Change my mind about voting for Bernie. I don't shit about politics & I am too lazy to do my own research

Change my mind about voting for Bernie. I don't shit about politics & I am too lazy to do my own research.

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That makes you a perfect Bernie voter

Do you really want a leader who gets cucked at his own rallies

But trump is the best president we've had in decades

Commie in chief, vote this faggot just to upset bloomturd and palosi and friends

>I don't shit about politics & I am too lazy to do my own research.
Definition of average American voter.

The USA is the only modern country that doesn't have some form of nationalized healthcare system. Even his proposed system of Medicare for All is a middle ground between leaving healthcare open to capitalistic profit like it is now and doing what England does and has full government control of healthcare, where doctors and nurses are government employees.

Medicare for all would make it so that the government foots the bill for the healthcare industry, and cuts out the profit seeking middle-man insurance companies. People arguing against it would say that there would be increased wait times, but that is only because the vast majority of people would actually be going in to get checkups. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, though, and it would save further money by having people take care of issues early instead of letting them turn into bigger issues.

Furthermore, it would stop 500k people a year from having to declare medical bankruptcy, and would save the lives of like...30k people who die from lack of insurance? A recent study from Yale also said it would save USA $500 billion a year on medical expenses overall.

Having the government foot the bill does force some cost disclosure from hospitals as well, since a large part of cutting medical expenses is averaging costs of procedures. The same procedure or medicine or item can cost many times more in some places for no reason other than extra profits, for example.

As far as the cost, I think it would amount to about...4% increase to taxes per person? That would save me a lot of money though if I could go get new glasses since eye care would be covered, or get fillings and regular dental teeth cleanings since having a rotting mouth is bad for your health. If you had any other question I'd be glad to answer them.

M4a is a better Healthcare for less money, both public and private. There is literally no reason not to support it.

Bernie is awesome, the best choice for president I must say

OP here

My bad: I don't know shit about politics

But thanks for getting what I meant. haha

Trump is a corrupt son of a bitch, he is the billionaire class that Bernie is trying to defeat.

Additional benefits of a M4A system is that it no longer ties health insurance to your place of employment. Since companies can't dangle health insurance over peoples heads to make them stay, they'll have to compromise somehow to entice people to keep working for them. That could include more flexible hour planning, extra benefits like more leave for certain holidays, or better yet extra pay. Companies will have more money to spend as well, considering they no longer have to provide health insurance for their employees, and no longer have to spend time negotiating with insurance companies. Now there is a chance that companies will take the extra money and just keep it instead of spending of investing it into the company again, but at that point it opens up a lot of freedom of opportunity to explore different jobs. If one company pays a little less but has more side benefits, it might be more viable to go there instead, especially if you like the work there more than the place that pays like $ 0.30 more.

M4A actually strengthens work unions since they no longer have to spend a lot of goodwill on health insurance negotiations, leaving them free to pursue better work conditions and pay.

Okay, what about when it comes to jobs?? I am currently unemployed & for some reason I cannot receive unemployment checks.

>There is literally no reason not to support it.
If you make more than $250k/year there is a reason not to support it. People making that much or more will pay greater taxes under Bernie's plan.

Fuuuuurthermore regarding M4A, people will argue against it saying that "Medicare for All" takes away peoples choice and their insurance plans that they love.

The thing is, all an insurance plan exists for is to provide you the least amount of coverage for the most amount of profit for the company. Insurance plans only cover a select portions of hospitals, and sometimes even doctors within a hospital won't be covered by the plan. If you travel somewhere and get hurt, your insurance won't cover you if you have to go somewhere outside of the coverage, leading to more charges.

Medicare for all provides extreme freedom of choice. You can go to any hospital, request any doctor at any time. It even has an odd capitalistic benefit too, since you actually have a CHOICE for which place to go. Does that hospital have a bad reputation to some degree? Don't go there! Go to the nice place instead. That provides further incentive for a hospital to improve itself, to give people a reason to choose them.

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He's a fucking kyke

I'm not sure what you mean by jobs? As long as you pay taxes you'll be covered. might even cover people without a medicare for all card, or however the authorization process works.

fucking kek.

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They won't even notice

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People that rich SHOULD pay higher taxes. No one will ever work hard enough or achieve noble enough achievements in one lifetime to earn that amount of money.

What's so hard to understand about raising $60tn in tax revenue from a group of people who collectively make a total of $1tn per year?

Young single people making half of that but with low or zero healthcare costs pay considerably more. As in, over $500/month more.

Your vote doesn't count during a presidential election,know that , dumbass



>Everyone should be loser
>Just like me hehe

why do like this? are you....unsure of what you are saying? do you....think this makes you sound intelligent? are you.....actually a dumb faggot?

So getting rid of insurance companies leaves 2 million people unemployed. Sounds reasonable.

> only modern country
Racist much?
> doing what England does
The NHS? That service that denies healthcare to people even if they offer to pay extra? Why would anyone want people to die simply because the government thinks they're worthless.
> save USA $500 billion a year
Save who? The united states doesn't have nationalized heathcare. And if we did we would be paying for it via taxes. So how is it saved?

That image is just more proof the left can't meme

>Racist much
Nice strawman. Worthless argument.
>NHS denying healthcare
Can you link me an article or study on that please? I can't find what you are referring too, and I'm not going to pass judgement on something I'm not aware of.
>Save who?
Us. The people. Everyone is already paying out the ass for insurance, on deductibles, on premiums. It's already a private tax levied by the insurance companies, since you can't get care until you pay it. We won't be paying the inflated costs brought on by the extra dozen layers of bureaucracy inflicted by forcing hospitals to dig through thousands upon thousands of different insurance plans. The only people who will be paying more instead of less overall are the very well off. The people who can afford to take a bit of a hit.

I dont want to pay for you healthcare or your families healthcare. I dont give a fuck about you or your family. Fuck off commie.

Until you point out what I said as being wrong or incorrect you haven't actually made an argument.

>Us. The people.
No, it's fags like you that are weak and lazy. I don't want to pay for your healthcare. I don't want to pay for some nigger's healthcare or education, even though I already do both. You wanna be Mr.Generous you can donate your own fucking money.

How many horses and carriage drivers went out of work because cars were invented? It opened up jobs for the factory lines though.

Same concept sort of applies. Private insurances workers would be out of a job for private insurance companies. Hospitals will always need people to manage the finances though so they can move there. There will be new government jobs or expanded sectors to cover the medicare for all coverage too. Literally the same job. Half the point of M4A is to remove the profiteering middle man insurance companies. Even if all the insurance workers are still working in one capacity or another, it still saves a ton of money. Or are you saying "Think of the poor profit driven insurance stock owners?"

He would be paying for your family as well you fucktard.

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Yes we can faggot fuck off

Well I wish sanders luck. Even if sanders somehow wins the election. Those bills will never pass the Senate.

Maybe he doesn't want other people paying for his shit?

If you already do both (pay for some nigger's healthcare or education) then whats the issue? You realize that this very system benefits you too, right? YOU can use it as much as you want and need too. At the end of the day, I'm perfectly happy with my tax money being used FOR the people. All the people, even the likes of you. Because at the end of the day it makes the country stronger, especially when those taxes aren't being wasted on endless wars in the middle east.

It IS going to save you money, unless you're already making hundreds of thousands a year.

Here's the underlying problem with the current system he's so fervent on supporting - he (and everyone else) pays extra thanks to middlemen and price-gouging execs. So he could either save money or keep lining some rich cunt's pockets.

Nope. Just the Democrat base.

