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8. 25+ if nigger


7. 2 on the front, 2 on the back, 2 for the sleeves, and 1 for the neck.

9 if you include asshole that would wear it

If you didn’t answer 8 your are mentally retarded

8 also op is a fag

You forgot bottom

8. Traps are gay

That one is the same hole as the neck hole.

Hitler did nothing wrong

6. Easy. Next.

8 holes, 7 if the back side of the shirt is a big hole that coveres both of the front's holes.

That shirt may be holey, but I wouldn’t wear it to Church







FUCK. you're right

At least 7:
Sleeve x2
Two front center
And there begins the ambiguity
There could be one large hole in the back center or two separate holes matching the two in front allowing us to see through it. Nevermind if there are additional holes in the back with none corresponding up front.

That shirt has a whole lot of holes!

There are 2 holes...



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> (OP)
>If you didn’t answer 8 your are mentally retarded

None. The two marks in the front are just the design of the shirt

Most correct answer. Also acceptable is the possibility that the shirt has no back, and so the neck, bottom, arms and rear holes are all the same leaving the total at 2 instead of the most at 8.

I identify with that shirt having 72 holes. Therefore that shirt has 72 holes. And you can’t tell me otherwise!

None. The holes are ON the shirt, not IN the shirt (I’m so smart!).

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at least 1 million, size depends on how tight a weave

Well, that depends on what you define a "hole" as.

1 or 8

Eight Because:

1 Neck Hole
2 Arm Holes
2 Front Holes
2 Back Holes
1 Body Hole

1 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 8

2 unintended holes - the kind of holes non-retarded ppl would talk about.

4 when you consider that both of these holes also are on the back side

4 intended holes: 2 sleeves, 1 for the neck and one for the body.

Topologically, that's 4 full hole.

how high is your iq?

4 is the only correct answer.

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this is literally the answer

I dig this thread ‘cause I really dig holes

Hey OP, post a dick pic!

When you’re dancing with your Honey
And your nose is kind of runny
And you think it’s sort of funny
But it’ snot

Unanswerable, since you cannot tell how many holes are on the back.



A hole itself is not actually a real, existing thing. Rather, its a way of explaining that something does not exist within a space. A "hole" is just how we convey that missing thing.

At what point does a hole exist? What size, minimum has to be missing for a hole to be declared. We are all just atoms and elements formed together.

Here is a quote from the video "Do you know what a hole really is? It's a word. A colloquial fuzzy inprecise lexeme that refers toa host of disparate utterly unreconciled things that eludes a single precise mathermatical definiton. In fact, holes might not even exist.

There are through holes and blind holes.
A blind hole, for example, would be like a fish bowl. Clearly, theres a hole at the top. But say we mold, without ripping or tearing, it into a bowl. Okay, I mean i guess a bowl has a hole in it. But if you said that I would just assume the bowl itself had a hole, not just the openning. But lets continue, mold the bowl more, into a plate. Does the palte really have a hole in it? Not really.

A through hole, for example is one that cannot be molded out without ripping or tearing. Like a donut. No matter how you mold it, you can only have that one hole.

This leads to our shirt.

There are actually holes in the fabric where the yarn is interwoven.