Secrets thread

secrets thread

Ok user, whats something nobody else knows that you can only say on Cred Forums

no faggy fake creative writing stories fuck off to Reddit for that

pic related

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when I was at around 12-13, I tried to fuck my very very young neighbor boy. Only upon actually getting ready to put it in his butt did I realize it was wrong; to this day, I still feel horribly guilty over it, and I feel awful, thinking about whether or not it will have an effect on his life and future.

I would walk 500 miles, but I would not walk 500 more.

I've been having sex with homeless people for years. Some hag women but mostly men, I admit. Mostly drunks, feebs or crips. All anal and sometimes it's non consensual.

i really want to fuck my grade 8 science teacher and her thick pawg fucking ass holy shit i would just grab her hips and anal her wild if i got the chance

i have an egirlfriend and a fat bitch irl who wants me to fuck her. me and the fat whore have history but i really love the egirl. the fat girl is fine ig but like i dont wanna be a dick and leave her and shit just is plaguing my mind. what should i do doe

I am a male and I have been raped by a female minor. I was 19 and drugged by a 15 year old. Woke up to her riding my dick. I just laid there like a plank not able to do anything, looking outside watching the sunrise. Skipping the story because OP, she later admitted to drugging me and told our mutual friends I was too drunk and she would take care of me.


>has responses in thread to ask questions about

>female minor
Would love to be raped by a female lumberjack

She WAS a tall, overweight emo girl. She creeped on me a lot prior, but I never paid much attention. Guess I should have.

I exist. That's my biggest secret.

Whenever I stay the night at my friends house I hope to hear him and his wife fucking. Specifically her moaning.

I've always wanted my fiancee to just give me to someone (one of his friends, a stranger, whoever) to be fucked, without my consent. Just pull me over to them and say 'go ahead', like at a party or etc, and just let them drag me to a back room to do whatever they wanted.

So you want your fiance to be a voluntary cuckhold

heh cuck

So this is a fun thread, here's a nice story about me when I was 15, I'm 26 now.

Anywho, I dated a girl, she's now a camgirl essentially. It was her 13th birthday and I couldnt make it to her party, turns out she ended up having sex with her ex at that party, little did she know he recorded the entire thing and the video has never been removed from the internet or taken down for being child porn, no matter how many times I report it. It's on a lot of the main porn websites.

Inb4 asking me for the video, go fuck yourself.

Why tell us if we cant see the vid? Kill yourself faggot

No u

It's almost as if your lying nigger

I met a married 42 year old from Ashley Maddison at a hotel/casino. I was in the room she came up knocked on the door. I opened it and let her in, with 15 seconds I had her bent of the bed as I pulled her pants and panties down and ate her pussy and ass.

Did everything from face fuck - ass fuck. Had her stroke my dick with her left hand so I could see her wedding ring. Shit was cash, fucked her 10 times including the bed she and her husband share..just fucked her 4 hours ago lol.

Ok boomer, ur begging for child porn right now. Desperate much? Just vote Bernie and you'll have all the CP you could ever want.

>Inb4 asking me for the video, go fuck yourself
maybe cause it doesn't exist

Believe it or not, most of us are decent people. I imagine a porn site will take notice of a flood of reports from different users than the same guy reporting over and over

I got blackmailed out of $950 last Sunday and hate myself.

>Cred Forums user
>decent people
Pick one
>almost had me user

>i have an egirlfriend and a fat bitch irl who wants me to fuck her. me and the fat whore have history but i really love the egirl. the fat girl is fine ig but like i dont wanna be a dick and leave her and shit just is plaguing my mind. what should i do doe
egirls are a scam
they're not the people they pretend to be

When I was 16 I took the v of a 10yo girl. Was fully consensual

How did that happen?

I made a catfish account recently with a really attractive guy as the "bait" (I'm male-made a male profile to see the success rate if I DMed from a profile of a more attractive guy) and the experience really opened my eyes to something I was blind/ignorant to. Its something I believed in theory but putting it to a practical test really showed me the true colour of girls.

So many girls of all ages were extremely receptive and almost wanted to make the conversation sexual just because the profile picture was an attractive guy. The same girls that would normally tell me (a 7 out of 10) that "they don't send nudes" or "I'm not looking for anything rn" or that would just not bother responding to begin with.

Of course I don't blame them and it's something I knew deep down but just seeing how just being more attractive without any adjustments to personality can have such a vast difference in how you're treated in society really made me question how life could be different if I was more/less attractive...
Also so many fucking nudes

You'd be surprised. Cred Forums's done more good than bad. Calling people niggers and faggots is just the cultural norm.

It's more of a... forced/ punishment / rape sort of thing. Cuck never turned me on, but this kinda dismissive 'here, you have her' thing does.

you are an object to be used, and if you displease him for some reason he just hands you off to someone else to enjoy instead.

pretty common fantasy user.

So him whoring you out like you're his hoe

A good compromise would be telling him to rape you. Just do it whenever he wants and when you're not expecting it

your chasing a girl that exists in your mind, if you ever get close in real like she will never be the person you want her to be, this is true for all relationships really but much much worse if its a relationship just over the internet.

and clearly you dont like the bigger one so, man up. Take a deep breath. Have some dignity and find someone who is real that you actually like

maybe stop being such a fuckhead, i dunno.


source- am egirl

Whoring involves money.
(And he can't really rape me, since I'd never say no - and not into being beaten.)

Didn't say it wasn't! :p

i been fucking my stepdaughter since she is 16 (she is 18 now) she is a slut like her mom, which i planned left in a couple of months after i take care of some financial business, pic related

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26 live with mom no job no car
Play vidya sometimes to pass time
Mom is dying sooner than later
I can't sleep until i know she woke up from her rest

Help me die

You're doing pretty well for being a vase of flowers.