Well, why else would you think that only white European countries are modern.

It's telling when someone requires citations for a rebuttal yet provided none in the initial augment.

Bernie wants to tax anyone grossing over 29k at 54%. So you think people making 30k are very well off?

And who's going to pay doctors and nurses to work? Now that's another fucking bill that I will be expected to pay for right?

You tell me what the fuck is the issue. Poor people already get free education and healthcare and other things they don't deserve, that I have to pay for like a fucking sucker. Now we have to get put onto a fucking government healthcare plan? So I can get put in the same waiting room as some fucking porch monkey? Nah, I'm good on that. You can sign the fuck up if that's what you want.

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I mean, if Bernie made some shitty hats he’d pull an additional percent in the general by swaying some of the more easily bamboozled

are you literally retarded? no one tax bracket will change unless they are making $250k + -- its on his fucking website you dumb shit.

>I get my news from Twitter
You're a fucking moron.

I literally didn't say anything about which countries and where. I said modern. Modern enough to have a stable country-wide government capable of running a nationalized healthcare service. Pictured is the list of countries with universal healthcare.

Also, citation needed on that 54% tax at 29k? Bernie's tax calcuation website says otherwise.

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>worst president we've had in decades


its funny how mad his supporters get at george w bush when george w bush was a real republican.not a snowflake libtard like donald trump and his supporters

You guys just don't get it. If we all keep giving the government more money and more power, they solve all of our problems for us.

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...the government is going to pay the hospital, which is going to pay the doctors and nurses. Here is the process for M4A: You need to have health work done. You got to hospital, get it done. They send the bill to the government, which pays it. That's the whole process. There aren't 50 phonecalls between the same insurance company trying to figure out if you're even covered on a plan, and if that plan covers what you need, and if the doctor is in the plan, if you're even at the right hospital and so on and so on.

>Poor people already get free education and healthcare and other things they don't deserve.

Not THAT is a whole other argument to be made. Frankly, I don't even have the time for it, because we're basically talking in completely different languages. I wouldn't be arguing M4A with you...I'd have to argue the value of a Human life, which is a little more philosophical.

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He's probably bullshitting for the vote like every politician does, but I really hope he can find a way to get us all medicare.
~25% of my money goes to taxes already
~20% of my money goes towards absolute ASS health insurance ($250 a week for a family of 3), and I still have a $6k deductible. Wife had surgery in January when my fucking deductable reset, and I got stuck with a $4k bill.
I'll take a few % increase of my money getting taken out if it means I don't have to worry about doctor bills, and others don't either.

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go to your own threads and make america a shithole again?

Who is going to pay the government via taxes when everyone gets free shit and don't need to work for anything?

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Hum. I only pay about 5%, i made 61k last year and paid about 13k in fed, state, ss, and medicare. You must make a lot of money or live in a democrat shithole city.

>...the government is going to pay the hospital, which is going to pay the doctors and nurses
Exactly, so that's another fucking bill the taxpayer is expected to foot. You think the government just pulls money out of it's ass? You know this country is fucking broke right? We run on a fucking deficient every year. If anything we should be CUTTING programs not fucking expanding and creating new ones. There is no money to pay for this retarded healthcare for all plan. Bernie knows it, everyone who isn't a fucking sheep knows it.

Since the ACA (obamacare). Obama sold that as $2500 a yr cheaper. How is it working out for you?
The ACA is basically done. M4A is obamacare on steroids. The worst possible outcome.

No one is going to elect a communist. Bloomberg has a better chance than Crazy Bernie.

Then the whole system will collapse and fags like him will say oh yeah brah that wasn't real socialism. Next time it'll be REAL socialism, pinky promise. It's a fucking joke.

Who is a communist?

Okay, if we ever reach the point where everyone literally got free all the shit, we would be living in a fucking utopia.

But you're strawmanning. You don't get free clothes. You don't get a free car or fuel. You don't get free food (unless you qualify for stamps, if Trump hasn't cut funding for it even more). You don't get free living quarters. You don't get free video games. You don't get free electricity. You don't get free internet. Got a hobby? Doubt you get to do it for free, unless it is cloud watching. You don't get to eat out if you don't have money. Can't go to the bar if you have no money. Can't drink or smoke or indulge in any vices without money.

We live in a system where you need money for ANYTHING. All Bernie is proposing is "Hey, wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to worry about healthcare and it is cheaper than the system we have now?"

You're living in a very, very sad and fearful world dude. You need to lay off the conservative media or something.

He's a millionaire. He made millions in personal profits by promising free shit to kids. He also made near billions in campaign funds which he can use towards anything he wants since he's always running for office of some kind. That's why he doesn't want to be elected. He just wants to run.

Uhm, 13/61 is 5%?

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Crazy Bernie is a communist. Sitting on the porch like a porch monkey and expecting someone else to pay for your healthcare is communism.

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I can look after my own fucking family. I don't need any fucking hand outs.

Why can't it work in the US when it works everywhere else?
Do you know that a lot of economists say it is a net income for a country to have something like m4a?

>another bill the taxpayer is expected to foot

It is ONE payment for services rendered. When you go to the doctor, you aren't fucking paying the doctor directly. You pay he hospital, which manages the doctors wages. It is literally the same system, except the funding for the services comes from a national tax pool.

Dude, you're just making shit up. We could easily fund it with a mild increase in taxes and some cuts to stupid shit. Go ahead. Cite me some fucking studies that show that M4A will cost more than our current system. The worst case studies show that it might be around the same cost anyways, but even if it costs the same the freedom and benefits and coverage it provides for the 350 million people living in the US makes it the easy choice.

A dollar is a piece of paper. Learn economics of real commodities, you'll maybe realize why billionaires are raping the working class.

9.63 million Americans were worth $1 million or more in 2013. That's 2.9% of the US population. If 80% are self made, then 5 of every 200 Americans will make it, and 195 will fail. Unless you have good parents that raised you to be a learner and worker, good educational opportunities, good health, intelligence, a friendly nature, and lucky breaks; chances are you will be among the 195 who don't make it.

Bernie Sanders and his supporters are looking at the big picture, not trying to cherry pick statistics to obfuscate the fact the system is rigged. In the past 40 years, the US has grown vastly more productive, but the benefits of that productivity growth have gone exclusively to the top 10% and the lion's share went to the top 0.1%. The bottom 90% have seen their incomes stagnate. The bottom 60% have lost ground. Our once great middle class, the envy of the free world, has been shrinking and the ranks of the working poor have been growing. If we stay this course, all wealth will be redistributed to a handful of uber-wealthy families who will rig things so they hold the nation's wealth generation after generation. We will become a banana republic. This is not what I think America should be.

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I personally do not want a government that is already 21 TRILLION dollars in debt handling my healthcare.

The Republicans live in a self inflicted nightmare where they have convinced themselves that they are somehow the victims and "society" is the new word for authoritarian genocide of their way of life.

The Democrats actually understand freedom and democracy

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Bernie made good money recently with his book. He gathered a lot of money for his campaign which he is obviously using, doing like 3 rally per day. What would he be using the money on lol, the guy is working 24/7. He is always running and has been since decades because he believes in his ideas and they have to be brought to a national level to be truly effective. The guy is there for the good reason man. Politic is pushing for your ideas, not going with the flavour of the day. Bernie is not the latter.

you are full of crap. Go find a leftwing incestuous circle jerk.
You Bernis supporters are the bottom of the stupid barrel

>You don't get free clothes.
any donation organization. You can also get free clothes from hospital or jail.
>You don't get a free car or fuel.
Free trolleys, free scooters, free pedestrian paths.
> You don't get free food
Basically any tree. Any donation org. Any hospital. Any jail.
> You don't get free living quarters.
Housing is a right in california. Any free hostel. Any hospital. Any jail.
>You don't get free video games.
for real?
> You don't get free electricity.
> You don't get free internet.
Basically anywhere that has lights.

