/2d beast/ thread

/2d beast/ thread

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oh, Winston...

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Disgusting. Who draws this crap.

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Who is the artist of these?



These 2 make my dick hard. More.

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trannies are weirdos

More stuff with gorillas would be fantastic

I got ya.

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keep em coming user

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Nice tie for a gorilla

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ive only found a faggot reposting other people's works.

what's the original sauce of these?

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Thanks now all I hear is pure monkey noises

Why isnt there more nazi / holocaust beast content? I mean, think about it, they had total control, musta at least had some fucked up shit going on between them big ol german shepherds and the subhumans

Wrong thread, bro, the blacked thread is two pages over

Fuck you

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did you know? a gorilla's dick has the same proportions as a pencil.

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Love dog rimming

Fun fact gorillas relative to their size have some of the smallest penis in the mammal kingdom. A gorillas usual length hard is around 1 inch

Yeah that's why gorilla bestiality never works for me. Breaks the immersion.

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Why are you so gay for gorillas? Something you wanna to tell us?

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dumb captcha ddos timer bullshit

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Where do you find these? Love to see a full comic

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nothing by henti has been uploaded in a while though, I'm guessing they're longer making stuff would have to research it

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*no longer

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Okay now I'm getting their group name as being 8r4.

Just so damn confusing, and it's such a shame because they make such good shit.

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animal abuse

Alright I found 8r4 on DLsite, it seems they have made new stuff, but nobody has uploaded to exhentai.

I'm guessing they used to be called henti or split from henti to create 8r4, because they're older stuff isn't on there DLsite page

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Pen abuse!

Henti is not on DLsite at all apparently. So idfk, maybe they renamed.

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Fuck would love to see some full comics

erm excuse me?
is this the name of the artist?