How do you cope with the death of a loved one?

How do you cope with the death of a loved one?

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Silence, simp

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By not loving anyone




alcohol nigger

I try to forget whether it be alcohol or weed or just doing literally anything. I try not to think about things. I tried not to think about when it was that my existence became less about the things that make up people's lives, and more about the holes that losing those things leave behind but I wasn't doing a very good job at it

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been hitting the bottle but it only makes being sober less bearable

You don’t. You just get better at acting normal around other people. Become really busy all the time so you won’t have time to think about them.

Dont run alway from the reality. think hard about all the good memories. let it all out, and move on. it will get easy with time

thanks anons

weed is a nice lingering high but you build up the tolerance quick so its easy to overdo it and walk around in public trying not to be obvious that you're high

will try that

You don't...
My dad died from pancreatic cancer 2 years ago..and it still hurts as much as the day he died. Hes in my thoughts and dreams constantly and it always makes me sad.

this is just what i do

last summer i lost my best friend to the rope, and a week ago my other friend died from OD

shits hard when it comes out of left field

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guess ill just give it some time

it takes time

and after a while, you will just not focus on it that much, but it will still hurt just as much, so just try to do shit that takes the time away, watch anime, play games, or just watch Tv or somthing

hope you will get trough it

I've never lost a close loved one, but I believe the time is coming soon. Here's my philosophy on death, OP. Depending on the circumstance, it can be both sad and beautiful. If somebody's last few years of life consists of pain and agony, then it's a blessing. Why get scared or upset over something that's inevitable, accept it. However, if it was premature or unfortunate, then that's terrible.

the only good advice here. If you don't properly process your emotions it will lead to damage later on

When my grandmother died I drank, smoked weed, snorted shitty "coke" which I suspect was ritalin and baking soda, and fucked a girl 10 years younger than me. Once I sobered up, things seemed better.

mfw brandon pleads not guilty

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Everyone says the guy never visted Cred Forums but I honestly dont find that true or he was in on the whole Elliot Rodgers incel thing.

Imagine what it was like for this guy living out in the middle of fucking nowhere to see this girl of his dreams basically taken away from him like most of everything in his sad pathetic life. There is literally nothing to do out in up state New York.

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What’s the story behind this photo?

is this that one whore that got killed and posted on IG?

she was a manipulative whore and he was a beta orbiter. the end
dude cut her throat and killed her. then tried to do same to himself but failed. did all that while posting ig or whatever platform

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You know his name? I just feel a bit weird google searching that shit.

Wish he posted her nudes before trying to kill himself

Brandon Clark and Bianca Devins

Cheers man. What a cunt of a bloke, eh? People are fucked.

I bet if she looked like Amy schumer no one would give 2 shits if half her body was grinded into mince meat while still alive

ive lost three close friends i considered family in the last year and a half. shit sucks. i wish the best for you. i drink a lot of alcohol to feel better.

the best cope is a motorcycle. fuck all you pussies top scared to ride. fucking pussies

Yeah no doubt he was a stupid faggot but honestly chicks need to learn how to avoid that shit. Ever since they all started using the internet around the MySpace days, they’ve just whored themselves out on every corner of it. There’s way too many naive, idiotic girls acting like total sluts despite where the attention is coming from. I hate to say it but evolution weeded her out of existence. Even in this era of mass communication, survival of the fittest still well & truly exists.. just in a different form.

Oh I totally agree. Sad for the family though I would imagine they have seen this photo?

>Even in this era of mass communication, survival of the fittest still well & truly exists.. just in a different form.
Adapt or die

lol faggots sent cum tributes to the family last i heard

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>this is just what i do
>last summer i lost my best friend to the rope, and a week ago my other friend died from OD
>shits hard when it comes out of left field
Man, suicide is gay

kys faggots

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Wild Turkey 101

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she was a shit videographer
that clip is barely fappable

give her a brake. she was 12

You cope by turning to the ones you trust, talk and confide in them. ignore whatever these faggot annons have to say with the whole “kill yourself” thing. There’s a lot of monsters that wear a man’s skin.

I’m pretty sure that *any* dude wearing another guy’s skin isn’t a good guy.

This Gay Earth
This Sad World

Don't want to white knighting but what a waste of a cutie 12yo
Would hug

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Kill another loved one so the pain gets evenly distributed.

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or kill all the loved ones so u would never have to deal with pain again

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To be fair, they were two cunts who deserved each other. I'm sure they got married in heaven.

He's still alive in prison.

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>How do you cope with the death of a loved one?
Friends, relatives, talking, and God.

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By moving on like a normal person. Fuck thots.