>Medicare for all provides extreme freedom of choice. You can go to any hospital, request any doctor at any time
You say this as if Obamacare never existed. We’ve seen how blatantly stupid the Democrats are. Everything from spending billions on a website that didn’t work to quadrupling the price of my health insurance while making my deductible so high that I was being legally forced to pay for health insurance too expensive to use. I dropped it all together when it was hiked another $60 a month to cover gender reassignment surgery and maternal care. Fuck you and the lies you are spreading.

Enjoy this lying borderline communist creating threads to explain why it’s everyone else’s responsibility to pay his way and how it will benefit you for doing it. Go live in a socialist country where you belong, we don’t like...want you all.

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> your money

If you are a 7 digit earner in the top 1%. You don't HAVE any money, you are a broke loser on Cred Forums, wtf are you worried about?

>Made near billions
He has raised 134 million this election run. I suppose it is a little over 1/10th of a billion. Close.

>He made millions in personal profits by promising free shit to kids
No, he made a million or two selling a book. Campaign contributions are for such: his campaign. He can't literally use that money for anything he wants, only for election purposes.

>he's always running for office of some kind
Yea, because America has some problems that aren't going to be fixed by sitting on his ass and wishing for the best.

Well it would be a good thing if it yields a positive return though?

How the fuck are we gonna pay for it when we run a deficient every fucking year? And one time payment my ass. So I go to the doctor once a year and some fat fuck is there every week, but we're paying the same amount? Get the fuck out of here with this bullshit. You wanna pay for that you donate your own paycheck you fucking faggot. And I'm gonna pay for some fucking doctor's salary as he racks in 700k a fucking year? I don't fucking think so. But let me guess, they're all gonna agree to massive pay cuts for the "greater good", right?

History always repeats itself. So make sure you are on the side that knows how to make weapons, not wealth.

I dont think he's ever been poor.

You're currently receiving "handouts" in the form of fire and police protection.

you're bitching about Bernie being rich now? While you still have a fat orange cock in lodged in your throat?

God, more bullshit. Bernis people are the dumbest on the planet.

i guess they don't use public roads either, or parks. and don't want social security of course.

I DO NOT CARE if its a "good thing". I'm not responsible for you, your mom, your dad, your family. I'm here to look out for my wife, dog and property. That is it.
Also, the M4A i would be FORCED to have it. This is supposed to be fucking America. Freedom. Not forced to do/pay for things i do not want to pay for.

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Fuckin lol. Freedom huh, but tries to censor anyone who doesn't agree with you

Yeah you can take "police protection" and shove it up your ass. I don't want that either. Thanks

Did you actually look into it or are you just spewing shit?


How do you people stand the insult to your intelligence necessary to converse with these indoctrinated fools?

you are correct, sir. I bernied the math.

Just imagine having that cranky old man waving his bony finger at you for the next four years.

Breh. More people stood in line to take a piss at the orange mans rally than voted for bernie in the caucus in nevada. Sorry bro. Orange is gonna win.

When I go to the doctor it cost me 0$, whatever I have. I am from Québec.

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You realize that all those things I listed aren't government mandated, right? That was the point of that whole list. He was talking about people not wanting to work because they're being given 'all the free shit'. Like 'free food' in that instance would be government provided rations. Not handouts by the local church or hospital. The point I was making is that if you wanted stuff, you need money, so you had to work. Just because we'd finally be covering healthcare doesn't mean that people suddenly just stop working.

Also, lel 'california free housing' "Right to housing bill dies mysteriously in California"

Also your points about electricity and internet. They aren't YOURS though. They are owned by the organization or place that you are visiting. Again, provided for customers or out of the good will of the provider.

Why not care for your countrymen though? Isn't that what people within a country are supposed to do?

>collectively paying for police is different than collectively paying for healthcare
Wow, the doublethink is impressive.

Fine by me. Republitards love to try and pick-and-choose what they collectively pay for. I have no problem with allowing people to stop paying taxes and lose access to all social programs.

Don't get me wrong. I want my countrymen to live and prosper and enjoy the American way of life. Not at my fucking expense though. No thanks.

>hes too old
>hes too rich
>too many houses
>too old
>doesnt represent working class

and yet, Bernie mother fucking Sanders is going to win

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Buncha fucking commies in here.

I hate to break it to you, but the USA already provides a TON of services to the public at taxpayer expense. Roads. Fire department. Police. Schools. Safety regulations on everything. Medical cover is simply the next step.

Take roads for example. Lets pretend that it was fully overseen on the local, individual level. How many thousands upon thousands of management committees would there be? Overseeing deals between companies and shit about who would foot the bills, where the roads would be made, prioritizing what gets repaired and updated and where. Bringing that up to the government level clears out a shitton of bureaucracy and makes it far more cost effective.

But you already pay for police, fire dept, schools, roads etc. Isn't that worth your money? You are paying for a lot of things that other people get the benefit from using, some of which you might never need yourself, and because of that, the country prospers as a whole.

Costs you $0 huh? So you don't pay taxes?

that fire department is pretty sweet though, right?

I'm not pcking and choosing anything. Dissolve the Federal government. Everybody leave fucking everybody alone. Tread on nobody. Let people live. Legalize drugs. Abolish age mandated things. Let the world fucking balance itself out. We do not need our government overlords to protect us.

nobody wants your alternative

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>>well if police doesnt work ill hit em w/ fire.
Fuck off dude.

yeah we desperately need a referendum in November in the worst way.
I am not going to be able to tolerate these threads.

Here you go with proving the point exactly. What made up world do you live in where the first amendment doesn't exist?

you are dense as a fence post,why bother us

Right, dissolve the US government and watch China move in.
You're no better than the fucking hippies. Your system only works when the whole of humanity participates.

this. But there is no free lunch. If you pinch the billionaire's balls, he will lay everyone off. The more you tax them, the less jobs there will be.

But they will save on health care costs?!

this is straight-up dumb. the strength of america is that we're a giant ass, united country, not 50 individual entities.

Man, you're so delusional. I'll try to help you though.

One of the main cost saving features for M4A is that it normalizes the cost of procedures and services. It is something that the Trump administration has been trying to do with medicine for example, but has failed to do so twice. But since the Gov't is footing the bill, they get much more access and transparency into how much stuff ACTUALLY costs, not just the inflated price. Then the govt' can lower prices down so they're not gouging the system. Doctor salaries aren't suddenly going to jump hundreds of thousands of dollars, you psycho.

Again, every single study shows that M4A either costs the same that Americans are already spending now, or like the most recent study says will save the average American $500,000,000,000. Yearly. A trillion dollars saved every 2 years. You ask how we're going to pay for it despite running a deficit. I think this is a drastic step in the right direction. All that money saved goes right back into the economy where people can spend it on things they need, and generate tax revenue as opposed to greedy fucking vampiric private insurance companies.

Ah yes, the powerless angle. "Don't hurt muh billionaire because he'll sodomize me!"

No fucking country is gonna invade the united states. Stop fucking relying on others to protect you. Jesus fuck. I can't stand you pussies. BUY GUNS AND BULLETS. The michigan militia could fight off most "invasions". Jesus christ i can't take you retards anymore. I'm out.

