Celeb night

Celeb night

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Fanning fanny

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No I meant sleepy time tea.


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long time see little sis

Companies failing to specify it's a herbal tea aka tisane in the brand is why we can't have nice things
>t. tea nerd

Yes, mommy

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Fuckin HOT.
Pre-Fappening treasure

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Very nice. Moar?

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I have green tea, do you think it will help me?

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Still hot

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No that will have caffeine in it. Try reading a book.

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Need full pair

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Is this the only nude?

No, but I can explain why it won't which might help. All my friends fall asleep when I do

What is this sorcery

this is the only nude

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As far as I can tell, yes. It was from a magazine photoshoot and appears to have been unintentional, as the magazine pulled it from their site and social media soon after.

before sleeping last night I drank three cups of coffee, caffeine is not so evil

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GREAT deepfake

But I'm too lazy to read book now,
I'd rather read the thread: )

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she hits me in the feels

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It effects everyone differently. I know that I can drink a few cups an hour before bed and sleep fine. It's the thoughts that constantly run through my head and the anticipation or anxiety of things that keep me up.

Ohh and the voices, those fucking voices.

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I'm hitting you all with a drive-by nessapost and then going to play vidya. Hope all your nights are going well, and your tomorrow is even better

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Try a bong hit or two 15 minutes before sleeping

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Nessaanon, you so kind :3

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That’s not bloomer sh!t, fam

her music is very nice for me. sweet girl
don't start me on the thoughts to keep me up
hello goodbye n1

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No U, always U.

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makes me sad sometimes

who dis

hello anons :}


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the saddest for me, I think: youtube.com/watch?v=Cb3nGYGQ0J4
miss phoebe bridgers

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hi duanon :} how're you doing?

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I'm trying to sleep, but so far to no avail: D And how are you?

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Ah, I've been there before!
I'm just about to eat a salmon burger, relaxing at the moment :)

>cami is final boss with those shoulder pads

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What the fuck?

Go Fuck Yourself. [youtu.be/-Q71peRkx1g]

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Well, now I want to eat too)

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Woops, sorry bout that :'D

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Everything is fine; 3Maybe if I eat something, then I can fall asleep faster)

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Fuck off nigger

This place is so shit lmfao. All I have to do it post a few new pics and gifs and I'll see them getting reposted over and over again the next following few days. no wonder bd spams, jesus christ.

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Perhaps duanon :D
Whenever I can't fall asleep I start doing push-ups on the ground to get tired.

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bye anons

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dont be an angsty teen

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Oh no, it will only make me more awake, before going to bed I should be calm :)

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you'd never get come off that couch

I just can't help it sometimes

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come again friend


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who hurt you?

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Fair enough :3
Maybe try to think of dua to help you fall asleep?

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Imitation is flattery etc.

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I often think about her, especially before bedtime: D

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Is there anything i can do to help? :}
later user :*

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No but thanks for asking: 3

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No problem :) maybe if i bore you, you'll fall asleep :p

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I don't want compliments, I want the threads to be better.

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then stop posting daisy

no fakes please

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You can not tire me: D Can you advise some kind of video on YouTube, some kind of boring video

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Good one.

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>play speed .05
thats better

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o dam

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i didn't get to save these, hope you don't mind me saving them? :)
I'm not sure what you find boring but i found this video in my recommended lol. who knows maybe you find this stuff interesting though :3

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I literally only posted them for you to save them.

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more like pokidayummm

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that moment you realize "she" fighter is demeaning to women.


thank you user, i appreciate it :}

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camelover here

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i bet she has more leaks

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Rachel Miner's got the better appeal, imho.

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we need few kiki

nah im out

Nice tang

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sorry user, i don't have kiki pics on this laptop :(

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She is such a beauty. It's a shame Disney fucked the new Star Wars movies up so bad. So much potential wasted.

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yeah, Disney fucked big time

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Inb4 celebrity death thread.


Holy fuck
I’ve never seen this pic before
So fucking sexy

Excuse me please croutons I'm hungry.

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Thinking about her thicc ass

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God annasophia has such a great ass

Man, she's just so cute.

thinkin bout thos; buns

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how long before she going nude

life saver :)

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bath scene was great

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Sunday Night Cameltoe

Maybe Its Makebelieve

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If a camel stepped on your crotch it would probably hurt.

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Not soon enough

let hope she go nude in season 4

I'm going to go take a shower, so you girls later.


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maybe leak, i want to see her and weird sister in a sex scene

Rachel Miner has the best talent.

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she should be nude in that sence

That's from season 3. She is getting all oiled up with angel blood under the moonlight, but the pagan gods ate the moon.
So much hedonism.

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i think we will see pagan again

Attached: Ultra HD Breed Bum.jpg (3849x3480, 754K)

def not fan service *cough*

Love that

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If dubs, I delete my /cel/ folder

i still think the tomboy is kind of cute

Niggers are retarts...
muh dik, ooga booga

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I'm more interested in that thing Father Blackwood unleashed from that big egg.
I'd love to see some H.P. Lovecraft monsters.
So much potential for fan fics.

she has a great ass

someone post picture of the weird sisters

you mean theo

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sound like they doing time travel in season 4. like father blackwood he is one interesting character on the show. I do have a theory about Lovecraft monsters


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Neat or cool or awesome or whatever.

everyone is entitled to my opinions.

Intergalactic Overlord Xenu is great.

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Mrs. Bridgers

Thanks. Best Emma is good too.

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Hope everyone's night is going well. :D

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Would park my airplane between her eyes any day/10


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lol. did Ron Hubbard meat with lovecaft?

Killer has always got me right in the feels. Smoke Signals as well. I saw her live at 191 Toole and you better believed I cried and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

right now and how are you?

i wish post tea on her

Pretty well, finally home after a long day, so things are feeling quite comfy.

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Man she's an entire ice-cream parlour.

Wow, Corly must be asleep huh? Give me a sec to make a new one.


i cant even pretend to understand what you mean by this

sunday nights are made for comfy