Gee would you look at that

gee would you look at that

Illegitimate half nigger and illegitimate president

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Man, conservatives are so easy to dupe

still your president though

it's ez when they don't use logic and only think based off emotion. Don't worry, most of them will be dead in a decade anyway.

Can't wait

If you mean Illegitimate you mean being born in America and running a successful campaign and earning the majority of votes by American citizens for the Office of the Presidency then yes, very illegitimate indeed.

>If you mean Illegitimate you mean being born in America
Citation needed. The birth certificate released by the Obama team show clear evidence of post jpeg compression photo manipulation on all key areas tiring it to him.
He has created more doubt around his birth circumstances by releasing it than if he simply hadn't.

>and running a successful campaign
He cannot be credited with running the campaign. Do you know anything about a presidential campaign?

>and earning the majority of votes by American citizens for the Office of the Presidency
Your wording here is objectively wrong. He didn't earn votes, we are running in a 2 party system.
It doesn't matter who or what is running, if you have a D or an R next to your name you're guaranteed nearly 40% of the vote. That's not earning.
An agreeable rewording would be
>He received a majority of votes in the 2008 and 2012 presidential election

Yeah no

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using snopes


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Dumb Fuck liberal cited snopes

A jew using google...

Your credibility vanished

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Dude, Columbia university didn't use digital IDs until 1996. How does a twitter screenshot make Snopes wrong.


Attacking the authors doesn't make the facts less of a fact.

Dream on shill

Oh look gee

Now you look like a stupid lying shill fag

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of course I can question these unqualified authorities
Stupid jew

Your problem is expecting me to accept their lies as facts

This picture is of a Kenyan (Obama )

And a gay sex toy

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As far as I'm concerned 0bama's rich, white grandmother cooked up a scheme to get him in a college program he was in now way qualified for. He should have been left in Hawaii to choom on the beach. Everybody would have been better off and happier for it.

I notice you didn't even TRY to go near the tuition assistance question

Nice even evasion you jew rat

Another photoshop. Keep trying

>"The article was a reproduction of an Associated Press (AP) wire story which dealt with the withdrawal of Republican candidate Jack Ryan from the race." "However, the Associated Press made no such reference; the identification of Barack Obama as “Kenyan-born” was added to the Sunday Standard‘s version of the AP story by someone else"

You shouldn't be citing a twitter screenshot in the first place. Who the fuck in Mark Lutchman and why do you think he's telling anything correct? I'm not gonna fact check Twitter.

At least you’re comfortable and open with looking like an imbecile. Boomer trash!! Lol

Good thing he's not the white dude humping it in that photo. That makes all the difference, methinks.

I hope you guys realize that you aren't able to prove any of my fact checks wrong so far.

It's almost as if everything you know about Obama came from JPG files.

The ID snopes seemed legit.
The other one is literally hinging on hear say.
>Yeah that exists, and yeah no one said anything about it for decades
>But now that he's president the woman who wrote it was asked about it and claims she made it up
Not a strong foundation. In other words, the print talking about Obama being born in Kenya is legit.
Your own source disproved you. Kys.

This is so easy...

Your image here is fake news.

There, disproven. Checkmate, fat conservative faggot.

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Well, conservativism and liberalism will always kinda exist, just like they always have. Conservativism always loses to change, in which the liberals embrace. Conservatives tend to be less educated, intelligent and older, thus change is hard for them. Liberals tend to be younger and educated with a higher IQ, so change is easily adaptable to them. These "teams" will always exist, and Xers will be the new conservatives after the boomers are gone, and so fourth. The world keeps turning.

>The other one is literally hinging on hear say.
The thing about AP articles is that several dozen newspapers copy the texts word for word. That means, It's pretty fucking easy to find the original text. So here you go:

Translation: I don't like what he said, so I'll fabricate reality and make him a shill.

That's not the second one.
That's the third one.