Who's the legend that knows this video

Who's the legend that knows this video

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From the digging I made was this finding just this, I need more tbh, I need to find the full video

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please provide the video

We need a detective or something, because legit I can't find it

lol no

No cool guy in here digging?

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I need this video bruther

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Don't let this thread die legends, until the video is found!

Call me what you may, but what tf even is the joke here?

No joke here, just a depressed lad tryin to unfold this mysterious video

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thank you for the fast reply, will get back to you when I have any updates

Legit calling it.... time of death of this thread

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Forever lonely and lost

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My head hurts, still nothing, all im getting are walls

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Why am I and this so hard

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Well bois.... time to accept the fact that we suck at detective work and that we'll never see this vid

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I have it downloaded. How do I post it here?

upload to mega and post link

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not sure if this is the full video or not

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oh nvm

You can try converting the file to .WEBM and uploading it here.

Well bois.... back to the hunt

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the full video is the one on youtube.


I don't know about that jack

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Maaan, bump this thread

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Use duckduckgo.com and turn off safe search

Well lads... the full video will forever be lost

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bumping this