Are big nipples a turn on or turn off?

Are big nipples a turn on or turn off?

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The bigger the nipple and the bigger/darker the areola the sexier imo

If they’re on a girl. Yes

lol yea

a lot of people dont like it, i think its sexy.. what do you think op

They're my biggest fetish

Yes, if you like big nipples you're a flaming faggot

Do you mean areolas or nipples?

Big areolas are tight as fuck.

No OP but same here

those who like small nipples are gay

those look fine

what about the actual nipple, I think is really hot when that sticks out

Love big nips

Crazy your rack looks just like my girlfriend's. Same piercings too! But yeah, those are nice.

Turn off. Unless they're puffy, puffy nipples are great

I like both

>your rack

its not me, I just found that picture on google


These aren't really big

Om om om


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oh yes

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any more of those udders?

Girls with big puffy nips are sexy, little nips are sexy too though.

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nice, udders for sure

This guy gets it.

Pepperoni nipples are fucking gross.

Give me the small, perky, pink cuties any day.

Giant, gross, dark, dinner plate tits can call a surgeon and have that shit fixed.

Found the virgin!

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big nipples on big tiddies? great
big nipples on small tiddies? weird lookin

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Love hugs nips. Ex had some big ones I'd suck on for hours.

pic related

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they are if they're pierced

The real turn off are the piercings in the nipples, but big nipples are great.


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Fucking this.

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pic related's nipples are good. areolas could be a bit smaller but 7/10. small nipples on a girl are worse IMO. but there's a line... they can be too big as well

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Bigger the nipples the better.

Yes to which you autistic fucks

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Areola-fags are creeps. Big nipples are disgusting in real life. Women are insecure about this for a reason.

I'm not into big nips, but who fucking cares? To each their own.

Ok, virgin

Complete opposite, actually. Small, button areolas are tight. The bigger the areola, the more it just feels like basic breast tissue and is therefore loose and pointless.

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You're either:
>A. Faggot.
>B. Female.
>C. Virgin

Either way, shut the fuck up.

Nope, fuck off your highschool insult.

Big areolas are fucking gross. If you'd actually experienced this in the flesh, you'd agree. Too many internet fags basing shit off pictures alone, with no actual experience.

I can't believe this shit is actually meant to support your argument. I don't want a fucking dairy cow.

Mom, I used the virgin insult again! Fucking areola weirdos.

Any bigger than this is textbook deformity

See this is what I don't understand about you fucks. What is the point of having an areola if it takes up the entire breast? Quality over quanity.

That soft goop shit will basically turn into an autist's dictionary of deflated braille when she's properly aroused. A smaller coin areola is peak compact hardness, which is what any straight man worth his salt wants in a nipple.

Fucken niggas out here actually defending these sunny-side-up mixed-paint nipples that take up half of the upper torso. Get off the fucking internet for once.

Turn on

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>hurrrdurrrr ur a faggoo virgin
Either that, or we have actual standards.

Go suck off a fucking cow if that's what does it for you.

>on Cred Forums

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What kind of a self righteous fag rips on what other people like and acts like we should care? Fucking moron.

Saggy fat whale-bitch tits reporting in, thanks for all the support guys :) :)

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Legitimately coming from the guy who got flustered and started calling people virgins because he doesn't like small nips.

I'll take what is hypocrisy for $500, faggot

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You commented first, dildo queen. I came into the argument late.

That comment was my first, young faggowan. You have much to learn.

Pepperoni nipples are gross

Those are actually perfect

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On! all the way on

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I love big puffy nipples

Love big areolas. And big nips.
They aren't the run of the mill breast.
It gives them personality.
And they're hot!

more! i know that chick!

Good shit. More of her?

Oh yeah? What's her name

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anna t

I think I want to lick your asshole

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Idk her. That's all I have. You got anymore?

i wish

Perfect body

Well your welcome lmao

Quite a bit more

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Keep posting? Got kik?

I'll keep posting some more. Wouldn't take the kik offer unless there's something you got for trade.

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Just her

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Sure, I got like 5 more pics left, post your kik and I'll trade em for the ones of your girl then


Nice try kiddo. But my wife has had 4 kids with me and I sucked her huge areolas more than once a day.
You will never experience being an alpha and sucking those big milky udders with phat swollen nipples.



8/10 Amazing body

i like big nipples, what do you think about wife?

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Glad you like her. Anything you wanna see?

The reason is you, gaylord.

Any ass pics?

Sorry for the late reply

Don’t really care but small preferred

turn on but only till a certain point, once it goes all the way around your body and turns you into a nigger that's taking it too far.

Sorry for the late reply as well

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Great ass!
I assume you have no pics of her nude ass?

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Goddamn boy. Thanks

Wish I could share but the girlfriends I had never sent me nudes

Oops i replied to my own reply My bad, way too baked

Want anything else?

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Got kik? I can send way more there too

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Fuck, i deleted that shit like a year ago.

If you have a pic of her spreading her ass that'd be fucking dandy

Closest I've got. Anything else?

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You have pierced tits. I don't like that. I don't like piercings.

Obv a turn on
If you're in to small nips, you might as well fuck guys
>Tighter assholes, more sexually available, can't fake orgasms, can actually play vidya,

Best nipples I've sucked. This is about as large as they should get. Any bigger and it's weird.

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