The end result is what matters. Enabling leechers and punishing achievers isn't logical. The achievers will just move, leaving the rest to compete to be the biggest leecher.

Pretty sure the Lead in Gasoline is what melted boomer brains in the 60s and 70s, but who needs regulations right.

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>you'll maybe realize why billionaires are raping the working class

For the most part the "wealth inequality" you guys are so buttblasted over is the result of high taxation, inflation (the invisible tax), excessive regulation, government manipulation of the money supply (yes, money printing) and a bloated welfare state making it unattractive for companies to manufacture products in the United States.

At the same time, the companies that DO manage to do well here are mostly tech companies which generate huge profits with low overhead, which means that the people at the top and the handful of engineers and programmers they employ get incredibly rich, without creating any additional jobs for unskilled/low skilled workers. In addition, the cost of living in the cities where these companies are located skyrockets, without an additional increase in average income.

Meanwhile, the same people who brought you the high taxes and excessive government regulation that killed off most of middle America are simultaneously opening borders to allow hordes of immigrants to swarm in and scoop up the handful of low-skill jobs that ARE available, which not only makes these jobs more competitive, but also ensures that wages remain low.

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I do of course, a lot lol, but I don't have to worry about broking my arm if I lose my job and paying $15 000 for hospital. You can't expect to have a long-lasting, prosperous and happy society without a healthy and educated population.

Bernie wants to open the border to Mexico. That's reason enough not to vote for him. Imagine the wasted money when we start giving illegal immigrants free healthcare and schooling, not to mention the criminal justice costs. It's fucking bankrupt us in 4 years.

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Oh stop lying. Rush Limbtard told you your insurance went up 4 times and you believe it. You're still on your moms plan, user.

Libertarians inhabit a really, really weird space in society. "Socially liberal, economically conservative." Which is to say "I want good things for people! I just don't want to have to contribute anything towards making it happen." Like, okay? It literally doesn't matter what you care for then if you're not going to involve yourself in anything besides wishing people would violate NAP so you can McNuke them.

>The michigan militia could fight off most "invasions"
Fucking kek. You legitimately think you and your assclown friends stand a chance against military hardware? They don't even have to invade if the US doesn't have an army, they'll drop a few bombs and you'll be rendered defenseless.

Always fun to see what the temporarily embarrassed millionaires on Cred Forums are bitching about. Usually it's blaming brown people for the problems in their lives.

But I've got some bad news for you Cletus, the boss isn't going to notice all your hard work banging those ball joints back into alignment and vault you into millionaire status, if he could outsource you now, he would. He's saving up for the robot to replace you, it never shows up with a hangover, doesn't need smoke brakes, and does every alignment perfectly.

Then your sad sack is going to be sitting on porch somewhere blaming the darkies again. There will always be enough republicans around to make sure your life doesn't get much better, but goddammit if our pathetic liberal empathy isn't at least going to make sure you at least have the opportunity for an education and healthcare so you can have some sort of meaning and dignity to your life when automation goes full deployment.

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We already waste 54 billion a year on illegal immigrants. If Bernie opens the border, that number will go through the roof. People won't stand for it. I'm all for a another civil war. I would love to see the militias in middle America start a nice ethnic cleansing on the ghettos.

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I am sure they will notice if someone is stealing money from them.

yo people here are fackin madlads, civil war and shit lmao

OP here

The only thing I learned here today is that politics is fucking boring & it isn't for me. Anyways, I will not be voting for Bernie. I will not be voting for anyone.

The reason Mexico has an oligarch billionaire class is because the US instilled a puppet Mexico president who forced the working class to consolidate businesses and sell them for basically nothing Romney style. Its America's fault Mexico is in this situation hombre.

Attached: H5BuEqr.png (905x860, 470K)

>Not forced to do/pay for things i do not want to pay for.

Bruh that is called taxes. You pay for shit you never use and don't even want. Wars, police, roads, etc.

>Doctor salaries aren't suddenly going to jump hundreds of thousands of dollars, you psycho.
Yeah because greedy people don't exist at all. Give me a fucking break. And you people also want me to pay for that person's fucking medical school on top of it. That way when they finish they can make 700k a fucking year debt free laughing on the way to the fucking bank. What fucking planet do fags like you even live on? It's obviously not planet fucking earth.

Okay, smarty. Where are the 'achievers' going to move too? What other country has the disposable income of Americans to leech off of? Mexico? China? Maybe Canada. Ooooor...they can adapt and still make 10 times more than the cost and long term non-profits of moving to some other country. The oligarchs are just going to have to live with having half as many yachts, and only a dozen garages filled with a hundred pricey cars at their dozen vacation mansions.

>but I don't have to worry about broking my arm
>broking my arm
This is the product of a "free" education folks

vote Bernis in the primaries. We need a referendum on this crap. Vote.

>will save the average American $500,000,000,000

They're going to mail 500b checks to every american now? Or do you mean 500b/300m, then I get a 1.6k check? I paid 1,440 usd last year for health insurance. I used 0 of it. So if i get the money back, why even take it from me in the first place?

>Then your sad sack is going to be sitting on porch somewhere blaming the darkies again
As opposed to the darkies sitting on the porch blaming whitey? The porch they do not own, by the way

>thinking roads are built for people and not for government economics


I just ran my numbers on www.bernietax
com I do not make anything close to 250k per year. It will cost me $784 more on a bad year and about twice that when my family is healthy.
not sure where you saw your 250k number at.
the website shows a extra 4% tax on anyone making more than $29,000 per year.

Literally nobody wants straight up open borders. He talks about immigration reform. That doesn't mean "Lets just stop patrolling and let anyone walk through!" He'll just be welcoming to immigrants and actually help them through the process of becoming Americans. Hell, Mulveney or whatever his name is said that American needs immigrants really bad right now since growth projections are slowing. He's just not saying the quiet part out loud about wanting white immigrants.

Acting as you received anything different...

Attached: 1579734625405.jpg (480x480, 59K)

>He talks about immigration reform
What fucking reform? Please, do explain this so I can fucking laugh at you. The only reform that faggot is interested in is giving every illegal citizenship, so they can be reminded to vote for the slave master.

Just saying then. Never fucking complain about what anyone ever does politically if you aren't going to invest time into learning where you stand on your principles.

Post your preferred rules where there is 1 winner and everyone else is dead

Attached: ERUfplGXkAAaglC.jpg (1200x800, 138K)

Don't pay for the road I'm driving bitch. Or get a book from my public library

You forgot you are a retards is damn right. Wealth inequality literally has nothing to do with inflation or government regulation of businesses, and everything to do with illiquid assets and compounding interests charged by billionaires.

When some fat son of a bitch makes an investment, they are making money in the form of capital gains for which they do NOTHING. No work performed, no commodity spent, no time consumed, nothing added to society. The bastard made money just because they had money to begin with. That is the bottom line of wealth inequality.

ACA could have been repealed if it wasn't for this asshole

Attached: FB_IMG_1560348598773.jpg (640x480, 17K)

What do you mean, is it "to broke my arm?" You can understand that English is my second language so you will excuse me if I made an error. What else other than my grammar? Anything to say about my ideas. Could yourself, a product of "private education", argue with me in French or in Spanish?

>where you stand on your principles.
Assuming that he does have principles.
A very risky assumption.

>illegal citizenship
Please explain?

Nope. The average American.

