No dick rate thread

No dick rate thread.
Lets fix that

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thanks 8/10

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Thanks for the 8

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My girlfriend likes small dicks, she thinks yours is little and cute


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Check em, what’s she think about this one?


Kik me allent211

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Here's my fatman dick.

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kik = SynShadows5100

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Fuck I wanna feel that inside of me ~

Rate it

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Rate me

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Love those balls 8/10

7/10 I wanna lick it

Heres mine :s

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Nice cock!

Tennessee thread

423 bonus

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8/10 any more?

I hate this so much

Not bad 7/10 hard to judge the size but looks decent.

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fuck your cock is amazing

what ya think?

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10/10 so big

Relatively great
Objectively great

I think everyone is self conscious but I feel lucky

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No homo right bros

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6/10 size nice but colors off lol

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Any of u having sex

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Like porn or in general?

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i want you to fuck my face

Thick_dick_master on kik if you wanna chat

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Yeah generally I have sex lol why?


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kik me zto423 for more love showing off

They mean any photos of you having sex