Time to weed out the retards

Time to weed out the retards.

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inb4 uneducated pemdas ameritards start having philosophical discussions about division sign

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= 6÷ 2(3)
= 6÷ 6
= 1






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6÷ 2(3)
= (3)(3)
= 9

How you get that?

It is 9

If you don't get 9 you're a literal retard.




^this. Left to right


Why you doing division before you do brackets? Who ever does that?

The math equation is poorly formatted but the correct answer is 9

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Once you've solved what's in the brackets you can essentially discard them.
6 ÷ 2 × (1 + 2)
6 ÷ 2 × 3
3 × 3
You may also solve outside the brackets first if inclined, you just need to remember to solve inside the brackets separately
6 ÷ 2 × (1 + 2)
3 × (1 + 3)
At this point you could do the distributive stuff if you wanted
(3 × 1) + (3 × 2)
3 + 6

Bam! Good explanation.


>3 × (1 + 3)
Pardon the typo.

I did the parentheses first (1+2) = (3)

>inb4 uneducated pemdas ameritards start having philosophical discussions about division sign
What do you even mean by this? The only thing I can think of is that some people might try to treat it like a fraction for no apparent reason at all other than that division is involved.

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whats that line with the dots after the 6

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so if it's 6::21+2 then the answer is 6::23 ?

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god damn its like you guys are so fucking retarded you never went to an American Public Schooling system class in your life!


100% wrong answers

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I think has the right answer. How is he or she wrong?

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Please explain why you divided the entire equation by 6 ? Just another dumb nigger.

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In what world do you divide the entire equation by 6 ?
You divide 6/2 = 3

distribute the 6:
cross multiply:

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Correct answer

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Because doing the division before the multiplication has ever been correct...

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The level of stupidity is so high here, I truly believe you’re just pulling my chain because no functioning human is this dense. My kid is learning this shit in grade 5-6. Are you smarter than a filth grader ?

look at the time stamps from OP and the first reply this is a bait post XD everyone who responded is a retard also the answer is 1 retards

pemdas is literally the childs way of understanding. Go take an actual calc class and learn how this shit works. My lord

Left to right idiot.


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>What do you even mean by this
This troll is ancient and a frequent play into it is PEMDAS vs BODMAS and whether or not multiplication or division occurs first. Protip: they have the same priority and you solve left-to-right once brackets/parentheses have been solved. But because Cred Forums is never short for fresh retarded normies and trolls we can keep this troll going forever.

6 divided by the product of 2 and the sum of 1 plus 2.


6 ÷ 2 (1 + 2)
6 ÷ (1*2 + 2*2)

6 ÷ (2+4)

6 ÷ (6) = 1

Its really all comes down to whether the divisor is all inclusive or adjacent term inclusive.

Generally when written with ÷ it is adjacent term inclusive only but given that the 2 can be distributed its still more likely 1.

Moral of the story is separate your terms.

Wrong nigger. Go back to grade 5. In what realm do you move numbers from outside the brackets inside the brackets

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>6 ÷ 2 (1 + 2)
>6 ÷ (1*2 + 2*2)
It does not because you've done what I said you couldn't do and mixed what's what is outside the parenthesis with what is inside before solving one or the other.

>comes down to whether the divisor is all inclusive
And when written as it is, it is not. No programming language, search engine or respectable mathematician will interpret it as you have. Then again no respectable mathematician would ever write it that way.

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Even more alternatively
Lets look at
6 ÷ 6 = 1

This can be rewritten as
6 ÷ X = 1 where X = 6

X = 6, 6 = 2*3. Repeat the same logic with Y ie 2*Y=6 where Y = 3. 3 = 1+2.

So we have X = 2Y = 2(3) = 2(1+3)

So 6 ÷ X = 6 ÷ (2(1+3)) = 1.

The point here is that 2(1+3) is one term. For the answer to be 9 it would need to be (6 ÷ 2) × (1 + 2) which might been the intent but as written its not. In this case if we applied the distributive property it would yield ((6 ÷ 2)+2 (6 ÷ 2)) which would then get 9.

As written the answer is 1

>you've done what I said you couldn't do and mixed what's what is outside the parenthesis with what is inside before solving one or the other

distributive property allows this friend.

>And when written as it is
It suggests that the 2 and the (1+2) are a single term that has been expanded via the distributive property

pemdas gives you 9.. you retarded?
parenthesis, exponents, multiplication/division (left to right), addition/subtraction (left to right)

1+2 = 3
6 / 2(3) (do left to right)
6 / 2 = 3
3 * 3 = 9

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The answer is 1


>6 ÷ 2 (1 + 2)
as written 2(1+2) is a single term, the distributive property suggests this is just an expansion of 2+4 as a single term which is 6.

BIG retard alert.