Greedy people exist. Doctors don't control their own damn paychecks though. Thankfully the hospital will still be operating under it's own capitalistic volition under M4A. Hostpitals will still be profit driven, which means they'll still be competitive and make efforts to keep costs down...including wages. But that is any company, anyways.

Bernie's tax plan is a 4% increase...what's his plan for the standard deduction?

Thinking about those mental gymnastics when Barack and Hillary tour with the Donald to fight Bernard.

Attached: PK3pD3p.jpg (500x374, 39K)

Attached: 3pymdt.jpg (750x500, 144K)

>ACA could have been repealed
it has been ruled unconstitutional and is working its way though the appeals process.

Attached: 1581565677848.jpg (500x794, 108K)

Don't worry about him. He doesn't have a good rebuttal so he is resorting to a personal attack by calling out your grammar. It means he is a fucking moron that has nothing left to argue.

7 of the 10 most violent cities on earth are in Mexico. The entire country is controlled by the drug cartels. Mexico's problems have nothing to do with American billionaires. The real problem is American drug addicts and Mexican suppliers. Will opening the border with Mexico help the drug crisis, or make things worse? Gee, i wonder.

Attached: 6ggor.jpg (629x448, 43K)

Every candidate has cons, everything just sounds bad. I am not the type to say "my vote doesn't matter" but I am the type that says "I don't care". Everything I read in this thread bored me to death & I regret making it. Sorry for wasting everyone's time.

Doesn't matter because I will kill myself soon.

Thread over.

Bernie is a kikel. He is of that class. Owns multiple estates and has contacts in "da big banks" and with "da one puhcent."

So does Trump, but hey. At least he's a real person.

I was interpreting roads from a libertarian standpoint

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Attached: 88fw7zo3lrt31.jpg (768x768, 48K)

Stay in school kid. Or repeat school...

If you don't speak English then fuck off. You don't belong here let alone should you try to meddle with voters, you ethnic cunt.

Republicans actually believe this.

Bernie just wants a little socialism. Not a lot. Just enough to get some reasonable healthcare and education while saving the planet.

We're not talking about seizing the means of production here...
Could you imagine. Redneck retards actually in charge of the businesses they work for? Having to share democratic control of the entire work place with an idiot that thinks Donald Trump is a gift from god? GOD no. Not today. Not full socialism. Just a little extra tax for things the rest of the first world already has.

Also Donald Trump is simply a loser that doesn't even have a pet that likes him.

Attached: u7eewbtclgi41.png (640x537, 619K)

Pretty please vote for Bernie. The thing that will fix America is to let in about 50 million more retarded Mexicans.

Attached: 1581388872441.jpg (720x960, 98K)

Attached: flytrap.jpg (1024x740, 182K)

Idk, I'd check where the venezuelan ones went. My venezuelan doctor buddy went to the netherlands. He wasn't a millionaire though. or even a hundredthousandaire. He just didn't want to be a slave by simply being trained in the healthcare field.

American billionaires crowned the Mexican Billionaires and showed them the way. Lets not act like the real people in power there weren't hand picked.

Attached: 7uDmSqw.jpg (955x641, 115K)

Attached: 029343_01_05-770x510.jpg (770x510, 226K)

>I will kill myself soon
If you are younger than me, you should rethink this.

Attached: rtey.jpg (900x600, 407K)

Attached: 1565905237264.jpg (720x496, 49K)

Nah I don't speak bullshit languages nobody cares about. But fine, the point is I am not going to sign the fuck up to have more of my money stolen from me, only to be given to some porch monkeys healthcare, as he sits on the fucking porch he doesn't even own selling drugs and having kids he doesn't raise right, if he even does at all. You all caught up now junior?

I don't know if your trolling or just have no real willing to live in general but I think everyone should try to have at least a little interest in politic. As the saying goes; if you don't care about politic, politic will take care of you. Bernie is proposing a real vision of society with idea and a will to make it better for everyone. He is the pragmatic choice.

Vote for whomever you want OP. Bernie will be the next president or he wont be. But progressives have awoken and you will be getting future progressive presidents. So you know...good luck at coping. Hopefully we will impliment a good mental healthcare system for you.

I'm 25

says the person who thinks poor white hillbillys are any better

how about this,take the hint from when republicans lost the house majority.and fuck off,republicans dont want you or your president

Attached: 157583712522729.jpg (1425x581, 112K)

Lots of people don't realize they have them until they have to try and define them.

Retards in here love being one sickness away from being homeless and I think that's hilarious as shit! That's why we need Trump for another term
So I can still laugh at this fucking mongoloids

I watched it increase every few months for years. As soon as it went over $400 a month with a $5000 deductible I was shitting my pants. Now I’m paying $211 a month for a bare bones catastrophic healthcare plan because Obamacare royally fucked healthcare as a whole and you children that have your mommy and daddy pay for your health insurance love to promote your already failed solutions while insulting the people that have been screwed by those failed solutions. If you think Obamacare works you have the mind of a child.

>Take roads for example. Lets pretend that it was fully overseen on the local, individual level. How many thousands upon thousands of management committees would there be? Overseeing deals between companies and shit about who would foot the bills, where the roads would be made, prioritizing what gets repaired and updated and where. Bringing that up to the government level clears out a shitton of bureaucracy and makes it far more cost effective.

This statement says everything about your real motives. People argue that the Democrats’ goal is to make government bigger and more powerful and you just say it outright.

I use roads. I have a house so I like knowing there is a fire department. I support the police and what they do and it’s hilarious that any current democrat would bring up police without calling them evil. The things I don’t use is gender reassignment treatment or abortions or bariatric surgery for an eating disorder or any other medical procedure needed as a result of an individual’s choices.

I also want to add that I have never voted for a Republican before but I can’t wait to do it for the first time in November. The Democrats are no longer Democrats and if the party should ever return again I might consider voting for them.

Attached: 331CEA40-3A12-4487-B259-706376159625.jpg (992x744, 127K)

Tesla up to 900 a share. 100 billion dollar companies moving like penny stocks. No worries, who doesn't need a luxury car or two in america with almost 50% of the population with an income of 18k or less.

Reminds me of a certain Pets.Com

Behold the economy

Attached: Y5522789.gif (480x254, 1.45M)

I have 46 yrs on you. If you desire to get somewhere, anywhere, it starts with the first step.

Giving out welfare checks helps no one. We've created a system where poor people are encouraged to have as many children as possible for a larger check. Children in the inner city have almost no chance of succeeding in life and moving up the socioeconomic ladder. The most liberal cities in the United States always have the most crime. The welfare state that Bernie wants does not work.

Attached: democracy.jpg (1920x1080, 592K)

Attached: 324tor.jpg (625x725, 64K)

>B-B-But VeNeZuElA
Oh yea! That place that always had a strong economy with no problems with it whatsoever, right? Nobody had any influence in its' downfall by sanctioning their oil and making it worthless?

You go to the doctor once a year yet you pay premiums every month. Where do you think your money goes to? Hint: the majority of the money goes towards profits and the rest to cover your coworkers with medical conditions. With m4a you eliminate the greedy and wasteful insurance companies.
Unless, you're part of the insurance industry...mmm makes me wonder

What you don't see is the Republican voter registration being protected by landmines and machine gun nests to keep the brownies away. It's like that "Who shot Hannibal" meme. "Why aren't they voting Republican?"

meanwhile,the "working class"thinks a billionare who couldnt run a casino without bankrupting it supports the middle class

lol cry about it pussy

That's not fair, Trump still has cruz

All your retarded hyperbole aside, it's about the freedom of self-determination and an old forgotten social policy called "mind your own fucking business and I'll mind mine".

