Sup Cred Forums. My CS friends and I developed a survey about Fortnite gameplay effectiveness for our graduate program...

Sup Cred Forums. My CS friends and I developed a survey about Fortnite gameplay effectiveness for our graduate program. I am aware Cred Forums is NYPA, so I'm just asking that if you're interested in taking it, please do. When all the responses are collected, I will post the data and conclusions on /vg/ and Cred Forums.

No personal information collected, just multiple-option questions. Thank you in advance.

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with all the application areas of CS, you fuckin choose this shit? why are you even at a uni when youre just going to end up in web/app development.

It's for a game design strategy study. Trust me, I don't want to be involved with Fortnite at all.

which is an arguably worse application area than webdev. you can get those jobs with an associates from some technical school for people that didn't graduate high school

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Done hope you guys the best on your grade :)

Thank you man. Appreciate it!


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Believe it or not there are positions for ingame ergo/strategy developers which require a master's. I am personally shooting for one of these.

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development managers you mean? there are loads of jobs that 'require a masters' and you can also get an advanced degree in a multitude of useless things, which it would seem you are. but I suppose I am happy you are content never creating anything novel and only utilizing tools developed by other people like a good little engineer, we need people like you.

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I love how arrogant and unpleasant you come off in your comments, please go on!

Yeah I found it funny the basement curmudgeon was shitting on people trying to go somewhere in life

gladly. graphical design oriented majors should be separated from the CS department. such students would be better off taking minor level computing courses coupled with their major's courses as they don't need a curriculum that includes mathematics or logic. having these students included in stem courses merely slows down the students that have ambitions to advance the field and other related fields. web/app/game devs are on par with plumbers and welders, but they can use a mouse instead of a wrench/torch. they do not deserve the praise associated with being in the school of CS, nor the pay.