>So 6 ÷ X = 6 ÷ (2(1+3)) = 1

Conveniently adding extra parentheses to your own equation doesn't make your interpretation of OP's equation correct.

6 ÷ X = 6 ÷ 2(1+3) = 1
1 ≠ 9 ≠ 1

You can alternatively apply PEMDAS as schools do today: Simplify everything inside the parentheses first, then exponents, then all multiplication and division from left to right in the order both operations appear, then all addition and subtraction from left to right in the order both operations appear. (A better acronym would be PEMA, actually, to make it clear that multiplication and division are done together, and addition and subtraction are done together.) By that convention, 6 ÷ 2(1+2) = 6 ÷ 2 × (1+2) = 6 ÷ 2 × 3 = 3 × 3 = 9. If you were taking the ACT, SAT, or GRE (which would probably use parentheses to eliminate confusion), this method would yield the correct answer.

But wait, you say—isn’t that 2 to the left of the parentheses part of simplifying the parentheses? After all, this is what my own Facebook debate partners were arguing. In fact, the 2 is not part of the “P” in PEMDAS for simplifying parentheses, but there is a basis for simplifying the 2(2+1) before it’s divided by 6. It’s called “implied multiplication by juxtaposition.” We know the expression 5x means to multiply 5 and x because they are juxtaposed next to one other. But should these operations be done before a division that occurs to the left of them in a problem? That depends on whom you’re talking to, or what calculator or programming language you’re using.

Internet rumors claim the American Mathematical Society has written “multiplication indicated by juxtaposition is carried out before division,” but no original AMS source exists online anymore (if it ever did). Still, some early math textbooks also taught students to do all multiplications and then all divisions, but most, such as this 1907 high-school algebra textbook, this 1910 textbook, and this 1912 textbook, recommended performing all multiplications and divisions in the order they appear first, followed by additions and subtractions. This convention makes sense with BEDMAS

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You fucked up the order dipsht: its Multiply THEN DIVIDE

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your educational system failed you

No you don’t just discard the parenthesis!

>Your education system has failed you.

most likely meant BEDMAS

Find me a search engine, calculator or programming language which will give an answer other than 9 for OP's equation without changing the equation or explicitly instructing that the answer be otherwise.

There is:
BEDMAS (Proper Order of Operations)
PEMDAS/PEDMAS (Same thing but M and D are interchangable depending on the problem)


BEDMAS is for dumb cunt eurofags

That’s an interesting way of looking at things because that turns it into 18÷2=9 still the correct answer.

This is an interesting problem and may be a trick question.

The visual grouping of the
with the (1+2)
makes it look like this multiplication should have higher priority than the preceding division, but according to PEMDAS it doesn't.

To see slightly more clearly what the issue may be, try writing the multiplication explicitly to get:


Secondly, note that the PEMDAS mnemonic does not give greater priority to multiplication over division. It actually expands out as:

P for Parentheses

E for Exponents

MD for Multiplication and Division (left to right)

AS for Addition and Subtraction (left to right)

So if we explicitly follow PEMDAS we find the following:

Dealing with the parenthesis first, we evaluate the expression
it contains to get: (1+2)3, hence:

Then evaluate this left to right (since multiplication and division have the same priority):


It’s the same thing. You must be Canadian

Or Canadians

Maybe you should read
before screaming eurofag, mutt.

here retards , easier to read

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multiplication/division before + or - so
anything parenthesis is first so

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also 9

It can be either 1 or 9 depending on how you choose to read it, there is no definitive rules when it comes to a number multiplied by a parenthesis like that.
That's why you need to take care to write your parenthesis properly.

It can be interpreted as either

6 ÷ (2(1 + 2)) = 1
Where the 2(1 + 2) is a simplification of the parenthesis


(6 ÷ 2) (1 + 2) = 9

I would argue it should be 1, since if we put it as an equation

6 ÷ 2x = 1

we get x = 3, this is how we were taught to read these things in my math class at uni anyways

Your first example you’ve added brackets or parentheses whatever you wanna call them. Your second example you have also added brackets. But at least you got the right answer. I don’t understand why people need to change the question to get the answer that they believe is correct. The question is very simple if you follow laws of rule mathematics 9 is the only correct answer.

Well I didn't add any brackets in the last example when substituting the bracket, and that seems correct as well

yeah , and that gets you back to 6/3(3)

6/2* mb

not that guy but i think a lot people take pemdas too literally and will do the multiplication before the division as it's written in the acronym, which is why a lot of people are coming up with 1 (answer is 9 obviously)

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Multiplication before division you god damn mongoloid.
6 / 2(1+2) = 6 / 2 * 3 = 6 / 6 = 1

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That should be blamed partly on the way they were taught.

The answer should always be 9, if done properly.

yeah no shit you're wrong


Prove your statement

its 9


6 / 2(1+2)
6/(2+4) using distribution

6/2 = 3
3(1+2) = 9