Yeah and what business do you run? Besides sucking dicks for money on the side


>most of the poor people are white
>having children everywhere
>yelled out for not having enough white children

make up your mind!

Attached: vy4HyIa.gif (650x360, 561K)


how cute,trumptards still think they are republicans

there's a reason you redneck idiots lost house majority

>Tesla up to 900 a share. 100 billion dollar companies moving like penny stocks. No worries, who doesn't need a luxury car or two in america with almost 50% of the population with an income of 18k or less.
Asset inflation gives people a false sense of wealth. Our generation has since become addicted to the artificial booms fueled by politicians pushing cheap money solutions, rather than any substantive improvement in the economy. Each round of stimulus is a shot in the arm aimed to "keep the party going". Each shot means more borrowing and less savings, more spending and more consumption - more excess, while eroding away our valuable manufacturing and capital investment capacity.

Combined with misguided attempts to "rescue" failing banks, automakers, etc. during the financial crisis, we have effectively transformed our economy into one filled with unproductive businesses, preventing that capital and labor from being freed up and employed elsewhere in the economy. The banks should have been left to do their own risk-taking without assurances of a government bailout.

Free-market capitalism means private profits and PRIVATE losses, not private profits and SOCIALIZED losses.

What we need is a STABLE currency with minimal inflation. the more the government tries to manipulate the economy, the more it keeps distorting it ... with costs rising soon $15/hour won't be enough, then $20/hour won't be enough, etc... we should be aiming to keep the prices of things as STABLE as possible. That's the best way to stimulate growth, just by keeping things stable and predictable.

We must stop quantitative easing (money printing), stop asset inflation, and allow interest rates to rise. Higher interest rates will discourage borrowing and spending, and encourage personal savings. We must restart non-debt financed capital investment in this country - the true engine of a productive, sustainable economy.

Attached: ▄█▀ █▬█ █ ▀█▀.jpg (2684x2862, 840K)

>Porch Monkey

yea na new laws never appeal to the older generations. while your age may not be there your attitude has certainly taken after them.

youll get dragged into the new world, bigotry n all dont worry :)

aww poor Wild West Ted. It was sad to watch a man get cucked so hard on national television. He was so traumatized he had to grow a beard and start saying Y'all. I hope he is doing well watching the Republican party get fucked like this while he has to sit and watch.

>there's a reason you redneck idiots lost house majority
Weak and predictable.

Attached: 1564196893368.jpg (960x923, 92K)

The GOP died with Trump. If you want a conservative party you'll have to start it.

and what business do you run? sitting in your trailer park watching fox news all day while you bash mexicans and do meth isnt a job.trumptard

if trump supporters had any sense,they'd realize the working class,gun owners and the military have left the republican's that for making america great again you trump supporting pile of shit

Vote Bloomberg.

Not payed for this;)

Retard thinks the Republicans had a house majority. Trump still won Senate seats even with the cheating in Alabama.

He wont win since the DNC is corrupt. The same trends happened last election against hillary. We all know how that went.

Trump is the enemy and he turned America into a shithole.

The Democrat who wins in November is nothing but a cleanup crew for the biggest mess and failure in history.

its not just conservatives

gun owners and the military left the republican party to.thank donald dumbass later.what a shame his supporters are as stupid as he is

If you think Bernie Sanders is a Communist then you're a retard, He is Capitalist. Real Communism never failed, in fact it actually got knocked down & rises right back up until some retarded fag named Garbachev who illegally dissolved the country known as USSR.

Attached: HakimYT.jpg (900x900, 35K)

You must be joking, or a Eurocuck who doesn't know shit.

Trump lost a total of 40 seats. Obama lost 69 in 010.

i dont want anymore new york retards running the country.although,i dont even want to vote in th next election,life long republican but dont find any reason to vote as long as donald trump and his dumbass supporters are ruining the party

want to make america great again? start by kicking out every "republican"who voted for donald trump

Kill yourself pinko faggot.

It would be cheaper to pay to provide medical care for everyone than it is to put up with an entire insurance industry (that sucks) that should not be necessary in the first place

says the trump supporter who brings up obama whenever somebody criticizes his president

Well, it's a good thing I'm not a Democrat. I'd be in a Progressive party if there was one, but I'm registered independent.

Also, your tl;dr is basically
>I'd rather have millions of American citizens suffer from our broken medical system than let the Government get any bigger!

It is worth nothing too that M4A wouldn't cover 'extra' stuff. Like your gender reassignment treatment or abortions or weight loss surgery. It covers stuff you need to be healthy, nothing more.

Buuuuuut...I can't just let that last statement of yours go, though. You were primarily a Dem, but now you're voting Republican to what? Spite the Progressive movement? You realize that the old Dem party are just centrists now, and not even left leaning centrists. I mean, I don't even get why you're so antsy about basically expanding medicaid if you were even a Democrat before.

>who doesnt know shit

says the trumptard who really doesnt know shit.the only reason donald trump got elected is because of uninformed voters

why did you post a pic with dashes for 2018? Trump lost 42 house seats, only gained 2 senate

Speak for yourself. Real conservatives dumped Trump awhile ago. "Conservative" congressmen won't because they're scared little cucks.

>Free-market capitalism means private profits and PRIVATE losses, not private profits and SOCIALIZED losses.

don't remember this happening during the Bush years - just cries of save us and socialism

Attached: C4JqwODUEAEwDGD.jpg (583x580, 53K)

>WaPo article attacking Bernie Sanders. I'm sure it is an honest assessment into his plans!

Coming from the people that released like 12 anti-Bernie articles in 12 hours.

My English is perfectly good and you frig off with your ethnic stupid nonsense. My ancestors come from both side of the borders and have live there for more than 200 years. There is nothing bad to have a respectful and intelligent political conversation, the US and Canada are two free country.

got a small problem with truth, huh?

I don't take advice from those manipulated by the government. I mean you probably have none idea how equal pay actually worked, aka one of the most basics features of Communism.

Fine. Keep giving your money to billionaire investors. They needed the most.

>He is Capitalist
Sure, kid.

Attached: 2558.png (500x500, 101K)


This is the turning point. This year, the billionaire scum and leeches finally paid less in taxes than the middle class did for the FIRST time in US history.

Time to break out the guillotines and change this into a proper first world country again. The GOP will be erased from existence and the Trump administration thrown into prison.

Nixon, Reagan, Bush Jr and Trump have turned this entire economy upside down to give EVERYTHING to the billionaires who do zero work and contribute ZERO to the economy.

Attached: 1287401482863.jpg (600x486, 111K)

Yes, we know that. You completely missed the point.

It would be cheaper not to pay for anyone elses shit, and just pay for your own.


He actually is though. He just thinks socialized programs should be used more liberally than others to stabilize the rampant vulture and crony Capitalists who prey on the middle class.

"Democratic Socialism" is still about 70-80% Capitalist.

How the fuck do you socialize the climate? Divide out the snow equally?

I hate to break it to you, but that whole 'mind your own business' thing went out the window 100 years ago with that income tax. Sounds like you're pretty miffed up in a tizzy about it. Wana speculate about your perfect society that will never happen ever no matter what unless Humanity as a whole collapses and all world governments are abolished? That would be more like anarcho-primitavism at that point though.

Except not. Most people cannot pay for their own. That's the whole fucking point, idiot. Millions of people die each year because of this slave system we have in place now.

why yes i vote against the interest of myself and my family.

Gotta support sports team no matter what brother

Attached: 8912223.png (1024x573, 461K)

oh look this myth again...

