Is it true that black people aren't very good swimmers? if so, why?

is it true that black people aren't very good swimmers? if so, why?

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Bone and muscle density.

dick too heavy

Apparently it's all down to bone density.
They have very good musculature but their bone density is high.

Monkey no like water

Blacks aren't good at thinking ahead or acting calm, which leads to them chimping out and drowning.

Not much stuff to rob in the ocean

monkeys are afraid of water.

You tell me.

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Blacks weren’t allowed in public pools for many years. So many didn’t learn and weren’t able to teach their children

Higher poverty rate = less likely to grow up with a pool or regular access to one. Don’t go on vacation to lake or beach, or stay in hotel with a pool.

Because they are niggers and have low iq

Blacks go in the water, despite not being able to swim. I don't know if it's arrogance or stupidity, but knowing blacks it's probably both.

Niggers dont have fathers, no one to encourage them to swim. And also "whoata big scurry"

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I’m white although Amerimutt yet can’t swim

Because America is a 3rd world shithole that doesn't provide standardized swimming lessons to schoolchildren as part of the national curriculum

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Poop rarely floats

It just is.

pools closed

Gonna answer this one honestly- because in the city, theres a lot of bullshit around the public pools. Some people don't want to run into other people, etc. Also, it's a fucking zoo. In the white burbs, if you don't have a pool, one of your friends almost certainly does. So it's just sort of natural that you'll learn.

In general, blacks don't have a lot of life skills.

keep telling yourself that omar

>needing a class to learn to swim

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If niggers were good swimmers, jews wouldn't have to had spent money on all those boats.

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Im a swim instructor and i think my best students are of tribal origin... they cant float very well though

Purely socio-economic factors.

Denial is an ugly thing, Amerifats

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Bitch the community pool was filled with niggers when I was a kid. You know where they stayed? The shallow end. You know where all the white kids were? The high dive.

Go to Florida where nowhere is further than an hour away from a beach. The beaches are full of niggers. You know where they don’t go? Past their fucking waist.

The Navy has 25% black demographics. Twice the nation at large. You know how many are in the SEALs? Fucking 1

The Marines are the only branch which requires a swim qual. It’s also the only branch underrepresented by black males.

>muh poverty

Go fuck yourself.

This is all wrong.
Swimming pools weren't available for access to the vast majority of humans throughout history, yet the swimming rate is at an all time low.
It was unheard of in 11th century France to not know how to swim.

You in particular are retarded. The vast majority of the population does, and always has lived on coasts and rivers. The vast majority of people, blacks included, have always been within walking distance of rivers, creeks, ponds, lakes, and oceans. Proximity to natural bodies of water has no statistical bearing on if a person can swim or not.

This is the most correct answer.

These are funny answers

This is true, but not relevant. Negros do have substantially lower IQ's on average. And even if you try to dismiss IQ as racist, or what ever else you try to say, despite the direct correlations that are consistently drawn to IQ. It's still undeniable that in all forms of cognitive testings there are racial differences, and blacks make up the bottom of every different cognitive ability test ever devised.
Being dumb with in a reasonable window isn't a significant handicap for swimming.

Many blacks are negatively buoyant. Imagine what it would be like, if you stopped moving you sank all the way forever.. How scary water would be for you.

so is rent free

Also, if you don't believe me... just because gorillas are negatively buoyant etc..


Most of the people here in Greece don't believe me when i tell them that dumpasses in other countries need swimming lessons at schools

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Not fat. I didn't even take any driving lessons, just read how to do it and well, did. Also taught myself to drive stick while test driving an Acura.

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This is how it was when I was a kid.
It's why I never learned to swim despite being white.
Everyone else could just lay on their back in the water, I couldn't I'd just sink like a stone.
I'm sure as an adult now with more muscle and fat I could learn to swim.

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It's bone density that causes them to sink. Nothing to do with muscle or fat.

Based quads

>coming on american website using american designed smartphone to call americans stupid

I'm black. My parents were the first generation to be allowed onto a public pool in their formative years so there's that.

I (38) was taught how to swim at a YMCA when I was very young but I'm not great at swimming fast or for a long time. Mostly out of disinterest in the 'sport' and being too tall to need to swim in most pools.

a 38 year old nigger really shouldn't be here.
Your hair also acts as a big old sponge holding in water making you sink.

Yeah, I should be working on my Masters Degree work right now. I'm just skimming Cred Forums for old time's sake. Have a good one.

What do you think happened on slave ships when they got the ones that talked too much?

Mastahs degree

Because people are so sensitive about human biology we may never know

If you can manage to actually do the work you're in the top 0.1% of niggers.
But based off of your hilarious attempt at a self agrandizing passive aggressive response on an anonymous image board, I'm going to guess you don't.
From that response I wouldn't be surprised if you're really a 24 year old 102 IQ white bernie supporter who's never paid taxes.

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