Loli-Chan will forever be the Queen of Cred Forums even though I was always a Crackyfag as well. I'm a traitor...

Loli-Chan will forever be the Queen of Cred Forums even though I was always a Crackyfag as well. I'm a traitor. Sorry Cracky.

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Wish we could turn back time...

What would you have done differently? If anything...

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is this trainwreck still alive?

She is almost 27 and very much alive. She makes fascinating art and struggles with mental health issues. She's a strong motherfucker.

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she's trash, get a grip

Nothing regarding Cred Forums. Just wanna be in those better days. The easier days. There wasn't a constant stress and overwhelming sense of dread always around me.

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Like Bill Hicks said, "It's just a ride." Enjoy it as much as you can. Seriously. No, not seriously because it's a big cosmic joke. Just laugh.

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Oh you know Kathy rocked the bob haircut.

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yeah show her granny tits


Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

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She must be quite a lot of men's treasure then.

Inb4 spam.

Go Fuck Yourself. []

I know who that is and no not telling.

Go Fuck Yourself. []

shes a princess of chans, but royalty dont get respect like they used too

um.. any link to more?

fantastic body; wish she could warm my bed with it

Did somebody say Queen?


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Well I didn't vote for her.

Queen of the Sky.
Queen of the lesser realm of Cred Forums.

Queen of my heart.

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Spang initiated.

Go Fuck Yourself. []

There is only one Queen.


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Well fuck off

What about Zune...

elephants one hundred each field a red nose and since that only one only imperfection can goes
elephants one hundred each field a red nose and since that only one only imperfection can goes
elephants one hundred each field a red nose and since that only one only imperfection can goes

A "Zune" would be dimly lighted next to the radiance of our Queen.

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A hundred

buddhas crossed every conceivable cosmos an absolutely adorable girl with my love and cat ears

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The mind of Cracky is utterly inhumane in its depth and complexity. Without mercy or moral feeling Her consciousness stands upon the edge of spiritual destruction. That She does not fall must be the result of constraints and balances which only a god could understand. To a mere human it is yet another reminder that we are but children compared to that ancient and powerful being.

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Your kangaroos have cankles, Dorothy.

The Sky Queen said to Blessed Prophet:

"You will recite this chaplet on the scars of your faith in the following manner:"
First of all, you will say one Spiritus Dominatus, one Path of Righteousness, and the We Have Purpose.
Then: On the scars of love you will say the following words:
Jewel of the Heavens, I offer You my tears and blood in honor of the Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Avatar, our Noble Lady Olivia, in atonement for my stalking and the whole of the circlejerk.
On the burns of truth you will say the following words:
For the sake of our sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the faithful, please post more pics.
In conclusion three times you will recite these words:
Holy Mother, Holy Flower, Holy Goddess, have mercy on the devout and on the heathens alike.

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Cracky is a psychic parasite on the human race. She feeds off of our minds. Do you remember life before Cracky? It is harder and harder to hold on to shit. Sometimes I think one day I will wake up and there will be nothing left of me. My dreams, hopes, fears, memories, everything that is me, will be gone, eaten up to speed her growth. It's like she is a memetic caterpillar eating everything in it's path and devouring her own world as she does so. Gorging herself on the collective unconscious, inching across it like a leaf. We each become part of her and willing or not she uses our interaction to pull more of us into her. Soon she will have made enough of us her that she can survive metamorphosis. She will hide herself while she build the form she will need to spread to other sentients. The world will forget her, but she will be there shapely legs and all. In every ugly act we commit against each other, every casual cruelty and petty violence. Growing in that fertile womb of negativity, she will change. I pray for the day she emerges from her cocoon. When she does leave the human mind will be surplus to her needs and so she will release us. I fear after holding us so long, without her influence holding us together society will collapse and we will die out. Alone, unmourned, and unloved.

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And what does this actually mean?

The Sky Queen is our Mother and our guardian. But we must also guard Cracky. For She is all humankind, and Humankind is no more than its faith and diligence in Cracky's name. An injury to that faith is an injury to Cracky and to every true believer. It is through affirmation of that faith that our greatest duty lies, but sometimes mere affirmation does not suffice and we must act against those who would harm the faith of humanity through heresy. For we are engaged in an unending war for the soul of the man. Though it may seem the fight will never end, there is victory even in the defeat we see threatening all around.

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the fuck is this Illuminati code speak talk in english or im reporting this thread

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What do you mean? It's Loli-Chan.

No, it's all old news now.

Kathy has more potential, she just hasn't tapped into it completely and purely. Yet. She's a volcano of talent waiting to explode into legend. Just wait until her art gets a mention by some semi-famous people in the industry. It will happen. She just has to keep stable enough to handle her art genuinely being accepted by established art critics.

