How thick should your skin be overall? I’ve been shit posting for well over a decade...

How thick should your skin be overall? I’ve been shit posting for well over a decade, and I am no stranger to spouting insults and being insulted. But lately, I just haven’t been able to tolerate it as much as I used to. I don’t know if it’s just a mixture of the stupidity of some people, annoyance with the repetition of typical fruit people aim for, or just plain inability to have fun with some people, but I’ve been finding it harder and harder to not just want to leave a thread or group call.
In a way, I’m feeling weaker now than I have ever felt. I always felt my skin was thick, and I’m not getting offended or anything, but is me not being able to tolerate it linked to thin skin?

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get more sleep, user. Spend a week or two sleeping more, trying not to do anything too high pressure, and just generally looking after yourself. maybe avoid places/people that are combative just for the sake of being edgy for a bit.

after a week come back. See if it affects you less, and see if those places or people have any real value to you aside from their edginess. Maybe you'll be back to the way you were, maybe you'll realize they don't add anything to your life and it'd be better to cut them loose.

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Must be the female hormones or blockers you are taking, faggot. Grow a pair

Sleep would be nice, but my schedule doesn’t allow for it.
I mainly go to these places to vent out the frustration of my daily life, but that’s what’s becoming so wearing in me I think. But at the same time, I would lose all form of non-work related social interaction if I uped and left for a week

Realise that everyone you interact with is a complete stranger and there are more important things in life than aspie neckbeards on the internet. Be as much of a terrible human being whenever you want to be and everybody else will do the same. It’s the way it always has been and it hopefully it won’t change any time soon.

>Sleep would be nice, but my schedule doesn’t allow for it.
found the problem

the more worn down you are, the easier it is for something to get through your defenses.

this place is an outlet, but its not a cure all. sleep more, find more recovery time.

I have sleeping problems and pulls never work. I get maybe 3 hours a night

you're lucky to be alive user

I know, I feel like death constantly.

>I’m feeling weaker now than I have ever felt
That's because you are weak, faggot.

It's a part of growing up - you acknowledge your own emotional state, and no longer need to hide it. The childish urge to pretend to be unaffected by life fades and you become true to yourself.
Only the chronically immature would perceive this growing honesty as a weakness - but hey, the frightened bully always pretend to be strong, especially amongst his fellow bullies, who are all equally afraid.
The joy of growing up is no longer have to waste time and energy being "cool".
For you I think a change of venue is in order - to find a better hangout, to find better and more mature people to hang out with.
Your growing sensitivity is only going to get stronger as you age - you can be a frightened pussy about it and pretend you're stone - or you can be true to yourself.
You're choice, OP.
Best of luck.

Pic unrelated.

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Surprisingly inspiring post. Thanks user

You're welcome, user.
Also, best of luck with changing your work schedule, it sounds harrowing.

what kind of pills have you tried? normal melatonin knocks me out in about 30 minutes. I have hydroxyzine when I have really bad insomnia and that immediately knocks me out and keeps me asleep.

I have tried the 4 10mg pills of melatonin to no avail and a few prescription ones I forget the name of

I’ve been trying to get a new career lately, but since my professional experience is in another, it’s been tough. I haven’t given up on that yet

Being and participating in such a toxic community for so long is bound to take it's toll on your brain I say take a break from this harsh abyss

You can't medicate yourself out of a shit situation.
You have to change the situation.
Once that's sorted, you no longer need medication in the first place.

My trick is trying to think of the reason of the transgression, once you understand the perspective of others their words may make sense if you were to put in their shoes, even if you don't like or agree with them.
We're all people, and our paths have been paved by experiences, different experiences make different paths (sometimes there other stuff involved too but that's besides the point).

There’s nothing inherently wrong with becoming a bit more sensitive. It sounds like you need some rest. Remember that the world has a lot of weird shit and that there will always be something that offends you.

Thanks. I suppose being up late at night like right now isn’t helping though. This whole this mentality and this style of talk has been my life for so long, I don’t even know how to stop it at this point

Nice trips.
Of course you can stop - you simply lay off the internet for a while. You connect with real human beings in the real world.
And you change your situation to something less brutal.

Refrain from poasting for a bit. I get exasperated irl all the time but I just sigh and take and breath and roll my eyes. Work at a store and get talked to like shit regularly. My mom's insane and my dad is belligerent. Brother is methed out and I just roll with it. Be your own self best you can. Words don't mean shit dude. Put yourself in a position where you're comfy and fuck everyone else.

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stop being an american
>We are the best! You're all disgusting faggots! Your countries suck and I hate you so much I wish you would die!
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seriously, all americans I've met are so eager to dish out banter, but they can't handle anything. You're like that kid during recess that just needs to provoke people, but if you do anything he will throw a tantrum and the school will get involved and it will turn into this big thing, but you can't let that little fucker be since he's a dumbass.

You’re right,
I guess I just got so used to the mentality of “saying fuck off or walking away is proof that you lost” and never managed to bring myself to avoid all of this. But it’s not worth it. I should just leave it all and be me irl

None of that bothers me though, and I have never used the “free real estate meme”
It’s not so much that I can’t handle insults, I’m just getting tired of having to handle them all the time

This really isn't the topic of the thread, you'd know if you had read it.
It's about emotional growth, putting aside childish things and caring for one's own wellbeing.
Now, I'm sure plenty of threads will join in with your bashing of - but this isn't one of them.
Nice dubs - and good luck out there, user.
You can do it.

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