NOBODY ever paid 90+% individual tax rates. There were so many exceptions, exclusions, loopholes and deductions that even in 1944 at the 94% peak individual tax rate, the effective rates were NOWHERE NEAR that astronomical amount...

Attached: 33ggg59).jpg (787x613, 63K)

Attached: 1579507012451.jpg (640x640, 56K)

Hmmpf. I used to be able to afford my health insurance before Obamacare. I can't believe the costs now. And for what?

I dont understand how being sick will make you homeless. Sneeze and blow up your house?

Attached: 33a02.jpg (700x525, 103K)

Same with Obama then gets blamed for cleaning up W's mess.

You already pay for somebody else's shit via tax you dumbass.

nice new trade deal you got going on dere

Attached: EQhTWHPUUAAEacJ.png (532x476, 92K)

I actually started paying attention to politics because I joined the National Guard. When Gen. Mattis resigned in protest I looked into it because of how wack that whole situation was. Really eye opening to how horrible the entire Trump administration is. Former coal guy the head of the EPA and so on.

I like to support communism by buying a 1k iphone too.

The point is that it's been falling lower and lower and the US has been getting shittier and shittier and the middle class squeezed more and more since Nixon and especially Reagan and his subhuman GOP filth and it's caused massive instability to the economy.

Again, the MIDDLE CLASS / WORKING POOR paid a higher percent in taxes this year than the montherfuckers who have tens of billions of dollars. That happened for the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY this year. On top of that, it was inflicted directly to deficit spending by Trump, who's raised the deficit 91% from what Obama lowered it to. The Republican subhumans are going to crash our economy if we don't put a swift stop to it.

then get rid of taxes.

>I used to be able to afford my health insurance before Obamacare. I can't believe the costs now.

Subsidies will always lead to higher prices and reduced efficiency. This applies to any sector... health care, insurance, agriculture, real estate, education... Because there are so many dollars being injected into health care sector, prices naturally rise as a result.

So, if you're receiving assistance you don't care, because subsidies are absorbing much of these increases. But what about those who have to pay for these increases out of their pocket? Those are the ones who are hurt the most...

Any time the government steps in with a "benevolent hand" to offer subsidies, entitlements, and benefits, the more distorted that market becomes, and the harder it becomes for those who are not on the receiving end of the assistance.

The more we keep voting for well-intentioned entitlements, assistance programs, and subsidies, the more we are transitioning away from a free-market capitalist society, toward one that is more centrally planned / government-run.


says the party of "fake news"

trump supporters dont want to believe the truth,they just want to live in trump's fantasy land

The current generation of billionaires don't provide or create ANY of that or know how ANYTHING works. They were born into it and they just buy politicians, pollute and steal money from their fathers' company pensions to put in overseas illegal bank accounts.

I'm not talking about "seizing the means of production". This will literally be a trimming of fat and nothing more. A liposuction operation for the US economy.

Pay for your own roads, police, libraries, teachers, doctors, medicine, etc. Could you? Retard

what are you good at? got any sweet skills you picked up over the summer?

Spoken like someone who is 100%, absolutely entirely certain that they'll never encounter a situation in life that deals them a shitty hand when it comes to healthcare. No bad accidents, no unforeseen illnesses or disease because you buy them Info Wars supplements. Bad things only happen to blacks and browns and yellows! Them radio people told me so!

why not just run a dual system ?

one where we have M4A and you can opt into it if you want,

and the other that allows your to continue on your current insurance bloated path.

but those insurance companies are going to bloat the shit out of your costing even more because they cant leverage your costings against everyone else's.

unless your to stupid to understand that's exactly how insurance companies operate, the same as a "socialist" system except they add a nice slice of profit on top.
There were loopholes but it still amounted to significantly more money getting to public projects.


Attached: RJhMi5e.png (512x768, 434K)

Stay in school kid.

I will get rid of taxes as soon as corporations democratically share profits and control with the employees

Attached: 1565065160318.png (467x364, 42K)

Have you Bernie Bros seriously asked yourself if you want to win?
Coming after Trump is going to be a lot of work. Like cleaning up after Chernobyl style Herculean effort just to get the basic shit working again. You guys seem more like the sit back and smoke a joint crowd, so maybe let Biden have this one, ok?

Attached: 1502166274017.jpg (480x360, 37K)

It's not a myth. Industrial Age CEOs paid into horizontal growth because the only way they could keep being billionaires was to reinvest in their company and hire more people and expand production even more. Those days are long gone. The only companies that follow that model now are the start-ups and kickstarters that young entrepreneurs and inventors build.

This thread is about making it worse. The only people you gained from Obamacare were government subsidized. If you worked you paid for it.
Obamacare is going to fail soon and the democrats are desperate for the control socialized medicine provides.

Enter M4A. Obamacare times 10. Same bullshit sales pitch..

>future graph
>taking it as fact

i mean im all for the Bernie argument, if i lived in america he would definitely get my vote. but your just looking at projections there my friend.

Don't you mean fascism?

Any vote beside democrat is a vote for the most blatantly corrupt and incompetent administration in US history.
>But under the terms hammered out last year, revealed for the first time, CMS agreed to allow at least four consultants to bill up to $204,000 over the length of the contract. That included one longtime Verma ally — Marcus Barlow, her spokesperson while she was an Indiana-based consultant to then-Gov. Mike Pence — who was greenlighted to bill as much as $425,000 for about a year’s worth of work.

>Those are far higher rates than for the department's regular communications staff and even the agency’s top political appointees. Senior career officials in the CMS communications department were paid about $140,000 last year. HHS Secretary Alex Azar’s annual salary is $203,500, a spokesperson said.

Hey look, it's one of those retards who thinks he pulled himself up by his own bootstraps!

Attached: Calvins mom laughing.jpg (150x145, 14K)

I think you're understating the importance of the whole 'deductions' part. There weren't as many loopholes back then, so deductions were the way to go. How did they get deductions, then?

Spending money on your actual company. Self improvements and investments. Spending on your employees, wages and so on. They were FORCED to spend a lot of their wealth in ways that were beneficial to society as a whole.

That is one of the reason why the Trump tax cut was so disastrous. They gave the super wealthy really, really big tax cuts, but they didn't have to do ANYTHING to earn them. So since they weren't forced to spend any money in any particular way...most of the money went into stock buybacks. Wamp wamp. No trickle down for anyone anytime soon.

Imagine being such a brainwashed pussy you defend General fucking Mattis of all people

only candidate in my lifetime that’s advocated for legalizing solidarity strikes and mass labor strikes are the only thing that will ever lead to a more equitable society

>Bitches about taxes
>Blames republicans
You don't even live in America do you?

I haven't noticed much of a difference. And I make something around 1/124,123 what bernie sanders makes.

Also a billionaire doesn't have a billion dollars, they have assets that are assessed as worth billions. Mostly stocks. The thing about stocks is if you try and sell a billion dollars worth of stock, it reduces the price of stock since more of it becomes available, and you end up with a lot less than a billion. Supply and demand my friend.

>Have you Bernie Bros seriously asked yourself if you want to win?
>Coming after Trump is going to be a lot of work. Like cleaning up after Chernobyl style Herculean effort just to get the basic shit working again. You guys seem more like the sit back and smoke a joint crowd, so maybe let Biden have this one, ok?

I dunno dude. I trained 8 people who made teams and knocked on over 2500 doors in Nevada over the course of 2 days.