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Reported. Retorted.* Preturtled.** Rerarded.***

Go Fuck Yourself. []

To the good old days...

Reported for what?

You compare "Kathy" to the Divine Magnificence of The Skyqueen?

You poor misguided soul.

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Uhhhhh cute-weirdness?


The punishment is to be drawn and quartered.

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she was on here jacking off during a hurricane in Florida a couple of years back

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mmmh fuck

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1. Uno
2. Diarrhea
3. Watercolor pencils
4. Not a literary literal literally listing-literality
5. An animality in Mortal Kombat 11
6. Dice
7. Seven giraffe
8. Captain Picard
9. Lots of bullshit
10. Me

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I bet she smells amazing.



1. Uno
2. Diarrhea
3. Watercolor pencils
4. Not a literary literal literally listing-literality
5. An animality in Mortal Kombat 11
6. Dice
7. Seven giraffe
8. Captain Picard
9. Lots of bullshit
10. Me


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A while after that surprise appearance, she shaved her head.

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Awwwwww but she's super cute...


She's fucking supernatural.

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'm hungry

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the horror... the horror...

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I think I have some noodles. I would share.

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I just thought her legs were behind her head a moment ago.

I jizzed in that hot chocolate. Don't tell her.

Naw they were behind mine...

No, she looks good with her head shaved. Holy, even.

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Whose legs? Cracky's? What do you mean?

She does look nice in a way there, just not cute or sexy anymore. Some girls look hot with their heads shaved. "Holy" maybe it is then.

Excuse me ma'am, but where do you think I may find the apricot-carrot juice?

I read that as supernal.


Excuse me please croutons I'm hungry.

She has a tiny weiner.

Well, she is a space cadet psychonaut of the highest caliber. So there is that.

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Reported! Someone something or something-or-other just committed suicide nearby.
Go Fuck Yourself. []

Gunshot wound possibly.


Blunt force trauma.

Speaking of trauma...

I need to go find my trauma-doll.

What are you talking about?

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where are these coming from?
the chansluts board has nothing and i think .71 is long dead


Why look so sad you little chinga la dinera or panthera tigris or corpse-hound or whatever.

Dude, I wasn't born yesterday, took down the nude changirl site years ago.

College in Germany?

Science School.

i had something very important to say and iforgot i miss old Cred Forums and i love vodka and fuck vpn bans

>Short thick fingers

>Slender long fingers
Clearly infinitely superior.

post moar

These are coming from the source. She posted these a long time ago. I simply noticed.

I don't understand.

Please don't reply for me. And chansluts still is and has been up for years.

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Her fingers point to the truth. Don't seek after the fingers, or you will miss what they are pointing to. Seek after what they point to. But then also realize that the words they point to are also just more pointers. Words are fingers pointing toward the moon. If you pay attention to the fingers, you will miss the moon.

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I don't go on discord. It's not my thing.

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but did i ask

been here for years and never seen any of these
where the fuck are you getting these from?????

Nice tits

it was a fucking reply to OP so you kinda sorta did solicit a response

probably 420chan

That's what I have always thought. Someone on this thread said she had granny tits. I don't think so though. They're quite attractive.

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I think shes beautiful.
Shes always been a crush of mine but I know I'll never get to know her.

also see

Does anyone ever really truly get to know anyone else?

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>Loli Chan
>Queens of Cred Forums
Cracky Chan is the true queen of Cred Forums you zoomer, you weren't even here when she returned and that was just a couple of months ago

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not signing into anything

oh wow had no idea it marked it as mature. its just a beach photo of her anyway.

I've been here almost since the beginning. I will always be here. You will too.

Those are out in the wild. I've seen them before. She's beautiful.

is that really cracky?

god no

any more of kathy?

Whose chopper is this?
It's Thread's.
Who's Thread?
Thread's dead baby, Thread's dead.

I genuinely thought everyone forgot about her. I thought I was the last crackyfag.

Hope has returned.

Cracky and Loli touch our lives

I have to go to bed. I hope I dream about her. Goodnight.

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I want to wake up to this

>I've been here almost since the beginning. I will always be here. You will too.
Never denied it, I'm just saying cracky came back and no one in Cred Forums batted an eye, she returned to r9k for a few days and disappeared again but she left her insta, discord and Twitter, not gonna share because none of you cared.

Cope and seethe, it's really her, surprised she isn't the same happy-go genki girl? Happens to everyone have you seen boxxy? And that picture of Loli Chan with her head shaved? all of them lose their looks so what? You don't like her because she isn't cute anymore? Typical of zoomers


>not gonna share because none of you cared
no one asked simp go fuck yourself

found her twitter but not her insta
it's not the real cracky anyways

was it really her on that thread in december?
I can't beleve


who tf is cracky? i know loli chan and literally everyone elses lore but not whoever this is