Favorite Comedians?

Favorite Comedians?

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The rich.

Chappelle, Carlin, Louis CK was great and then he got #metoo'd and now we don't get any more content.

nice get

There is a drunk girl in vc: gg/WvcWkz

I don't worship numbers not scripts. I like Cred Forums as an anonymous imageboard and so should you.

Patrice O'Neal if you never heard him
Old bill Burr. Old Hannibal burress
Ronnie Cheng had a great Netflix special
Joe koy is kinda funny for ethnic people

Owen benjamin is killing it but he's banned Everywhere. Seeing him love would be rad af

Louie sells out every show. He's underground now. Just like how he was from the 80's up into pootie tang.

Chris D'elia
Tom segura
Bert Chrysler

Ryan Foster

Bert is no sexual and isn't funny. Just because the takes his shirt off you laugh. Low tier comedy

Bi sexual

He does more than take his shirt off man. Your opinion is 'no sexual.' Have sex faggot.

He's not funny. He's forced as fuck that's why they gave him a podcast with Bill Burr. Because nobody wants to see him. Not funny

Lol okay. You're the kind of dude all comedians talk about not wanting to be around. Disliking someone's comedy is opinion based and not all comedians fit everyone's criteria. Disliking one for your own reason is cool or whatever, but I posted 3 and you just bashed the one you dislike the most because he takes his shirt off and is "bi sexual." Only one of those has relation to his comedy, and the whole shirt thing even he admits is a gimmick that became unfunny to him the minute his "the machine" bit blew up, but he still does it because wants everyone to have a good time. I like him because, similar to D'elia, his off stage comedy is a hell of a lot better than his stand-up even though I do like his stand-up most of the time.

Patrice O'Neal is my favorite comic of all time. YouTube his special Elephant in the Room, it's on there in his entirety. Thank me later.

Joe Rogan is a shit comedian and showed you shit comedians. Luckily I don't listen to bad comedians who bitch about people that call them unfunny lmao

I recommended it to this bert fag

In no particular order:

Tom Segura
Reggie Watts
Bert Kreisher
George Carlin
Richard Pryer
Dave Chappelle

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Well, this degenerated rather quickly into contrarian dipshit superiority. Maybe you can tell the class who you like instead of who you don't like, Mr Expert Opinion.

I don't listen to Joe Rogan. Not really my type of comedian or personality. But I don't hate you for loving him.

Patrice O'Neal.

Old bill Burr

Old Dane cook

Owen fucking Benjamin (Dave Chappelle stole his jokes)

Ah, this explains a lot.

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george carlin, patrice o'neal, robin williams, old eddie purphy,and richard pryor

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who's eddie purphy?

Better than shitty ass Bert who they paired up with Bill Burr.

Watch "Ronnie Cheng destroys America"on Netflix kid. It's seriously a great special

im drunk and naked

So far 3 for Patrice O'Neal


Not a bad list, but kinda generic and cliche, don't ya think?
It's like if someone asks you your favorite music and you just reply with a list of top ten bands.

why didn't you say so??

>Old Dane cook
Haw Haw Haw Haw, oh jesus, I think I ruptured a kidney. Also, Ronnie Cheng's special had about fifteen minutes of S T R E T C H. It was okay, but it wasn't an hour. It was a blistering half hour, with a half hour of torture mixed in. You can NOT put Patrice and old Burr into Cheng's level. It was like watching a marathon where a guy gets into a golf cart for the second half.

One of the best New things. Didn't mean to put it on patrices level. But hey Dane cook is pretty damn funny dude and came up (in Boston) with Patrice and Burr back in the day

Not really a comedian

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yeah i guess so, but theyre the greatest for a reason

McDonalds is greatest for a reason, but if you tell me it's your favorite food, that won't sound very impressive either.

Norm MacDonald is dope too I forgot


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Bert and Bill are friends in real life, dude. They make their own podcasts. They work together often. Whomever you think you're calling "they" is actually a decision made by Bill and Bert. Wild that one of your favorites and one of mine are friends and enjoy working together! Anyway, this is going nowhere. Wanna stop giving me a (you)? This boring back and forth is bullshit, and you're the only one that cares about the argument.
None of user's picks are in my favoeite, but regardless of the cliche, Raw and Robbin's HBO special are still gold to this day. Patrice had amazing observational humor. Pryor was great on all fronts for sure. Carlin's bit on curse words, I mean, holy shittttt.

mcdonalds is dog shit what are you on about

Dane Cook is a guy who has a handsome face and an outrageous stage presence. His material is not very good. Its frat humor, and you'll notice he's not getting any specials in a world where every-fucking-body is getting specials. Want to see a real comic, watch old Stanhope. He was funny and fearless, and had two hours any time he walked up to the mic. Or how about Hedberg. He was stoned to the tits on heroin and could spit 300 jokes an hour. Thats not an exaggeration, because they were only ten seconds long. Honorable mention, John Mulaney. He's a talented writer and performer. Get the fuck outta here with that Dane Cook shit.

Norm's anti-jokes are my favorite. Dude is out there just to make himself laugh. Anyone else is just a bonus for him.

They = CAA
Check it out buddy

Dave Shitpile, the one you posted.

thoughts on artie lange?

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>None of user's picks are in my favoeite, but regardless of the cliche, Raw and Robbin's HBO special are still gold to this day. Patrice had amazing observational humor. Pryor was great on all fronts for sure. Carlin's bit on curse words, I mean, holy shittttt.
Put Greg Geraldo in here, and I could've written it.


He can put together a solid hour when he's not getting stuffed into cop cars. I look forward to seeing him get another chance in the bigs.
>Chris Rock
>Colin Quinn
>Dave Attell

>McDonalds is greatest for a reason
>what are you on about
McDonalds is the most successful restaurant in the history of the world. Like I said, they are greatest, for a reason. Maybe you don't like the reason. It doesn't change the fact they are the most successful.

Food for thought - coming to a thread about comedians and saying you like Carlin, Pryor, and Murphy is like coming to a food thread and saying you like McDs, Subway, and Olive Garden.

Find something you like that actually requires some thought or experience. Have some character.