Trap Thread

Trap Thread

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chanel santini, gr8tst trap to live

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>mfw trap threads are still a thing

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Where is the real /b traps

Used to be some hot posters

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uwu who's that cutie
wait I know

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the jews did it and epstein didnt kill himself

Any OC traps wanna kik?


Who’s that?

who are you? kik? discord? telegram? anything???


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sup cutie in chastity, give your bf that footjob yet?

fukkkkkkk bro are you serious?

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im ordering that same cage with my tax return !!!!


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I really like it :) I've been thinking about getting a birdlocked myself

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goddamn nobody in my house has the libido I do, wanna come be my cock?
YASS I need me a nub too!

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look though I have this serious problem...
I grow out the back no matter what causes my dick is too, uh, lively?
I've tried different ring and sheath sizes and nothing seems to help

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is that you? more?

they're too big, i actually went from a Mini to a Nub to get a better fit so i could pee better and not need to remove it as much so i'd get more frustrated : p

id LOVE a birdlocked-nub though because the "ball separating thing" is amazing once you fill up with cum no device tortures your sissy balls like a birdlocked

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wow, you need a body harness, so the cage will be anchored to your hips

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The problem I run into with the nub is I can still kind of get hard in it. I want something that I know won't grow lol I want it to remain small

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right well what can I have that yaknow I can actually keep on when I go out and stuff
just nothing right? thats kinda what I've figured given what I've tried and looked for
and the HTs are worse, they have a shape that practically encourages that

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I present you Daisy Taylor

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jesus, any source or more of the OP pic? thats is the hottest shit I have ever seen!

anyone have some wins of rinsenpai?

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and/or can you point me at a male harness that's cute? all I can find are super hot skimpy ones designed for female and it's pretty frustrating :c

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you're sure you're getting both of your actual testes through the ring right? and the right is as tight as can be without cutting off blood, because when your clit tries to grow it should be hurting your balls so bad your knees get weak and your stomach hurts and you want to cry. (that how i feel when an erection trys for more than 5 mins)

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Too bad she cut her hair she was beautiful with nice dick

hahahahahaha yes I'm positive
I wish I had a better pic of how much this makes my balls want to pop, they swell up crazy and turn red/purple if I'm too hard too long
and I've seriously worn the like smallest HT ring with no difference, except because it's a bad design it scratches me to put on ):
IDK can I get a birdlocked 2nd skin nub with a 30mm ring and a harness PLEASE it's like cage companies don't even want me to be restrained dx

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Oc. Currently takin pic requests.

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but I can count testes, I think

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Show balls sexy, and more feet

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theyre so full!!! i want to lick inside your cage all around your head and make you even more frustrated !

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Is there any place to find pics without plugs in their asses for these pics? I'd just like to see the asshole.

well yeah but then this happens and my balls get like blood constricted and turn blue XD
which is cute, and hurts, which I like

yeah go for it
I still wish I had a cage that worked right

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That's me and of course :)

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would your bf let me suck your toes while he fucked you? also if i did a good job would you unlock my chastity cage and let me cum free?

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nice, thanks. Seems harder to find ones like these than it should be :(

I love my plug lol

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can those be locked on your feet?

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good luck getting someone around here to fuck me ):
seriously no libido in this house except me
you can do whatever you want to me and my feet, but no you're gonna cum through that cage cause there's no excuse to take it off unless it's to fuck someone
or you're like me and have no interest in touching yourself anyways! I can barely cum topping

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Nah. I've been curious about getting a pair like that, but would probably be some ankle booties if I were to ever do something like one of those frilly sissy dresses

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*whimper* ive been caged for 4 months and forgot what an erection feels like...

what if i paint your toes really nice? will you unlock me then to touch myself?

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If I'm in West Europistan and trying to fuck a trap, where should I go? It's been a fantasy of mine for a while


How are you a trap? Youre look like any pathetic lanky boy everyone thinks its got to be gay cuz he looks so girly and you went and believed that shit "oh! My body doesnt fit the male standard so instead of accepting it or doing some pushups imma go ahead and take advice from all these people bullying me for having fast methabolism"
You fucking retard

jesus baby! well you heard the rules you can only get unlocked if you're gonna use that erection for something good
like ramming it down my throat

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Stop posting here

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that face is so fuckable

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but wait what if I like being someone's toilet?

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I hope your loved ones find these pictures when you die.

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that would be quite a turn of events

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don't get me wrong, I don't want you to die or anything, but everyone does eventually, why not add some humor to their trauma.. or perhaps more trauma.

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thats all such sexy content
I wish I could eat all that right up
kkeep posting

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Time for destruction

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Going to fuck this tgirl tomorrow, probably, what do you think about her?

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This is her, I'm pretty sure she uses a wig tho

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Straight guy who is bi-curious. I wanna try dick in the future.

Is the only thing I'd allow to fuck me or I'd suck his dick. Everything else made me flacid as fuck.

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could i please see more of your feet? i'm pretty sure you're the same one from the other thread. the most amazing feet i've ever seen

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I am, except this threads pretty fucked
I post like a wall of feet pics every once in a while, shouldn't be too hard to find
or dm me on my twitter and buy some customs, I'll do literally anything you want then!

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or better yet pay me for some 'modelling' hours and come use my feet however you'd like, just be sure to take pics and film it!~~

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the sexiest

god damn it, i need sauce on this one

Good for you just don't fall in love or attend stupidities like with real bitches

khloe kay

Bump of truth

Hitler was a pedo

shut up slut and post more cute feet