How do I find a young man that listens to Ride? Or any shoegaze bands, really. The Field Mice, the Pastels, Slowdive...

How do I find a young man that listens to Ride? Or any shoegaze bands, really. The Field Mice, the Pastels, Slowdive, the Vaselines, My Bloody Valentine, etc. Why are these guys so rare? Do they even exist anymore?
I basically gave up on Tinder. I go to house shows but they are all sweaty 30 year old hipsters trying to be young.
Pic is Mark Gardener.

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Maybe if you stopped liking shit tier shoegaze bands and instead you listed to Honeydips. number girl, kinoko teikoku, etc, you wouldnt be a lonely roastie.

Also you know the rules bitch. Tits or GTFO

lol thanks that really helps!!!!1!1!

What age range are you looking for?

maybe they feel enough shame to not share their shit music taste.

Even back then these C86 bands were fairly obscure.

I have no idea what you just said except you want to fuck another guy. Faggot.

I am 22 but I would date a gen X that was into gazing, preferably within five years older than me though

none of this is obscure you tryhard

Yeah, my ideal guy does not use tinder, Facebook, Twitter, or any social media. Sometimes doesn’t even have a phone. Also is superior enough to not share their music taste very openly.

I’m a girl and I am bi so I guess I am a faggot too

The youngest Gen Xers are like...38.

I never said it was lol this is literally the type of music I listen to

Nobody believes you are a girls

So you're either looking for someone paranoid or too self concious to put themselves out there?
Or maybe someone who believes himself to be above these things?
Or maybe someone who doesn't give a shit to the point of it being sort of like confidence?

Your statement is confusing.

Have you tried going to shows by small local bands? Typically those crowds will be a bit younger, mid 20s. Often like 30% of them are just friends of the band.

But, the real honest truth is if you are basing your attraction to a person based off what bands they listen to, you arent setting up for a healthy relationship.

Instead, just try and find an open minded guy who likes listening to new music in general. Its a LOT easier to find a partner who gets into your style of music (and shares their taste with you too), then to find someone who already likes the same band as you, especially if its a more niche one.

An open minded partner like that, who listens to the music you like and gets into it because they know it means a lot to you, thats someone who also will respect you in other aspects of life.

I hope that advice helps you out.

yeah I /would/ date a gen xer just because music taste is generally superior to millennials or gen z... fuck gen z, they have zero subculture or music knowledge generally.
oh yeah bro

dividing people into categories based on when they were born is fucking retarded.

I go to house shows yeah, they are usually pretty stuffy when there are younger people there my age. But most of the time now it’s alcoholic 28+ year olds who still have long hair and are generally really sweaty.
I agree with you completely, though. I guess I would more than likely want to be friends with this person that listens to these bands or similar. Even “more obscure” post punk like Faust and Cleaners From Venus would be cool. I was just wondering if these guys exist anymore or if Gen Z has completely eliminated all common knowledge of this era of music in England. It is my favorite and that would make me very sad.

You don’t think a 60 year old has a different outlook on life, different music taste and knowledge than a fifteen year old then?

If the music is good, no one can eliminate "common knowledge" of it.

You either have to accept 2 realities.

A. You've just been unlucky and are going to really shitty house shows and need to find a better crowd, because the music really is good stuff and you are just bad at finding good parties where peeps are into it who are your age.

B. The music is actually just garbage and the people who listen to it are the same.

Im gonna assume its A, because most music worth throwing a party over and draw a crowd can't be THAT bad.

I don't listen to shoegaze (Never heard of it before tbh), but I'm sure theres plenty of people out there who like it.

Just, go to other areas of town?

I think it could be either, tbh. Maybe mostly A. I go to this website for pretty much all of the shows I go to, otherwise it’s at venues or invite only type stuff. It’s mainly recycled Midwest emo, post emo revival

Not all of them no. I think a 60 year old can be just as retarded and immature in some cases as a 15 year old.
Other way around too, some 15 year olds act more mature than some adults.
I think it's retarded to assume anything based on some "meme" bullshit.

So then it is okay for a 16 year old to date a 36 year old if they are the same maturity level?

Go back in time by 25 years and go to Oxford. Problem sorted.

They might vibe well together, that doesn't mean they should fuck eachother.

Not really c86, more early 90's.

GenX here, saw Ride in Mcr at the Underworld. Great gig, also pulled this cute older chick who screwed my brains out.

Still, not as cool as a colleague who saw Joy Division.

Happy days.

I saw Ride at Readinh festival back in the 90's. They were pretty meh.