Personally I don't think many of Donald's supporters will even bother to canvas or pick up the phone. It is probably because they are too scared to even tell their neighbors about their political beliefs. I ain't sweatin'.

Attached: b32111678.gif (550x380, 1.85M)

I'll take ANYONE but the filthy enemy Trump. Blue No Matter Who. Because the first president after this colossal mess is literally nothing but a fucking janitor cleaning up after a 4-year long, heroin-fueled mixer party at a rock star's house.

>Well, it's a good thing I'm not a Democrat
You are such a full of shit liar it’s pathetic and you are a horrible salesman. Next you’re going to say you’re a black woman or a military veteran when in reality you’re a white kid sitting in his dorm room shitposting on behalf of his LGBTBBQ friends that have sucked him into the mental void of the Democratic Party. You and the rest of your arrogant liars have turned the Democratic Party into promoters of open borders, late term/ possibly post birth abortions, promoting transgenderism in prepubescent children, and forcing people to pay for it against their will. I’m not a religious person but at some point you have to realize you’ve been voting for the bad guys.

Also, expanding Medicaid is a far cry from Medicare for all.

46 years of pro-corporate policies and public gaslighting. His policies and taxes are closest to what America had when it experienced its greatest 30 years of growth. It would be a big hit to the global elite. He is 20 times mord qualified than Trump

this is the quiet part, loud. m4a and free college are admirable things to demand, but in the short term function as distractions. labor reclaiming power is the only way to get there

>the mental void of the Democratic Party.

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That's a stupid question. Yes, I do live in America. I was born here and went to school here and started my career here. What's your point? The Republicans are and have been the enemy of the middle class since the late 1960s/mid 1970s. Reagan was literally the END of their relevance as a political group and after that they've been grifters and leeches working directly for corrupt billionaires and nothing more.

Bernie is part of the club ya cuck.

Imagine being so retarded that you believe canvassing actually does anything.

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The reason why a universal system works is because everyone is on the same 'plan', more or less. Imagine an insurance plan with only 10 people paying in and splitting the cost. One person draws out and it costs everyone a lot. Imagine a plan with 100 people, and then one person uses it. Much more cost effective. Now imagine a health care 'plan' with 300,000,000 people chipping in.

Splitting a universal plan doesn't work. People who are more 'at risk' (older) tend to be shifted into one section where it forces the price to be higher.

Oh ok, so you're just a complete fucking idiot. You wanna cry about taxes but you vote democrat. That has got to be the dumbest shit I have heard in a LONG fucking time. What are you gonna complain about next, catching herpes in the bathroom of a gay club?

Trump's people just cheat and use scams and fake news. They can't canvas because half of them are too extreme and the other half are embarrassed to hell at having ever supported him.

>fake news posting
>jamming up phone lines
>making fake pro-democrat donation sites to steal money from people
>Fox fearmongering retards
>Russian web brigades posting scripted lies

Bend the Knee, nobody is buying

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I'm not for Bernie or Trump, but I can say good for you. It's a monumental task you are carving out for yourselves, everything has gotten so dysfunctional in DC since Trump took over that a vote on weather the sky was blue would likely end in filibuster.
So like I said, good luck, the uphill climb doesn't end in November, it only begins anew.

...what is the problem with Mattis?

Are you the world's shittiest troll or are you legitimately this retarded?

>Imagine being so retarded that you believe canvassing actually does anything.

politics - how does it work - just post on the chans, job well done grats Donald

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>Expanding medicaid is a far cry from medicare for all

Except that is what it is. Bernie's plan is to simply lower the age of eligability for Medicaid from 65 to 55, then 45 and so on until everyone is covered. Coverage would be expanded as well.

His record is illustrious enough to prove you otherwise. Hist votes are in perfect order--the problem is that he hasn't put himself out there and sponsored many bills, so he's kind of passive in that regard. Amy Klobuchar is actually a much stronger candidate, politically, than he is, but she's not getting much publicity or anything at the primaries. She'd be fantastic to see in the Oval Office.

Ya bro the republicans are jacking up everybody's taxes. Guess it's time to vote democrat haha. You really think anybody is falling for this bullshit? You're the same idiot who says the democrat want strong borders, don't you? Even though every sanctuary city is a democrat controlled dump.

Democrats need illegals for the votes. As a lot of people in America already see through their lies. Hence why you see the middle class struggling yet the poor keep getting rich by sitting on their asses yelling "muh feelings".

That's so crazy it just might actually work.

Those of us who can afford good, regular healthcare can still use that system for a while while those who aren't under coverage and need it the most get it first. As an egalitarian utilitist, I actually completely agree with this.

Do you have a reference for that being the actual plan?

Pro 2a
Finally a return to market regulation for workers instead of the elite. The last time we had economic policies he is supporting a man could work 1 fuckin job and live comfortably.
We need labor movements to comd back.

simply classify, legalise and tax all of the illicite drugs on the market.

for the drugs in higher classifications (heroin ice ect) they should just come with information pamphlets n shit showing all of their side effects.

not only do you then create companies in your own country that profit form this market, but your also controlling the quality of the product.

there is absolutely no way the drug cartels will be able to maintain their market values, their prices and amount shipped will lower drastically, and so will their power and influence over time.

less stigma means less deaths and more treatment, and has also shown to reduce addictions rates.

america is literally just letting a criminal organisations in another country reap profits off them that they can be making themselves.

I am a gun owning, veteran Trump supporter. I don't know where you are getting your information but they are lying to you. Most rank and file military members are solidly behind Trump and where do you think the gun owners went? Definitely not Democrats. Most I know are solid Trump voters.

>At some point you have to realize you've been voting for the bad guys
I did. I voted for Trump in 2016 because I didn't pay attention to politics and I thought the memes were funny. Now I'm voting for Bernie.

Also, National Guard, work in commo, 25Q. I am white, live in Oklahoma.

But for real though, Republicans and Democrats can go fuck themselves for the most part. They're two sides of the same coin. Bernie has the history and the record of honesty, though.

You're a really funny dude though, thinking that post birth abortions are a thing.

Bernie seems like he would do more to patch up the existing mess rather than scrap it and start fresh as socialism calls for, considering the mess were headed for this would probably be too little too late.

The other dems are weak ass ineffective imitations of Bernie, not worth any serious time.

Trump is for if you want your fascist dictatorship sooner, keep in mind if you don't have at least 10-20 million you basically count as a pale Mexican and you will likely end up fucked (the climate refuges will make your labor worthless)

Also, if you got coastal property now is the time to sell. Climate changes and the resulting refuges are going to tank the property values and the economy fairly soon. The economy in the next 2-3 years then in the next decade or so the refugee wave/housing crash will become visible and panic the capitalist.

Might actually be better if trump wins a second term, that way everything can fall apart on him and the propaganda can't claim the economy died because Bernie looked at it.

>Democrats need illegals for the votes.

Oh yeah dude... I'm out there in Wisconsin and Michigan just making social security numbers like its cinnamon toast.

Don't worry, we will have plenty of legitimate votes. You know why? Because last election was about Hillary... not Donald.

It's what the taxes GO TO that's the problem, dumbfuck. I don't mind paying a normal range of taxes as long as I know those making over a million, let alone a BILLION dollars are paying a bigger proportion, which is the proper way to handle taxes in the first place.

TAKE all the money that is STOLEN by billionaires and corporations and give it to the people who actually benefit in society from having it. And I don't mean "give it" like money, I mean build and fix schools, libraries and youth centers, arts centers and repair the healthcare crisis with it. To quote Genesis, "Let's start trying to make this a place worth living in".