What do you think billie eilish smells like?

what do you think billie eilish smells like?

she seems like the type of girl that would smell wierd

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That's a girl? I always thought she was a man

i'd eat a mile of her shit to see where it comes from

it comes from her butt,duh

I'm gonna say all the girl scents I dont like. Like lavender or lilac. Or grandma

She prolly smells like really hard water and lime deposits.

probably like old mothballs tbh a good question though

Cardamom..but weird for sure

Weed, mothballs, and lavander

looks like the kind of white trash that smells like cat piss tho...

Grrreeeeeeennn... Yeah

Is billy the new Andy??

Logs for days.

Cat piss, fish & weed.

probably like weed, cigarettes, body odor and dried cum.

The cum of a million hung-dick niggers

like her sweaty feet

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her feet are ugly though

She has those typical massive flat feet trailer trash girls of Germanic/Celtic descent typically have

like every dancer-ballerina feet, they destroys her feet in trainning

she smells like nigger

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she looks hotter with Steve's eyes

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I don't care.