I'm smoking meth for the first time alone. What should I do?

I'm smoking meth for the first time alone. What should I do?

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Bump, really interested

Flush it, retard.

listen to lofi hiphop and this guy

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I'm currently trying to order shit off the darkweb. Just deposited coins and then next thing, they are gone.

Masturbate so furiously you rip your dick off

go mania immortal mode and get shot.

Play blitz chess online and listen to a playlist of your favorite tunes. Something with a faster BPM and less words.

clean the entire house more thoroughly than you've ever cleaned it before

Needs meth for energy? Doesn't take meth just to fuck or binge? What is wrong with you, you will become a meth addict. You should throw it away.

Go outside.

I would suggest not doing it in the first place. But if you do. Masturbate. I can guarantee you won’t be able to stop


Start the 4th Reich

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This. Meth is NOT something to fuck with. It will completely destroy you 95% of the time. I've seen it happen too often. Flush that shit!

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put some lemon juice in it
trust me

I think the phrase is “only once”.

Or “not even once”.

He’ll split the diff

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Yeah, that's pretty good.

Ask yourself why you're life has become so meaningless.

Sex on meth is great. Go get a child and go to town...reading to them

I know a couple trannies who prostitute for meth. It's awful to witness. They will say or do anything to get more. When they don't have it they become enraged and psycho.
Don't do it.

>smokes meth
>I can do more
>5 years pass
>op is getting into a car with a toothless grin
>$2 for a blowie $3 for my butthole $4 for both

OD and die


Had my first hit 6 years ago. It's something I once in awhile (like twice a year). I don't think its all that good really. But fucking benzos. That are an issue for me

don't waste your time going on 12 hour porn binges

Dismantle your urethra.