What is your favorite handgun Cred Forums?

What is your favorite handgun Cred Forums?

Mine is the USP 45. I always wanted one, and I finally bought one in 2007 after renting one at a gun range and shooting it much better than the pistols I had or shot before.

Fast forward 13 years later and it's still my favorite handgun. Got nearly 7k rounds through it, and have shot over a hundred different handguns since and this is still my overall favorite handgun. Only the nice $1500+ 1911s I've shot better.

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STI 2011s hands down

colt 1911. gotta love the classics

That’s a MK23 OP....

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Jesus christ these extra salty coomers get so upset over 1 single gun thread, not even a troll, in their 100 or so porn threads. Pathetic.

Hahaha my bad. Looked like a USP form the thumbnail. Yeah I have one of those too, but I still like the USP better.

M9/92FS, really cool piece. Also very partial to the Coonan 1911.

>M9/92FS, really cool piece

I agree. They are very unique, and besides their retarded safety they are really great guns. Reliable, accurate and easy to shoot well with.

My suppressed Smith & Wesson 2.0 full size. Just an overall good gun, good trigger, excellent grip texture, very shootable.

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what do you fags think about .40 calibers? are they really as unpopular as people say they are,i kind of wonder if they arent because its always glorified in gang related ghetto movies

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whats the point of putting a supressor on a handgun? your pussy soyboy ears couldnt handle the bang

sounds about right for a craft beer drinking hipster fag

What is a great gun for CC and fun to shoot at the range? Also cheap and doesn't fuckin jam

Stay away. .40 is almost dead. Glock doesn't even make a gen5 in .40 and many other companies aren't making new .40 pistols because the round is on its last legs. Get a 9mm and you'll be happy. .40 is for dumbass gangmembers. In reality, modern 9mm hollowpoints perform just as well, plus ammo is cheaper and you get more capacity in the same size magazine.

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>My suppressed Smith & Wesson 2.0 full size

Nice. I hated those guns when they first came out, but they have improved so much. My small concealed carry gun is a 9mm Shield. That little fucker shoots so damn well for it's size and has been 100% reliable.

go drink some more craft beer hipster,i bet you grow a beard during november to,nothing says "im insecure"like thinking a beard makes you a man

>what do you fags think about .40 calibers? are they really as unpopular as people say they are,i kind of wonder if they arent because its always glorified in gang related ghetto movies

40 short and weak is the worst round in existence. 357 sig is where it's at. Same capacity, more power, more reliable, better barrier penetration and much less recoil.

13 years and only 7k? Yikes

I think its cool

i guess i shouldnt of brought up 40 calibers on a website full of red hat trumpers.since you guys are the ones who made gangs political(not that its the reason i want a .40 cal,i just figured id get something with a bit more balls then a 9mm) so its probably 99 percent biased opinions

p90 hands down

although,in a self defense point of view.if i could drop somebody just as fast with a 9mm as i could a .40 caliber then id rather just stick with 9mm

You absolutely can with a 9mm. .40 is snappy as FUCK. Just try shooting one back-to-back with a 9mm. Anyone will shoot the 9mm better and with faster follow-up shots. That's just a fact. I have a .40 cal Glock 22 and I keep it just because most cops in my area still use .40 and I figure if shit hits the fan I might be able to grab ammo more easily but it's still a garbage round.

What's wrong with that?

Great round. The hipsters and arms manufacturing jews who want you to buy the newest fad have it about dead. It is more powerful than 9mm Luger and slightly less powerful than .45ACP. The casing is only slightly larger than the 9mm allowing more more rounds in a magazine than you would get with a .45ACP. As far as buying your first pistol in .40? No. 9mm Luger with a good hollow point round is more than adequate for self defense and ammo will continue to be cheap and plentiful. .40S&W will be less and less common on the shelves. Anybody telling you that 40S&W< 9mm is a larping faggot.

By your logic, I'd rather have 10mm because the capacity equals .40 and it's MORE powerful than .45 ACP, by a lot actually. At least 150 ft/lbs of energy.

If you can shoot 10mm well then good on you. Carry that instead. I bet 99% of shooters can't shoot 10mm well enough to be carrying it as their primary self-defense caliber.

The best gun is the one you can and will carry. If a 10mm is good for you then use it. If is too snappy for you choose something else. The best is what works best for you. The difference in recoil in 9mm and .40sw for the average man is not that much. We are all not built the same. My metal frame .40 might be less snappy than somebody's poly frame .40 because of the weight. The answer is to find the gun that works best for you. The gun sitting at home because you don't like to shoot it is no good when you are being robbed by a crack head.
Most hipsters arguing about how shitty a.40 is are larpers who don't want a boomer caliber. It is dishonest. The .40 was designed to fit the niche between 9mm and .45acp and did/ does it well.

>As far as buying your first pistol in .40? No

what about .45acp then?

i dont know,i always think about this subject and i kind of want to get something like an ar 15,but i just feel like space wise,noise level and over penetration.a handgun would be better

I have always loved my Khar CW9.

or lets just say this

if i was worried about over penetration in a small space.would just buying something like an ak 47 or an ar 15 with some type of hollow point be good?

the only 9mm ive ever shot was a beretta and i didnt really like it so im wondering if maybe alot of my issue is because of that

An AR will penetrate less drywall than a handgun round because the high velocity ~3000 fps of a 5.56 will cause it to fragment on impact whereas handgun hollowpoints won't mushroom but will instead clog with drywall and punch thru more interior walls. Noise-wise, yes, an AR will be loud as fuck. That's why god invented suppressors.

AK would not be a good choice, 7.62x39 is a good penetrator. 5.56 from an AR however is an excellent choice. Heavy for caliber 77gr open tipped match hollowpoints fragment easily and are ideal for confined spaces.

so what should i get in terms of an ak 47 in terms of confined spaces? hollowpoints and a supressor?

>what about .45acp then?

Get a .22lr. I'm serious. Then go with a 9mm then a 45 ACP.

nevermind,i read what you posted wrong

however,i thought ak 47's and ar 15's in terms of my point about over penetration in a small space would be the same

regardless,i like ar 15's also.alot of the reason why i was interested in an ak 47 over an ar 15 is because i like the look of black ak 47's better

This really isn't the place for this discussion. Go watch some of the gun vids on YouTube. Paul Harrell is one of the best I've seen. I'd tell you to lurk on /k/ but that place is a fucking looney bin. Go to a range and rent different pistols. Find out what works best for you.

heavy as fuck, slow velocity, wrist breaker. it's a shot gun for men with tiny hands that want to feel like they have power in life, when they don't.

>gun vids on youtube

ive watched alot of those.and 99 percent of the time on /k/ i usually just get troll answers or people tell me to fuck off or call me an idiot i just get into an argument

Good choice. Really nice pistols. I have a MK9. It is a bit of a boat anchor in comparison to your CW9.

I like myself a Beretta 92fs, but also a Glock 19. But for style, i'd go with an Automag AMT in .44 Magnum.