Join the army and do something.
or lay around and die, whichever who cares.

i know right!

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Shit tier larp. Go back to tumblr

I'm not talking him beating you. And I guess it wouldn't be rape, but it could still be something you'd enjoy. Him just using you whenever he feels like it, the instant he gets a boner. Tell him that.

inb4 she gets fucked in the middle of a walgreens

I lucked my sister's pussy when she was sleeping

I killed my dad. not intentionally of course, but all the same


I wank over sis

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Ok here goes, I’m pretty sure my ex girlfriend ruined me for sex. She and I started fooling around when we were 18 and I was her first basically everything. I didn’t want to make things serious because my life was shit at the time and did not want to drag her down. Anyway she is a former gymnast with an oral fixation who loves to beg, she is absurdly tight and gets so wet around me that she drips without even touching herself, she tastes like fucking candy to me. We dated on and off for seven years because we could not stop fucking and kept trying to make it work. It won’t work, it didn’t work. We don’t talk anymore. Now, I have a fiancé who I love, it works, everything is amazing, my life is all together and going better than ever, but I am constantly fantasizing about my ex. My current sex life is great, my partner is eager, wet, cute as fuck, and we love each other, but I keep having invasive thoughts like “oh my ex got wetter than this” or “she is not as desperate for it as ex” it’s fucking me up guys, I love my life and I don’t want to ruin it over 8.5 out of 10 sex instead of 10 out of 10.

Oh, that he already does :p

Id love to fuck my nieces, one in particular

How old?

Almost 12.. she is just so fucking cute...


Caught two boys sucking each other in public pool showers, I run the place so them being there after hours was a big nono.
I locked the main door to the showers and walked in there naked, they yelled and tried to run but the door was locked.

But then you won’t be that user that falls down at my door.

I found out last night via a friend that my ex (who he still is in some contact with, as he lives near her) snorts coke on the regular, begs friends to buy her food, sells nudes on the DL, and has basically become trash.

she told him a story about how her and a couple friends went on a 'quiet night out', bumped some coke in some bathrooms, bumped some more coke in the bathrooms, ended up whiting out and when she came to she was in some dorms at the other side of the city next to her friend in the early hours of the morning. her friend was riding some BBC and my ex was being fucked from behind.

a whole thing continued where these guys apparently had been and continued drenching these sluts in spirits and coke for hours(her friend had been aware of the escapades from the start of the night) and my ex rolled with the punches until the finished up and these guys were like 'aight, he's gotta pick up his kids'

this story ends where apparently this guy wanted to give the two girls a lift back into the city and wouldn't give them their clothes back until they agreed.

I don't know how much of this I believe. I know my ex is now a trashy whore but when I was with her she was innocent and sweet and the thought of this going on is so hot.

women are trashy whores, especially in numbers.

I did this for a few years, I’d message girls with two profiles - my real and catfish one - sometimes I’d use the same opening message, sometimes I’d give my real profile a more interesting opening message. By that I mean the catfish profile literally just said hey.

Still got a lot more responses and nudes from the catfish account. The worst part about it was that I actually fell for one of the girls and kept talking to her and eventually came clean about being a catfish and she still kept talking to me. After being upset for a couple of days obviously.

Im a guy, and I want to suck cock so much. Idk why, I just want to try it.

More pics?

My wife's best friend drunkenly told me my wife is obsessed with a guy she works with. I found out what kind of cologne he wears from a mutual friend and I ordered some.

On Valentine's day I put his scent on and climbed into bed. I could tell she recognized his smell because she was all over my neck. When I could tell she was close, I whispered in her ear to call me "his name."

She sort of paused, and I just said, "do it, call me ____"

She whispered "fuck me ____" one time and lost it. She started cumming so hard she nearly bent my cock in half.

We didn't talk about it after


I've showered with a 9yo girl quite a few times

I've been using the same cum tissues for about 2 months now, they're slowly disintegrating into nothing but I really do prefer the 3 ply napkins from work over kleenex or toilet paper

Ohhhh? Do tell!

>I stayed at a mates place a while back with another friend. We all get drunk
>Decide to go to sleep on friends bed
>Its a double bed so hes on the other side
>I wake in the morning and realized I have pissed my self and his bed
>oh fuck oh fuck
>The fellas leave the room to get some breakfast
>I point a portable fan to his bed to dry up the piss
>I spray the shit out of the spot with disinfectant and deodorant

He still doesnt know

She's my niece, we don't do anything physical with each other but she is excellent eye candy. She's not shy at all about it.

I get off on flashing my dick to females. Both in real life and trough the internet. Ive flashed over a hundred woman. My gf doesnt know

Ive been posting my gf on chatpic hoping people will save and repost her here

Hard or soft?


Just tell your wife to beg

I once fucked a 14 yo in her sleep while her sister was ten feet away.

I film the close females in my life getting changed and showering etc

No one sleeps through sex, she was pretending. lucky you!

Get it over with, you'll get rid of those gay repressed thoughts.

More pics any nudes lewds?

Was in a CL gangbang in which the husband of the girl we were all fucking started to cry and we all had to stop. We were all bigger than him and his wife def made it known. He probably had never heard or made her moan and cum that hard before. We all left in silence. The wife wanted to continue, but we were all turned off at that point.

I manufacture drugs and sell them in bulk

Nothing. The Feds sift through Cred Forums

I love to have toys inside me while out in public. There something immensely erotic about walking around in public like that. The feeling of being so vulnerable with the risk of being caught makes for an exhilarating experience.