"Give me an excuse."

"Give me an excuse."

"To let you live."

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Your brother scar is planning to betray you, I can give you the details

98 Bronx Drive

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"You know what a 'Hossa" is....Frank?"

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His friend in Aspen Meadows.

Frankie Mossad

"Go ahead and take whatever you like."

Go outside.

"Problem is, he didn't steal anything."

Something like that.

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Get bit in the neck, not coming back.

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"Hyenas only chance."

"Out breed you."

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33 years ago?

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I 'stole' something after she said it was okay to take something.

Not stealing.

gift for...

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"Do not touch the steering wheel or you will ground."

Only when this mother fucker is stupid enough to touch the car.

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When I have my knee on it, which is how I drove in that car anyway.

280 zx

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How the fuck am I going to ground by touching the steering wheel?

Same thing with the wallets, why he got back in his truck there.

This little tease.

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Third time he took the 'charge' for me.

By my count.

They have known each other their whole lives, sort of.

The wallets
my cousin virginity
the lightning strike
pleas dont prinsdon

"I am going to have a child with someone else."

"This fucking guy? I thought you meant some loser. Better him than me."

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"Doesn't look too happy."

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"For awhile there, just seeing me was bad news."

That was the trial offer.

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Every time he is around, she marks some one.

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That thing at 2:34.

Marked for death.

Because he is excited.

"Because it is worse when you know it is coming."

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"Think it over, with some juice."