is bigger.
You're not even trying or you done know how.

Guess you need to specify, eh?

Setting up shelves and stocking Halloween candy at Target. I kept some of the price tags.

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I have to go good night.

Must be a shitty company if they need 2 VPs.
Have fun in your roleplay, faggot.

Night, babe.
Enjoy the slow life.

I have nothing to prove to you

Fucking trump caused 9/11

smoking weed

Third or fourth grade class. Instead of going school work we just watched the news all day. Was kinda nice tbh.

And yet here you are.

my mom was at home with me in NY celebrating my one month birthday

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Wow are you wrong ! Their is like 6 vice presidents if not more in a company .for different regions dumb ass.

Went to a construction site in the middle of nowhere, got there about 15 minutes before it happened. Got done with the job at about 3:00pm and drove back on a normally busy road, but it was desolate. Thought it was strange, then turned on the radio. First thing we hear "the Pentagon has been attacked, and the twin towers are gone". Fucking felt like we were in the twilight zone or apocalyptic bullshit. Got to the shop, and the secretary was crying and still watching the replays over and over again.

no but he was happy about it, he bragged that one of his building got closer to being the tallest because those two towers got rekt.... the guy really has a bad case shitbrain...

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I was in bed before first grade, lived in California so it was six in the morning. My mom came in and said "new York city is under attack" and I responded with "is that even my country"
She told me to go back to bed

There is one guy that runs shit. One vp. Then there are regional managers.
Sounds like you're getting reprimanded if they have to bring out 2 regional managers.

6th grade, woodshop class. Bus evacuation safety training where we all went out and were shown how to use emergency exits. We got on the bus and the driver screamed at us to shut the fuck up in front of our teachers. We didnt know why. Walking back into the school the teachers gathered around a TV in the office and the second plane hit.

I remember my parents got new furniture that day and when we got home from school the movers and my parents were just sitting there watching the TV in awe.

Dude same!

Why does it matter?
Bush's incompetence caused it.

We are still recovering from 9/11 with all the right wing shit Bush and Cheney raped into our govt

No your wrong !
Board of directors
Vice presidents

Were the hugging and/or fucking?

>1st grade
Same here bro

....sounds like you have a meeting with some bad middle managers tomorrow, user.
If they offer to sell you a bridge, don't buy it!

Or do.

Either way, my stocks will go up thanks to your poor business sense.

Or is it sence?

probably in my dads balls

Wasn't born yet. Not for another 5 years.

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No I don't , this is a big deal I am nervious

I was an airport, Indianapolis. It was pretty shitty.

Your a piece of shit

Are these both you?
Because they both use wrong forms.

The date in the tags say 09/08

That's the date they were printed. You get all the stuff you need to set a planogram so that you can just get to work the day you set it.


underage and b&

I didn't realize what you were getting at. They don't have the year on them. They were printed on September 8th.

I was 2. Flight 93 made a U turn close to where I live.

Sorry grammar fag .

Not as sorry as you will be when you go to that meeting tomorrow.
They're going to try to get you to sell bad life insurance.
And you will.
And still fail.

Pay attention in school, bucko.

It was my 16th birthday. I live on the west coast so I was asleep in bed when my mom started banging on my door at around 6am saying something crazy was going on. I was pissed that she woke me up early on my birthday but I got up and started watching tv while I got readyto go to school. It was fucking strange. Nobody knew what was going on and there where all kinds of false reports and speculation about other buildings being hit. I watched the second plane hit live just before I had to school.

This was a Primerica joke as everyone is a VP there.

Kiln room in high school about to feel my first tit.

Living in Oakland NJ. I had to go to school at Bergen Community College right after the attack. So I got to see all the smoke on my way to school.

Sorry your wrong Mr know it all

in a hospital being born.

Skipping school. My buddy called me before the lines went dead and said 'GET IN THE BASEMENT, IT'S PEARL HARBOR 2!!!'

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>Calling child to a 27 year old.
Ok boomer

That morning my employees came to my house and my driver and 2 of my employees and myself open carried to go grab my daughters from elementary school essentially prepped to shoot anything brown.

Ha, what a pussy

Literally had a boner, starring at me 3rd grader teacher crying. inb4 sociopath

I was asleep in the back of my Grandmothers trailer, snuggled into some thick blankets, cozily sawing logs. My brother called us from acrossed the country and we tuned in. The second plane had not crashed yet.
I remember looking at my grandmothers face and she looked as if she thought she was in a dream.
It was upsetting seeing her like that.

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In the womb

Was just getting to my aunt's apartment on Manhattan. She was the secretary of the president of Salomon Smith Barney, the main tenant of WTC building 7. He boss had given her the day off, along with all the employees who worked there. She was told a month prior so we planned on going out and getting some food then we we're going to go to a Broadway show. Well that didn't end up happen. How nice of her boss to tell the whole fucking company to take that day off. I got to see the towers fall in person. My neighbor Brad's father worked in building 2 and would have been there but traffic into the city was bad that day and he was running 2 hours late due to the unscheduled construction going on. I lived in Allentown, PA all of 15 minutes from Jersey. Normally a 90min drive to NYC.

I was asleep. Had one of those vague dreams inspired by what you hear because I always listen to music to sleep and back then we only had radios. By the time I woke up, the second building fell and I thought those guys were joking. Went on my day as if nothing happened

AP Chemistry class.

Bush's incompetence didn't cause it you fucking morron. It was a manufactured event to pass certain laws in this country and make money off of war. Do you realize that more then half of the employees in the WTC buildings didn't have work that day and there were a shit ton of trane delays and "construction" on the raods to minimize casualtys. Do a little research on public records and you can see this shit with your own eyes.